24 Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet and Wood Floor Color Combinations

Two of the biggest color-producing features of the kitchen are the cabinets and the flooring. When you pair the perfect shade for your cabinetry with a beautiful wood floor, the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

24 Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet and Wood Floor Color Combinations

24 Kitchen Cabinet and Flooring Combinations to Inspire You

Though possible combinations are limitless, many homeowners will stick with obvious pairings without considering going outside of the box. These 23 flooring and cabinetry combinations are proof that beauty can be found in the unexpected.

Wooden Contrast

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Stylish kitchen with brick wall and wood carpet

Many people mistakenly believe that wooden floors and cabinets must be the same hue and pattern to look great in the kitchen. As this example shows, that couldn't be further from the truth!

The varying colors of this distressed wooden floor pair beautifully with the rich espresso color of the kitchen cabinets.

A Colorful Statement with Cabinetry

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Retro blue kitchen

The light coloration of the flooring in this example allows the deep, matte shade of blue on the cabinets to really be the room's shining feature.

In combination with the modern, tiled backsplash, everything ties together expertly.

A Vision in Violet

Purple kitchen

Shades of purple are not exactly an expected color choice for the kitchen, but the cool and ashy shade of wood on the floor perfectly coordinates with this cool yet vivid color.

The cabinets really pop out from the solid white of the walls, while the floor provides added brightness that makes this space so comfortable and welcoming.

A Splash of Lime

Light green kitchen

Lime green is hardly the first color that most people would think of when it comes time to redo their kitchen, but in this example, it has truly paid off.

The light color of the wood flooring allows the green cabinetry to really stand out without providing a contrast that could be seen as "too harsh." White or stainless steel appliances will really make a visual impact when you choose this type of color scheme.

detailed flooring is incredibly cozy without being rustic or country.

A Pink Kitchen

pink kitchen with wood flooring

Pink is certainly not a color widely considered for interior decorating, especially for more permanent fixtures like cupboards, countertops, and cabinets. However, this kitchen design shows how well this works!

The flooring lends itself beautifully to this color dynamic, which allows for any number of aesthetic choices for other decor items.

Oceanic Blue

coastal kitchen in blue with wood floors

Blue is a very commonplace color in kitchen areas, but how about a light blue color combined with wooden floors for the ultimate coastal kitchen design?

A Vintage Look in Wood

Upscale kitchen with cherry wood cabinets

Wood provides a kind of warmth that can be difficult to replicate through other mediums. In this kitchen, you can see that you don't even need to make the grain and color of the wood the same to get the floor and cabinetry to pair together well.

The deep, rich mahogany color of the cabinetry only seems to make the flooring appear warmer. This gives the kitchen a really unique and inspired look.

A Modern, Blue and White Kitchen

Teal kitchen

White floors do look great when paired with contrasting shades in the cabinetry, but that isn't a steadfast rule.

The white floor in this example isn't much lighter than the shade of blue used on the cabinets, but the subtle differences really make a lasting impact. The first thing that the eye is drawn to is the cabinetry, thanks to its beautiful, soft blue color and unique design.

Wood and Navy

Stylish dark blue kitchen interiors

Rustic meets modern in this blue and chrome kitchen, complete with a wooden floor that seems inspired by classic farmhouses. Fusing different design aesthetics in a kitchen is easy, and this kitchen does so in expert style!

The rich navy blue of the cabinets stands out in a complementary contrast against the lighter wash of the floor, which makes for a great visual impact.

Dark and Light

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet Doors & Drawers

The light and shiny laminate of the flooring in this example is nowhere near the same shade as the wooden cabinets, but that isn't a bad thing!

Too many dark colors can make a space seem smaller to the eye, so the wallpaper and the flooring help combat the effect. This allows the rich, deeply colored cabinets to stand out in brilliant fashion.

A Farmhouse Kitchen in Classic White

Kitchen with white granite island

Nothing evokes feelings of warmth and comfort quite like rich hardwood. In this kitchen, the white cabinets stand out against the flooring, but this also works in reverse: the flooring stands out against the cabinetry!

It can be difficult to get this design quality into a room without clashing colors, but the designer of this kitchen has pulled it off in perfect form.

ake the theme any less cohesive! This is truly a country-inspired kitchen straight out of a cottage.

Wood Can Be Modern, Too

Classy kitchen with dark wood cabinets

Many of the examples above that feature wood showcase the beauty of wooden design elements in a more rustic or country-inspired way.

In this kitchen, however, you can plainly see how great wood can look in a modern setting. Even subtle differences, like stainless steel drawer pulls and knobs, can completely change the vibe of a space.

Shades of Grey

Classy black and white kitchen

Grey can have a profound effect on any space, which this kitchen exemplifies brilliantly. While grey can be construed as being cold and unwelcoming, the mind behind this kitchen design has taken it another way.

The grey on the floors and the cabinets are different enough to contrast without looking too harsh and even appear to open up the room.

Even more interesting cabinets and wooden floor combos

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