15 Types of Ikea Bookshelves You Can Choose From

Looking for great storage options that can be built for your own needs? Ikea is known for having flexible, customizable pieces that can be arranged however you need for maximum function, without having to sacrifice your personal style. Bookshelves and storage options are certainly no exception. If you need help picking the best storage options for your needs, not to worry. We've researched and compiled this thorough list of 15 different Ikea bookshelves from which you can choose. 

The best Ikea bookshelves available include:

  1. Billy bookcase
  2. Kallax shelf units
  3. Havsta storage
  4. Ivar side unit
  5. Hemnes
  6. Brimnes
  7. Eket
  8. Hauga
  9. Laiva
  10. Finnby
  11. Brusali
  12. Besta
  13. Lommarp
  14. Galant
  15. Liatorp

Keep reading while we compare and contrast all these options, including the color options, finish, style, and size. We'll also let you know the best installation practices - so whichever you choose, you can install it safely. And finally, we'll give you some tips on how to piece together multiple units for a seamless and polished look. So be sure to keep reading!

Large IKEA logo in IKEA furniture retail store, 15 Ikea Bookshelves You Can Choose From

1. Billy Bookcase

Billy bookcases are an Ikea staple. The company estimates that they sell a Billy bookcase every 5 seconds! The bookcase isn't very deep (just about a foot). As a result, it fits well into most spaces. It's about 2 1/2 feet wide, 6 1/2 feet high, and holds 66 pounds on each shelf.

This comes with adjustable shelves, and consequently, it's a great choice for an adaptable piece. It can be used alone or together with other Billy bookcase pieces as part of a storage system. This piece is available in white, black-brown, or a birch veneer.

Can You Stack Billy Bookcases?

Billy bookcases are designed with flexibility in mind. You can stack and arrange the units in any way you need to customize your ultimate storage dream. Likewise, whenever you need more storage, you can add or stack a new piece to the set. Height extension pieces and extra shelves are also available. This amazing versatility may be why Billy bookcases, particularly, are one of Ikea's highest-selling pieces.

2. Kallax Shelf Unit

This unit can be placed horizontally or vertically. As a result, it is a flexible way to store and display more than just books. Furthermore, inserts, drawers, and boxes are available to conceal shelves and storage if desired. You can, of course, leave the shelves open as well.

Specifically, the unit is 16 inches deep, 30 inches wide, and 5 feet high. Each shelf holds 29 pounds. Use it alone or together with multiple units for plenty of storage for everything! Available in white, black-brown, gray, fake walnut, and even a green/white combo.

3. Havsta Storage

The Havsta storage unit is made entirely of solid pine, compared to most of Ikea's particleboard pieces. It's 2 feet wide, 15 inches deep, and nearly 7 feet high. Shelves also each hold a maximum of 44 pounds.

The furniture is painted in a matte, brushed finish. As a result, this collection looks a bit more unique than some of the other offerings. Like most of Ikea's shelving, you can choose a standalone from the set or combine pieces. Choose between white, dark brown, and gray.

4. Ivar Shelf Unit

Ivar is a nice, but basic, bookshelf for someone looking for something simple. It's nearly 3 feet wide and 6 feet tall. The shelves are nearly a foot deep. Ivar is made of untreated pine. As a result, it may look unfinished. But, this also means that it can be stylized to your own personal preference with paint or stain.

5. Hemnes

The Hemnes storage unit offers both doors and drawers. It's made from solid pine with fiberboard backing. The shelves are adjustable for storage personalized to your own needs. The piece is nearly 3 feet wide and 6 1/2 feet tall. The shelves are just over one foot deep and can also hold up to 66 pounds each.

This one comes in a variety of color combinations, including black-brown, black-brown/light brown, dark gray, white, and white stain exterior with brown inside.

6. Brimnes Storage (With Glass Doors)


Brimnes comes in black, gray, and white. There are storage shelves with doors on the bottom, perfect for decorative items that you want to remain visible but out of reach.

Then, display your book collection with the open shelves on top. The piece is 2 feet wide, 6 feet high, and almost 14 inches deep. Shelves hold up to 40 pounds each and are adjustable. Brimnes comes in white, black, and gray.

7. Eket

Eket is another line that is particularly designed for building to meet your needs. It's essentially a storage cube system with feet. Since it's a cube system, it's easy to add as many or as few pieces as you need to complete your look. The unit is 3 1/2 feet wide by 2 1/2 feet tall with shelves just over one foot deep.

Because it sits so low, this is a perfect piece for under a window or in another area where a traditional bookshelf just won't fit. Available in many colors, including white, dark gray, golden brown, light gray, gray-turquoise, and (faux) stained oak.

