How To Keep Sheets On A Sleep Number Bed

Are you finding it challenging to keep the sheets on your Sleep Number bed and wonder how to remedy this issue? Do you want to know which sheets are the best for Sleep Number beds? We’ve researched these questions and found helpful answers for you.

The recommended method for keeping sheets securely fitted on a Sleep Number bed is to purchase the Exact Fit sheets designed to move easily as the bed is adjusted.  

Are you interested in learning more about Sleep Number beds and which sheets are the best option? Or what the differences between a sheet gripper and a sheet suspender are? Please continue to read this article. We’ve researched these topics and gathered quality research results to share with you today!

How To Keep Sheets On A Sleep Number Bed

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How To Keep Sheets On A Sleep Number Bed

Keeping your sheets in place on a Sleep Number bed can be challenging. When the mattress is adjusted or the sleepers move, the sheets may shift and scrunch. If you do not have the correct sheets for the Sleep Number bed, your sheets will easily pop off the mattress corners. 

The Sleep Number company not only manufactures the beds but also designs and manufactures the Exact Fit bed linens enhanced with SmartFit technology designed to move with the Sleep Number bed adjustments with ease.  

The Exact Fit sheets are available in several unique color options and are easy to put on your bed. Simply align the logic labels to ensure the sheets are aligned to move with the Sleep Number bed. 

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What Are The Best Sheets For An Adjustable Bed?

Choosing the best sheets largely depends on which adjustable bed you own or plan to purchase. For example, if you own a Sleep Number bed, the best sheet option is the Exact Fit sheets designed by the Sleep Number company.

If you own a Tempur-Pedic adjustable mattress, a good option would be the Temper-Luxe sheets designed with Ultimate Fit to keep the sheets snuggly attached to the adjustable bed. 

Why Won’t My Fitted Sheet Stay Tight?

There are a few reasons why your fitted sheets are not staying in place overnight. Firstly, movement from getting in and out of bed and rolling over in the night causes friction, which will loosen the fitted sheets.

Secondly, the fitted sheet will slip off depending on the mattress pad. Thirdly, if you adjust your Sleep Number bed a few times overnight, the movement will cause the fitted sheets to pop off the corners of the bed. 

Keeping the fitted sheet in place will be challenging if you don’t have a headboard or footboard. Because the head and footboards do help prevent the sheets from moving by providing an anchor for the corners of the fitted sheets. 

Moreover, fitted sheets will stay in place better because of the elastic binding that will cling to the bed’s perimeter holding the sheet in place. Note that a flat sheet will slide off the bed easily if not tucked into place. 

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What Are Sheet Fasteners?

What Is A Good Thread Count For Sheets?

Generally, bed sheets within the 200 to 500 thread count range are considered soft and of good quality. 

Thread count affects the bed sheets’ texture, quality, and longevity because a higher thread count indicates a higher quality. An excellent way to remember how thread counts work is that the higher the number, the softer the sheet.


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In Closing

In this post, we discussed the best bed sheet options for Sleep Number beds and how to secure your sheets with a few inexpensive gadgets. We also looked at mattress toppers and discussed how to clean Sleep Number mattresses. 

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