13 Industrial Wall Decor Items That Will Upgrade Any Room

Industrial home decor is a fantastic way to combine rustic and modern themes into a single, cohesive look of its very own. While the thought of exposed pipes, reclaimed and repurposed wood and metal, and uncovered brick walls may invoke thoughts of warehouses and abandoned buildings, the 21st century has seen a new take on the industrial aesthetic. Industrial decor is taking up space in thousands of homes, either as standalone features or as a part of a themed space.

When the sleek, clean lines of modern decor just aren't embellished enough for your tastes, industrial decorations should be considered. There is just as much variety within the industrial aesthetic as there is in any other, so you are sure to find decorative elements that fit within your own unique style. A great place to begin your industrial transformation is on your walls.

Continue reading to see 13 stunning industrial wall decor items that you can buy from the world's favorite online retailer - Amazon!

13 Industrial Wall Decor Items That Will Upgrade Any Room

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13 Industrial Wall Decor Items That Will Upgrade Any Room

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13 Industrial Wall Decor Items That Will Upgrade Any Room 13 Industrial Wall Decor Items That Will Upgrade Any Room 13 Industrial Wall Decor Items That Will Upgrade Any Room 13 Industrial Wall Decor Items That Will Upgrade Any Room

13 Pieces of Wall Decor to Add an Industrial Flair to Any Space

A blank wall is a canvas that can be filled with endless possibilities. In this brief product guide to industrial decor, we will focus on how to make the most out of your wall space when you want to infuse a touch of industrial influence to any room of your home.

1. Industrial DIY Pipe Shelving

When you need to infuse form and function to store your belongings, shelving can be just as aesthetic as it is useful. Plain shelves certainly get the job done, but these shelves are sure to add an element of the unexpected to your bedroom, kitchen, study or home bar. They can be taken apart and rebuilt in a new configuration whenever you need, creating up to four separate levels of storage.

The best thing about these shelves? They'll look fantastic in virtually any space, of any decorative theme!

Click here to buy these shelves on Amazon.

2. Large Wall Hanging Statement Piece

This hand-crafted and hand-painted wall decor piece by Stratton Home Decor is a surefire way to bring a notable touch of the industrial style into your space. Painted metal and distressed wood components are displayed in impeccable style across a series of intersecting metal lines. At 53.15 inches wide and 23.62 inches in height, you would expect this decorative piece to be quite hefty. However, it is surprisingly light - only 5.06 pounds when you take it out of the packaging!

Click here to buy this eye-catching statement wall art on Amazon.

3. Brushed Metal Wall Clock

It is no surprise that clock faces have gotten more than their fair share of the industrial treatment by designers - but we are glad for it! This brushed metal wall clock from Studio Designs Home can serve as a prominent decorative touch in your home, as it is 30 inches in diameter. The raised black numerals against a black backdrop make it possible for you to place this wall clock in any room of your home, regardless of the room's existing decor.

Click here to buy this wall clock on Amazon.

4. Decorative Wooden Gear

The industrial theme is rife with design elements that call back to the aesthetic of the early days of industrial development. As a standalone statement piece or as a part of a larger collage of your chosen decorative items, this wooden gear from Beautyflier is sure to make an impact. You can hang it on the wall or suspend it from the ceiling, as well, so this is a very versatile decor piece that you can use to achieve any number of industrial-inspired looks.

Click here to buy this gear on Amazon.

5. Rustic Metal and Wooden Letters

Industrial style is all about a combination of rusticity and modernity, which these large individual letters perfectly capture in their design. These letters, sold by Generic on Amazon, can be combined to create any word or name that you can think of - whatever suits your space the best. These letters will look incredible hanging in a rustic-inspired kitchen or behind your bar. Planning a country, rustic or industrial-themed wedding? The letters you see here would be great for a personalized, decorative touch!

Click here to purchase these galvanized metal and wood letters on Amazon.

6. Antique-Inspired Wall Sconces

Shed some light on your inspired interior decor with this set of two metal wall sconces, inspired by vintage and antique influence. These sconces are fashioned out of glass and brushed iron to recreate that vintage look that perfectly complements rustic and country-inspired themes. The fixtures are easily mountable and, unlike other wall sconces of a similar style, do not require traditional bulbs. An LED or pillar candle is the perfect solution for these lighting fixtures.