8. Hauga

Hauga is a high cabinet with lots of shelves on the top for storing books. It also has 2 door panels over the bottom shelf. This, of course, is great if you need combination storage. For example, maybe you want something a bit messier or confidential stored below but also need room for books. The unit is about 6 1/2 feet high and just over 2 feet wide. Available in gray or white.

9. Laiva

For the most part, Laiva is your basic open storage system. If you don't want anything fancy, this is a winner. Shallow shelves don't take up much floor space, so as a result, it fits into most floor plans. Since it's simple, it will complement most decor as well. Overall, it offers a very classic but modern design. Laiva comes in one color according to the website, black-brown.

10. Finnby

Another basic bookcase, Finnby is an adjustable, open storage option. Nearly 6 feet high and 2 feet wide, it's made of particleboard for a simple, cost-effective way to display your books and knick-knacks.

Compared to some of the larger pieces, Finnby is great for a smaller space - it's shallow and also not very wide or tall. For this reason, it takes up less room than many choices (for example, Brusali, next on our list). The shelves can support 29 pounds each, and it comes in black.

11. Brusali

Brusali is a classic bookcase that can even be built into the wall if desired (or if space requires!). More than 6 feet tall and over 2 feet wide, this shelving system has plenty of room for everything. Shelves are made of adjustable particleboard.

Brusali is also part of a larger Ikea collection. This means that, in addition to a nice bookcase, you can coordinate all your furniture from the main design line. The shelves support 44 pounds each. Brusali is available in brown and white.

12. Besta

Besta is a more unique storage option. With lots of deep shelves, you can display your books on one side. At the same time, hide clutter away behind the closed shelves on the other side. Shelves are 16 inches deep. This unit is also a bit wider compared to many other options, at about 4 feet. This comes in white, black-brown, and a faux walnut gray.

13. Lommarp

The Lommarp bookshelf has a modern, edgy look and fun trim. It's a traditional bookshelf, but with a sophisticated twist. Standing 6 1/2 feet high and just over 2 feet wide, it has plenty of deep storage for books and other decorations you want to display. It also comes in less traditional colors compared to most Ikea furniture - you can get it in beige or dark green-blue

14. Galant

Galant shelves would be perfect for an office or bedroom because of the special addition of drawers. With shelves on top for open display of books and concealed drawers on the bottom half, this is a particularly great storage combination. For this reason, it could fit the unique needs of many limited or small spaces.

The unit stands about 5 feet high by 5 feet wide. The shelves support 66 pounds each. Galant comes in white, black, and faux oak.

15. Liatorp

Like many Ikea pieces, Liatorp comes as part of a collection of storage options. This includes more traditional bookshelves in addition to combination pieces with open and closed storage. Liatorp pieces also come with adjustable feet for extra stability and adjustable shelves. Liatorp is the sturdiest on our list, with shelves that support a full 77 pounds each. It's only available in white, however. 

How Much Weight Can Ikea Bookcases Hold?

Each Ikea bookcase is rated for a different weight limit, so above all, be sure to read the specifics on your furniture carefully. For example, the Kallax shelf unit only supports 29 pounds per shelf.

Meanwhile, Billy bookcases can hold as much as 66 pounds on each shelf (the Hemnes bookshelf can also hold 66 pounds). Compare these with our maximum weight of 77 pounds, which the Liatorp shelves can support.

Should Ikea Bookcases Be Mounted To The Wall? 

Ikea's policy is very clear: always mount all bookcases to the wall, period. This is a good practice for all shelves and isn't specifically a rule that is unique to Ikea. Furniture tip-over accidents occur every 17 minutes in the United States. For this reason, always mount large furniture with safety in mind.

To prevent and reduce these injuries, Ikea asks that buyers always mount furniture properly to the wall. They also include restraints for proper installation with their products. In fact, if your restraint system is missing or damaged in some way, the company will send you a new one for free.

How To Join Bookcases

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White bookshelves in the interior with various objects

If you have multiple shelves or units for storage, they'll still look like separate pieces unless you do some extra work first. To connect the shelves and make them look like one seamless piece, use scrap 2 x 4 wood. Put the scrap wood between each bookshelf, using it to screw the bookshelves together (attach at the top and bottom).

Then, use large pieces of MDF board or trim to cover the gap between shelving units. Attach MDF or trim at the top or bottom as well. Use one large piece at both the top and bottom. This ensures that the shelves will appear to be all the same unit.

In Closing

Ikea has lots of options for bookshelves and other storage, from the classic Billy bookcase to trendier choices like the Lommarp. Bookshelves are often part of a larger collection to make it easy to mix and match pieces as needed. This way, you can build a storage unit that is specific to your needs. Depending on the collection, you may also be able to coordinate the shelves with other pieces of furniture by Ikea.

Be sure to always follow instructions for installation and weight limits, and mount bookcases to the wall. By using the included restraint systems from Ikea, you can avoid furniture tip-over accidents and enjoy your new furniture safely for years to come!

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