How To Clean A Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Do you own a Dyson cordless vacuum? After many uses, you may notice that even after emptying the dirt, your vacuum has buildup. Luckily, these cordless vacuums are very easy to clean. We have done the research and put together the best cleaning routine for your cordless vacuum.

Here is how to clean your Dyson cordless vacuum:

  1. Remove and clean vacuum filters
  2. Empty clear debris bin
  3. Detach and clean vacuum head
  4. Reassemble vacuum

When cleaning, remember to switch the vacuum off and never submerge the body of your vacuum into water. 

Cordless vacuums have a much smaller debris bin than corded vacuums. Because of this, you may find the need to empty and clean the vacuum more often. Keep reading for cleaning instructions and tips on maintaining your cordless vacuum.

A dyson v6 absolute cordless vacuum cleaner, How To Clean A Dyson Cordless Vacuum

1. Remove and clean vacuum filters

One of the most important aspects of your vacuum is the filter. Your cordless Dyson vacuum will come equipped with one or two filters based on the model. For models such as the Dyson V8, there is a pre-filter and a post filter. Models like the Dyson v10 and V6 will have a single filter.

How to remove V8 filters

The V8 contains a filter in the vacuum's cyclone and the backside of the handheld unit. You will see a purple disk in the center of the cyclone; simply pull it straight up to release.

On the back of the vacuum, you will see another purple piece. It looks almost like a cap that is on the back of the unit. To remove this filter, give it a quarter turn counter-clockwise, and it will come off.

How to remove V10 and V6 filter

The V10 models include only one filter. It is purple and located on the backside of the vacuum. To remove this filter, unscrew counter-clockwise until it is free.

The Dyson V6 has its filter located in the cyclone. You can remove it by lifting the purple disk out of the vacuum.

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How to clean your filters

Next, after your filters are out, tap them to remove excess dust.  You can clean these filters by holding them under cold running water until the water runs clear. When you clean your filters, you should only be using water, no soap.

Your model of vacuum will determine the kind of filter you have. If your filter is from inside the cyclone, it will be a tube shape that you can simply hold under running water. If your filter is a cup shape, you can fill it up with water, shake it, then dump the water and repeat until it is clean.

For other cordless vacuum models, the cleaning method for filters remains the same. The only difference may be the size and location of the filter. The following videos will demonstrate how to remove and clean your filters:

Clean Dyson V8 Filters


Clean Dyson V10 Filters


Clean Dyson V6 Filters

A Dyson V6 filter will be cleaned the same way the pre-filter of the V10 is cleaned. After rinsing your filters, make sure they are completely dry before putting them back into the vacuum. 

How long do Dyson vacuum filters last?

Dyson vacuum filters can be washed and reused, but they will need to be replaced eventually. Even with regular, once monthly cleaning, your filter should last you a year. After a year, you should replace the filter for quality purposes.

Can you use your Dyson without a filter?

It is possible to run the vacuum without a filter; however, you would not want to. The filters are there to trap microscopic particles and prevent them from being spread in the air. Without using a filter, all of the dust and allergens that are coming from your carpet can be recirculated into the air.

2. Empty clear debris bin

Next, you can move on to dumping out the debris bin. The method for opening and removing the bin will vary based on your model. As a rule of thumb, any red components on your vacuum are used to release pieces. There will be buttons to open the bin as well as remove it from the cyclone.

V8 models

On V8 models, there is a red handle on the top of the cyclone. Position your vacuum over a garbage bag and pull up on the handle. It will release the bottom hatch and dump out the dirt.

Furthermore, to remove the bin completely, press the red button inside the newly exposed portion of the vacuum to pull out the cyclone. After the cyclone is removed, press the red button on the underside of the vacuum to release the clear bin.

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V10 models

On V10 models, there is a red slider on the clear bin. Pushing the slider down will release the debris. Once the slider is fully extended, you will be able to see a white arrow on a red tab. Pressing that arrow tab while pulling the bin off will allow you to remove it completely for cleaning.

V6 models

V6 models will also have a red slider on the bin that is across from the power trigger. Sliding it down will release the bottom of the bin. To remove the entire bin, hold the slider in the down position while pulling the bin off of the cyclone.

After dumping debris, you may notice a film of dust on the bin and the cyclone. The bin itself can be cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth. To remove dust from the cyclone, it is best to use a soft brush and cloth to loosen and remove dirt. The cyclone should never be in contact with water.

3. Detach and clean vacuum head

Next, you can tend to your vacuum head. It is very common for things like string and hair to wrap around the roller brush and decrease the efficiency of your vacuum. To open the vacuum head, you will need a coin or flat tool.

On the side of the vacuum head, you will see a disk with a slit in it. Using a flat tool, insert it and turn counter-clockwise until it comes off. Then, you can remove the roller brush from the head to clean it. If there is debris wrapped around the brush, carefully cut it away with scissors.

The bottom of the Dyson vacuum cleaner

There are additional screws on the bottom plate that will give you more access to the inside of the brush head. Once you remove the bottom plate, you can use a brush or microfiber cloth to clean the inside of the head.

4. Reassemble vacuum

Lastly, you can put the vacuum back together. Before you begin to put it back together, all pieces need to be completely dry. The vacuum filters will need to dry for 24 hours or more before you can reinstall them.

If you have a filter in the clone, slide it back into place. Any filter that you screwed off will need to be turned clockwise to lock into place. The clear bins will easily slide over the cyclone and click back into place. Lastly, you can place the roller brush back inside the vacuum head and secure all screws. 

The cleaning process is the same for each model. The main differences are in how they are taken apart. For a more in-depth demonstration of the disassembling and cleaning process, take a look at the following videos:

Dyson V8 Reassembly 


Dyson V10 Reassembly 


Dyson V6/DC59 Reassembly


How do you prolong the life of a Dyson cordless vacuum?

The best way to extend the life of your vacuum is through proper maintenance. Most decreases in performance are due to clogged filters. To keep your vacuum at peak performance, clean your filters monthly and replace them yearly.

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How can you make your Dyson smell better?

There are ways that you can make your vacuum smell better. The first method you should try is giving your vacuum a deep clean. If that does not work, you can try essential oils. Placing two to three drops of essential oil on your filters after cleaning can improve the smell of your vacuum. Allow the oil to dry completely before vacuuming.

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In Closing

After you understand how to take your cordless vacuum apart, the cleaning process is very simple. Throughout the cleaning, be careful not to get water on the vacuum cyclone or battery pack. For more information on vacuums, check out some of our other articles:

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