How To Clean An Office Chair [5 Easy Steps]

Office chairs get exposed to lots of unclean entities germs with regular use over time. If you spend a reasonable amount of time at your desk, you need to spare some time and rid your chair of all dirt, spills, stains, and whatever other unpleasantries that may be lurking on the surface. Not sure about how to do that? Not to worry. We’ve thoroughly researched the right way to clean an office chair and collected our findings on this post. 

To clean your office chair, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Vacuum out all the dust and debris.
  2. Check for an upholstery tag that bears the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.  
  3. Clean the spots with soap and warm water
  4. Get rid of the stains using rubbing alcohol.
  5. Clean your casters and apply some lubricant to ensure smooth movement.

If you need more information on these steps, we have it all covered in this post. We shed some light on how you should properly clean your plastic and leather office chair as well. Read on for handy cleaning tips and well – researched answers to some frequently asked questions. We hope it helps!

A room used as a home office with office chair and desk, How To Clean An Office Chair [5 Easy Steps]

How Do You Clean A Fabric Office Chair?

If you find that you spend a considerable chunk of your time on your office chair, it’s bound to get dirty over time. The dirt may negatively impact the seat’s color and interfere with your office or living room décor. You don’t need to wait for it to get to that. 

Here are a few straightforward steps to restore your fabric office chair to its spotless, fresh-smelling state:

Step 1: Vacuum out the Dust and Debris

Vacuuming helps to penetrate the chair’s fabric and get rid of the underlying dust and debris. Adjust your cleaner to the ‘low suction’ setting, and run the attachment over the armrests, backrest, and seat. 

Step 2: Check out the Cleaning Instructions on the Upholstery Tag

Most office chairs come with an upholstery tag or care label. The information on this tag is manufacturer-specific and outlines how you should clean the chair. The upholstery tag is usually underneath the seat and consists of the following cleaning codes:

  • W: This code indicates that you should use a water/water-based product to clean your chair.
  • S: Use a water-free solvent to clean your chair. 
  • W/S: Use either a water-based product or water-free solvent for cleaning.
  • X: No solvents or water here. Clean your chair by brushing or vacuuming it only. 

If your chair comes minus an upholstery tag, refer to the owner’s manual for cleaning and maintenance directions. 

Step 3: Clean out the Spots with Soap and Warm Water

You can skip this step if it’s not stated anywhere on your chair’s upholstery tag or owner’s manual. 

In case of any blemish or smudge on your chair, blot it out using a damp cloth immersed in liquid soap mixed with warm water. No need for any fancy soaps; a gentle-formula dish soap will do the trick.

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Be careful not to scrub while spot cleaning. Using unnecessary force may inadvertently push the stain compounds deeper into your chair’s fabric. 

Step 4: Use a Quality Stain Remover to Clear any Stains

Clear stubborn stains by using a range of stain-removing products in the market today. Before using any chemical-based stain removal product, test it out on a less noticeable spot on your chair, such as underneath your office chair. 

If the product has little to no effect on your chair fabric, proceed to use it everywhere else on your chair. 

We recommend that you use OxiClean as your ideal stain remover. It’s ideal for most domestic couch covers and general fabric types, easy to use and always produces the best results.

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Step 5: Clean your Casters

In case your office chair is fitted with casters, remember to clean them as well. Casters are where the wheels are mounted to facilitate the movement of the chair. 

You can clean your casters by flipping your office chair to access the inside of the housing units. Get rid of any debris, hair, or lint using a vacuum cleaner or gloved hands. Alternatively, you could go more in-depth by unscrewing the wheels from the casters. 

Wipe the insides with a dry cloth or cotton swab, and then screw back the wheels.

Next, spray a little lubricant in each caster to enable the wheels to roll more smoothly. Ensure you clean and lubricate your chair’s casters at least once a month to keep ensure they don’t break down at some point.  

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How To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Office Chair

Cleaning your office chair is one thing; maintaining it is another. Here are a few tips to ensure you keep your chair looking spotless and smelling fresh at all times:

  • Be careful not to spill foods or liquids on your office chair. 
  • Protect your chair from dirt, bacteria or spills with a protective covering
  • Keep your chair at a safe distance away from an air vent or fireplace.
  • Keep a relative humidity of between 40 and 55 percent. Anything less than 40 causes the chair to dry out. Anything higher than 55 leads to high moisture saturation. 
  • Steer clear from conditioning leather chairs often. Doing so leads to too much moisture saturation.

Even with regular maintenance, you may not be able to keep an old office chair clean. One report notes that office chairs last anywhere between seven and fifteen years. If yours is past fifteen years or broken in any way, replace it with a high-quality chair and maintain its clean state. 

How Do You Clean A Smelly Office Chair?

Your chair is bound to develop strange odors with prolonged use. If your chair has one right now, here are four things you can do to combat the stench:

Use White Vinegar 

Vinegar should be your go-to option when you need to get rid of any pungent smell. Simply mix at least one cup of water with one teaspoon of vinegar in a clean bowl. Stir the mix thoroughly and pour it into a spray bottle. 

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Proceed to spray it on your chair until it becomes moist, and let it sit for at least thirty minutes. Take it outside soon after to air-dry. 

Use Baking Soda

This solution is the most straightforward way to remove the scent from your chair. It’s also perfect, especially for upholstered office chairs. Simply take your baking soda, sprinkle it on your chair and leave it untouched for up to 15 minutes. 

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Next, vacuum the chair to get rid of the baking soda residue. And voila! A stench-free office chair ready for use.

Use Liquid Soap

Use this method only for leather office chairs. Simply add one teaspoon of liquid neutral soap to a cup of warm water. Immerse a piece of cloth into the solution, wring it slightly, and use it to wipe your chair. 

Use a damp cloth to get rid of the soap residue and dry it soon after with a dry rag.

Use Detergent

Pour some warm water into a bowl and mix it with a handful of laundry detergent. Immerse a sponge or clean cloth into the mixture, and scrub the surface of your chair thoroughly. Use a dry cloth to wipe out the excess water and allow it to dry overnight. 

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How Do You Disinfect An Office Chair?

Filthy chairs are home to nasty stuff, including pests, bacteria, and of course, germs. Soap and water solutions are for getting rid of dirt and microorganisms, but disinfectants do it better. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also recommends using disinfectants to clean your surfaces.

Let’s look at how to disinfect your office chair using disposable wipes and aerosols, shall we?

Disposable Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are only effective when used correctly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that you should let the disinfectant stand for approximately three to five minutes. 

Most products stipulate how long the surface should stay wet. For example, Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes dictate that your surface stays wet for four minutes. 

It’s advisable to use more than a single wipe to keep the surface of your office chair wet. Doing so also ensures that your chair becomes thoroughly disinfected. 

Did you know you can make your own disinfectant wet wipes for your office chair at home? Follow the instruction video below for more details:

Disinfectant Sprays

Before using a disinfectant spray, make sure you wear gloves for extra precaution. Also, ensure that you use a quality spray that can effectively rid your chair of unwanted impurities. 

Vacuum your chair to remove any visible dirt or particles. Then, spray your disinfectant based on the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You should spray it in a sweeping motion all over your chair to cover every area. 

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Keep your chair disinfected at all times to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for germs and viruses. 


Adhering to the easy cleaning tips provided on this post will get the dirt right out of your office chair. It’s pretty straightforward, right? There’s no reason to spend extra cash on professional cleaning services when you can do it yourself with the most basic cleaning supplies!


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