8 Furniture Items to Put in Front of a Window

Big, beautiful windows are a plus in any home, but furnishing around them can be difficult. The floor space in front of your windows is valuable real estate, especially in small homes and apartments, but placing the wrong items in that area risks obstructing your view. We checked with designers and found the best furniture items to go in front of your windows so you can have the best of both worlds.

Try putting any of these furniture items in front of a window:

  1. Plant table
  2. Desk
  3. Sofa
  4. Daybed
  5. Reading chair
  6. Breakfast table and chairs
  7. Cat tower or dog bed
  8. Credenza

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just looking to rearrange your furniture, we have some stellar ideas that will make your living space practical while still letting the natural sunlight in. Keep reading to learn our favorite tips and tricks. 

8 Furniture Home office desk in front of the window,8 Furniture Items To Put In Front Of A Windowtems to Put in Front of a Window

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Things To Consider When Arranging Furniture In Front Of A Window

Window-space should be enjoyed, so rather than storage units or obstructing furniture items, we suggest making that area conducive to relaxation and comfort. Anything that will allow you to easily open up your windows and feel the fresh air and sunshine is a must. 

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Classical empty room interior,The rooms have wooden floors and gray walls ,decorate with white moulding,there are white window looking out to the nature view.

When looking for the right furniture to put in front of your windows, you’ll need to consider the specifics of your home. How high, deep, and wide are your windows? Is there a draft? How much light would you like to let into your space?

No matter your criteria, there’s no need to worry. We’ve come up with enough ideas that a few are bound to work for you. 

1. Plant Table

A plant table in an empty room

If you’ve got a green thumb, chances are you’re already looking for a place to fit all your plants. Why not put them on display right in front of your window? A long, low table (or chest) will provide your houseplants with all the natural sunlight they need without blocking it from the rest of the room. Plus, the pop of green will add liveliness and vibrancy to your home. 

A console table is the ideal design for this purpose; most will be the perfect height. Since they’re usually made for entryways they’re also very shallow, which will be perfect for a few plants and won’t take up too much space. Something with storage in the front is even better, especially in a cramped apartment. 

Check out this Tribesigns console table on Amazon.

2. Desk

Workspace home office desk supplies on office workplace

Placing your desk in front of a window is a great way to brighten up your home office. The orientation of the desk is up to you – facing the window provides great views while facing away from the window provides natural backlighting to work by. Either way, a desk won’t obstruct your window. On the contrary, you’ll spend much more time basking in the sunlight if your desk is next to one. 

Check out this Cubiker writing desk on Amazon.

3. Sofa

A gorgeous bright and inviting living room

Most sofas are low enough that they won’t obstruct your window – it’s a classic option for a reason. In a typical living room layout, it’s better to put your sofa against the window and your television on the other side of the room. The other way around will backlight your TV and make it hard to see during the day. 

Just beware: if your windows are drafty, this may not be the best idea. Just think about cold winter air coming through the window while you’re trying to snuggle up on the couch – yikes! If this is the case for you, don’t fret. We still have plenty of options that will be perfect for your home. 

Check out this Rivet modern sofa on Amazon. 

4. Daybed

A comfortable day bed

If you need to furnish an area of your home that is too small for a sofa, a daybed may be the way to go. This luxurious addition will fit perfectly in awkward corners or spaces where nothing else seems to work. Just imagine retreating to your daybed for an afternoon nap in the sun – need we say more?

Check out this metal daybed frame on Amazon. 

5. Reading Chair

Cozy armchair by the window with open book and decorative pillows. Interior and home decor concept

The obvious upside of having large windows is lots of light. Put that space to good use by placing a comfy reading chair in front of a window. You’ll be able to relax, read, and catch some rays in your new favorite corner of the house. 

Create a zen reading den by laying down an area rug and placing a bookshelf nearby. A tall lamp is a smart addition for nighttime as well.

Check out this Christopher Knight Home club chair on Amazon.

6. Breakfast Table And Chairs

A beautiful breakfast nook and a small circular breakfast table on the side.

A small circular breakfast table fits beautifully in front of kitchen or dining room windows. Perfect for informal meals and quick snacks, a breakfast nook is a great place to sit and gaze outside as you start your morning or unwind from the day. We guarantee you’ll use it even more than your dining room table.

Check out this 3-piece dining set on Amazon. 

7. Cat Tower Or Dog Bed

A tall cat tower with cat having fun on it

Pets (especially cats) are much more likely to hang out in the fun accessories you buy them if they are placed in front of a window. This way they’ll be able to peer outside at the wildlife in your yard while relaxing on their beds or perched on their towers. 

Check out this Amazon Basics cat tower on Amazon.

8. Credenza

Interior of a bright and beautiful sun room

A credenza is a long sideboard that is commonly used for storage or display. One with a simple, elegant design will work wonderfully in front of your windows without looking too busy or blocking too much light. Decorate it with a vase of fresh cut flowers for a pop of color. 

Check out this single drawer credenza table on Amazon.

Is It Okay To Put A TV In Front Of A Window?

While some can make it work, we generally don’t advise placing your TV directly in front of a window. Backlighting will make your screen difficult to see during the day, and obstructing the view of the outdoors with technology doesn’t create a cozy living space. We suggest putting your TV on the wall opposite your window for the best effect. 

If your entire living room is covered in windows – first of all, lucky you – try angling your TV in a corner. This will minimize the amount of window space your TV screen occupies.

Modern home with tv unit by the window

For more tips, check out this article: Can You Put A TV In Front Of A Window?

How Do You Arrange Living Room Furniture With No Wall Space?

Your wall space may be limited if you have a lot of windows and doors in your room. If this is the case, pull your furniture in a few feet to create a floating living space. 

[PIN id=”335166397273903775″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


This will give you a few feet on the perimeter of the room to access windows and doors. The effect is cozy and warm – perfect for a living room with a fireplace

How Do You Decorate In Front Of A Large Window?

If you’re lucky enough to have a large window in your home, we suggest decorating in a way that will highlight it. Keep reading for more ideas. 

Add Hanging Plants

[PIN id=”501799583477117940″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Accentuate a large window by hanging vining plants from the ceiling or curtain rod. Pothos are our favorite hanging plants because they’re easy to care for, easy to find at plant shops, and grow incredibly long in the right conditions. 

Check out these hanging planter baskets on Amazon. 

Create A Window Seat

[PIN id=”219832025546665931″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


A deep set bay window can easily be made into a window seat with a long cushion. To create the same effect in front of a regular window, take a tip from Wayfair and use an upholstered storage bench! Add fairy lights and cozy throw pillows to finish off the design. 

For more inspo, check out this article: 5 Bay Window Living Room Layouts You Should See

Check out this window seat cushion on Amazon. 

Install Shades Or Curtains

[PIN id=”252834966552414828″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


For those who want a little more privacy, decorative shades or curtains are a functional option that can also show off your style. Try mimicking colors or patterns from other parts of the room in your shades. This will pull the whole room together. 

Check out these black and white Roman shades on Amazon.

Happy Decorating!

Working from Home, an Improvised Home Office of a Businesswoman, Laptop on the Desk by the window

With these tricks up your sleeve, the decorative possibilities are endless. Just remember: look for furniture items that are low enough that they won’t block the sunlight. Now head to the furniture store and enjoy your newly decorated home.

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