11 Dresser Top Organization Ideas

Ah, the dresser top. It's that one place that presents a shelf-like space without really being a shelf. You can always use the top of your dresser as a cool place to display some cherished photos or store extra stuff. Of course, like with any other part of the home improvement world, you'll want to achieve the right look. 

Getting your dresser top organized is a must if you need to make your room look stylish and feel clean. It also can act as one of the many places where you add your own unique twist to standard takes on decor. So, what are the pros doing with this coveted part of your room's space? Take a look at what our research revealed below.

Gray bedroom dresser and elegant pastel blue chair, 11 Dresser Top Organization Ideas

1. Keep It Aesthetic

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Angled close up of white dresser against painted brick wall with pot plant and square picture frame (selective focus)

Here, a matching planter and frame add a very unified look to an all-white room. Everything is nice and streamlined. Even the other items being stored on top of the dresser have a white hue to them. Believe it or not, this gives your room a cleaner look, even if you have a lot of stuff there. The decorative planter is a nice touch.

2. Mirror This

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Beach house candles with glass candle sticks in front of a bedroom mirror.

Considering that we get dressed near the dresser, doesn't it make sense to put a mirror above the dresser's area? That's exactly what this designer did, and rightfully so. It turns the dresser into a vanity. A pair of candles and a photo as a nice memento frame the mirror on either side to accent the dresser. The decor items add balance. 

3. Monochromatic Majesty

Mock up interior with a poster A3 in wooden frame on a chest of drawers with green decor

If you've been paying attention to our contemporary decorating ideas posts, then you already know that monochromatic styling is in. Here, we see a steady flow of beige to a tan-green in accessories, all done up with storage pots and vases. The result is a gorgeous, spa-like ambiance that works well with wood. 

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4. Feeling Spirited

Vertical photo of cozy child bedroom with authentic interior design, flags on wall, home decor in wicker basket, toys on wooden chest of drawers

Are you a fan of school spirit? Maybe have a couple of things from days where you were in cheer practice? The top of your dresser is a perfect place to display some pennants, decorative flags, and maybe one or two items from your glory days as one of the school's top athletes. Of course, you can also turn this into a display area for almost any major accomplishment you had. 

5. Shed Some Light

White dresser in classic bedroom

Sometimes, you don't really need to have too much on the top of your dresser. One of the most popular ways to accent and enhance your dresser drawer top is to place a lamp on it. We all know rooms need mood lighting, so who's to say it can't be on a place as easy to access as a dresser?

6. Floral Displays

Modern interior details. Light room with mirrow, flowers, night lamp and other objects

Flowers are scientifically proven to make us feel better. Like the ones on that pretty tray, perfumes also help us feel better. It's safe to say that this dresser top is devoted to all things freshly scented. It's aesthetic and aromatherapeutic. What's not to adore?

Another major perk they added to this design is the slightly contrasting colors of the flowers. This gives the room a bigger pop of color and dials up the action that a room has. 

7. Gardening Life

White wooden dresser with three vases and flowers on white wall background. Chest of drawers close up.

Another twist on the dresser top organizer is to have a couple of small planters filled with live, growing flowers. If you live for your flower life, having some elegant leak-proof planters like this on your dresser might work out well. Of course, you may need to find some indoor plants for this, but that's pretty easy to do if you have a green thumb. 

8. Keepin' It Golden

Bright white modern rocking chair in nursery room with chest of drawers, decorations in model staging home, apartment or house

If you want to make your organization work well with your room, use the organizing items you choose to add more color accents to your room. Here, we see that the other furniture has slight gold accents around them. The designer decided to accent the furniture with matching gold stuff on their dresser top. The result? A chic and sleek vibe, paired with a ton of boldness.

9. Mind Your Minimalism

Interior with dresser near empty blue wall

Minimalism is always a smart move, especially when you are working with a home that is rather small or otherwise crammed. Here, the accents are very minimal in nature. They don't overwhelm, and in fact, go so far as to almost blend into the dresser. If you're trying to play up your home's overall spaciousness, this could be a good way to do it. It'll help make your dresser look large. 

10. Vanity Love

Dressing table and mirror in show room

This is another cool way that people have turned a dresser top into a full vanity. This designer used a trio of mirrors posted up against a backboard to help add space to the room's tiny corner. To help add a few unified accents, they played up the silver motif with a mood lamp on a corner nightstand and a pair of shot glasses. It's a classy, almost Hollywood-esque look.

11. Wabi-Sabi

Lamp on the black dresser

In Japan, the term wabi-sabi refers to a type of beauty that is imperfect or off-kilter. Here, that term uniquely comes to life. By balancing the books in an off-kilter stack and working with a flower that seems heavily lopsided, the designer made this dresser look a lot more put together. While it's not totally traditional in wabi-sabi, it is a pretty neat rendition of the concept. 

In Closing

Go with a theme, keep it monochromatic, or minimize to organize your dresser top. You'll find this an advantageous space for expression and storage. Tie-in accents to coordinate with furniture and hardware, or shine a light on the space to brighten the room. No matter your approach, the dresser top presets a unique area for design.

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