Front Door Color For A Blue House [Inc. 12 Photo Ideas]

A front door color completes the aesthetic of the exterior of a house. Picking just the right color for the door does a lot to elevate the look and feel. One of the biggest things to consider when you select the front door color is the color of the house's exterior. The two must complement each other! 

Blue house exteriors certainly aren't common, but they are unique showstoppers. The color blue represents all things cool, calm, and stable. As you start to picture your blue home, you're probably wondering what color front door goes best. We created an inspirational guide to provide you with some amazing examples. So, without further ado, let's get to it!

Blue colored colonial house with gorgeous front lawn, Front Door Color For A Blue House [Inc. 12 Photo Ideas]

Brown Doors For A Blue House

Brown doors, whether they're stained or painted, provide warm, grounding hues.

1. Natural Wood

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Blue house with white colors on the borders

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Brown door blue house

Natural wood has an organic color, and its texture offers a fresh look to the house. Since the paneling on the ceiling is also natural wood, it brings cohesion to the entrance. The craftsman style home includes a lot of wood and stone elements, so a brown door will blend right in. 

2. Speakeasy Door

Blue house with cool patio and a scenic view on the ocean

Blue house with cool patio and with scenic view on the ocean

The speakeasy door features a small opening window or door at eye-level that's closed with a latch. Like this one, there's a metal grate over the front. If you don't want a completely solid wood door, this is a great way to add additional style elements. 

3. Glass-Paneled Front

Blue front porch with brown door with white framing

A glass-paneled wooden front door welcomes more natural light into the home, basking it in warmth. This color is the perfect companion for a baby blue colored house. The soft, gentle blue is contrasted beautifully by the warm wood tones. 

A Yellow Door For A Blue House

Yellow is a color full of vibrant cheer. The sunny hue can make your house seem more lively and energetic. 

4. Soft Blend Of Color

Front porch colored with blue and a light yellow color with wreath

This yellow front door seems to blend right in with the subtle blue tones of the house's exterior. It's a more muted tone, which helps it to match the other elements of the home. The white trim around the house ensures that the aesthetic is cohesive. 

5. Standout Color

Yellow house siding with white trims and a blue front door

Both blue and yellow are very distinct colors. That's why when they're used together it's a colorful impact. The two colors share a spot on the primary color wheel after all! The white trim creates a distinct outline for both of the colors to work together. 

White Door For A Blue House

White is a classic color and a timeless choice for the front door. The snowy hue creates a crisp, clean aesthetic (as long as dirt is kept cleaned off!). 

6. All About Trim

Blue colored colonial house with gorgeous front lawn

The white trim around this light blue house creates balance. With a white door, the look is seamless. With a simple color combination like this one, it's easy to dress up the exterior of the house through the landscape design.  The plants around the house add that nice touch of natural beauty.

7. Craftsman Style 

BLue colored modern colonial house with framed windows

A craftsman style home employs the use of horizontal lines, triangular eaves, colored trim, thick columns, painted wood paneling, and stone accent walls. This house nails it. Since white trim is used throughout the entire design, the white door fits right in.

8. Simplicity

Blue front porch with white door and small windows

There's nothing wrong with simplicity. This shade of blue is mesmerizingly beautiful. The cool tone has a bright contrast from the white door and trim, giving it a crisp look.

A Blue Door For A Blue House

Like we discussed earlier, blue is a cool, calming color. So, why not cover both the house's exterior and front door in this hue?

9. Two Tones

Bright yellow front door of a modern house with a small window pane on the side

Just because you settle on also painting your front door blue doesn't mean it has to match exactly. The brighter door creates a good contrast with the rest of the house, and your eye can't help but be drawn to the door.

10. Monochromatic blue door on a blue house

This monochromatic color scheme is captivating. Since both the front door and exterior share the same color, the house has a cool look. The light blue trim helps highlight the exterior features of the house.

Red Door For A Blue House

Red is a bold color choice to go with your blue house, but one that will surely enhance the look. This color is all about evoking a sense of energy. Click here to read more about the meaning of red doors. 

11. Feeling Adventurous 

Bright red colored fron door with a matching white trim and torqouise window shutters

Get a little adventurous with your house's exterior. The pairing of the red door with the dark blue exterior pays off and looks captivating.  

12. Turning Heads

Turn heads with this patriotic looking homestead. The barn-shaped house is complemented by the blue-paneled exterior and ruby red front door. This is a picturesque scene of an American classic. The red door seems like a no-brainer for this style of house.

Blue houses really do look marvelous! Drop us a comment below letting us know what color front door you have on your blue house. Before you go, make sure to check out these other amazing home decor guides:

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