Click this link to buy the pair of sconces on Amazon.

7. Sunburst Hanging Wall Mirror

At an impressive 32 inches in diameter, this wall mirror is sure to be a standout feature in your home. The mirror itself takes up 11.2 inches of that diameter, so it is both beautiful and functional. With a variety of torched wood finishes adding a rustic and vaguely vintage look to this mirror, it will look great in nearly any decorated space that could use a touch of warmth. With two keyhole hanging mounts, this mirror by Stonebriar can easily be placed on your wall within minutes.

Follow this link to check out this wall mirror on Amazon.

8. Airplane Propeller Wall Art

Sold in red, yellow and black, this decorative propeller can be bought to fit nearly any color scheme throughout your home. It is more than an eye-catching piece to hang on your wall, however, as the face is also set with a working clock. The propeller is fashioned out of iron, so you can rest assured that it is a sturdy item that will withstand the tests of time. If your home is in need of something truly unique, or if you or a loved one are simply an aviation enthusiast, this unique decoration is a must-have.

Click this link to buy the YOUKI propeller clock on Amazon.

9. Metal Wall-Mounted Basket

Are you looking for the perfect storage solution for your industrial-influenced kitchen, office, or any other room? These baskets from Spectrum Diversified is sold in gray or bronze, two colors that lend themselves exceptionally to the industrial look. At 18.5 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter, the steel wire baskets can be used to store any number of items. All you need to do is mount it to your wall! This basket is perfect for cooking spices, bathroom toiletries, gardening supplies, and even small toys.

Click here to buy this steel wall basket on Amazon.

10. Handlebars and Tire Wall Basket Mount

Are you looking to infuse your love of traveling with your love of the industrial decor theme? From Red Co. comes this surprisingly versatile and very visually striking wall basket/planter, which rests in a fixture that has been designed to look like the front portion of a bicycle. It stands at over 2 feet in height, so nobody is going to miss this mount when you set it up in a common area of the home. The 1/3rd bicycle and basket are both comprised of sturdy metal and given a distressed finish.

Click here to look at this unique basket mount on Amazon.

11. Vintage Key and Lock Hooks

Another fine contribution from Red Co., these vintage-inspired hooks are made to look like keys that have been fitted into a lock and are sold in sets of 4.  They are the perfect accent piece for hanging coats, hats, towels, and even your own real keys! The design of these keys is perfect for country, vintage, chic and bohemian-inspired spaces, as well as ones that are downright influenced by the industrial aesthetic. And each key and lock hook only requires a single screw to hang!

Click here to buy this set of 4 hooks on Amazon.

12. Corrugated Metal Wall Bin

This half-rounded and half-exposed metal wall bin is a perfect storage and planter solution for those looking to stack vertically without sacrificing the industrial, rustic or country-inspired theme of their dreams. It can be outfitted to store nearly anything, with dimensions of 14.8 x 11.4 x 7 inches. Use it to store your gardening tools, writing utensils and other small-to-moderate trinkets. Alternatively, you may outfit the wall bin by CTW Home Collection to become a beautiful farmhouse planter!

Click here to purchase this metal wall bin on Amazon.

13. Rustic Wall Lantern

From brand Yue Jia comes this vintage-inspired wall lantern that harnesses the power of LED or incandescent bulbs. Fashioned out of iron and glass, this lantern is the perfect addition for spaces that could use a unique touch of something special and rustic-industrial. You can hang this lantern anywhere, courtesy of the easy-t0-hang construction of this lighting fixture. Lanterns and sconces like these look incredible as entryway lights, hallway lights, and as accent lights in vintage-themed kitchens!

Click here to purchase this wall lantern on Amazon.

Industrial Decor is More Versatile Than You'd Think

While the word "industrial" may not make you think of chic, bohemian, rustic and vintage aesthetics, but as these examples show, industrial wall decor has no limits! You can easily combine the industrial look with nearly any existing decor, especially in farmhouses, kitchens and communal living spaces. Don't be afraid to get adventurous with your decorating, especially with the highly versatile and stunning beauty of industrial wall decor!

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