31 Awesome Decorating Ideas for Large Master Bedrooms

A large master bedroom is every homeowner’s dream, but how do you furnish and decorate it? With so much space available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Large bedrooms can easily linger on either end of the scale, being too full of things or too empty.

To create the warm, cozy atmosphere you crave for your master while avoiding that rummage sale look, start with sizing up on furniture. An overlarge headboard or a big piece of artwork on the wall help to fill in space without actually taking over the room.

Another nice touch is to divide up the room visually. Create a sitting area, reading nook, or entertainment space with furniture and rugs. Don’t get crazy with your colors and patterns, though. Keep a solid color scheme throughout the room to avoid looking mismatched and chaotic.

There are several other ideas you can use to keep your large bedroom a beautiful retreat, many of which you’ll see below if you keep reading!

Stylish gray themed large master bedroom, 31 Awesome Decorating Ideas for Large Master Bedrooms

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1. Big Furniture and Light Colors

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Classy white large master bedroom with a lot of picture frames and a painting

In this room the homeowners created a cohesive environment with a bright white and calming gray scheme, allowing for a few pops of color for a fun element. They also used oversized furniture in the headboard and dresser to fill up space, as well as a large art print above the bed.

2. Gray Hues

White and gray themed large master bedroom

The homeowner in this room used different hues of gray to create a calm, cozy retreat in an oversized room. The use of one color makes this a unified space and brings everything together, while the varying shades create enough visual interest to keep it from being boring.

3. Defined Spaces

Teal large master bedroom

The individual areas in this room keep it filled without becoming cluttered. The bed and dresser, as well as nightstand, make an obvious sleeping area, and the loveseat, end and coffee table, as well as the accent chair,  make a definite sitting area.

4. Using the Floor Plan

Simple large master bedroom design with green flooring

In this room, the homeowner took advantage of a quirk in the floor plan to define the sleeping space. An alcove in the room quickly became the home for the bed, while the open space in the front of the picture was claimed for a cozy sitting space.

5. Playing Existing Colors

Modern large master bedroom with wood carpet flooring

The floor in this room is made of dark wood, which could clash with the lighter elements in the room. Instead, the owner added their own darker elements in the furniture, rug, and accent pillows to ensure everything tied together gracefully into a fluid whole rather than multiple parts.

6. Same Colors Between Spaces

Modern bright large master bedroom

A master bedroom is usually connected in some way to a master bath. Painting the bath a different color, especially when in a large bedroom, can make things disjointed. This homeowner chose to keep a light and bright color scheme throughout, echoing elements from each space in the other. This allowed them to use different furniture looks in each space while still keeping everything unified.

7. Oversized Bed

Large master bedroom with nice overlooking view

This bedroom uses a large bed to fill up most of the space. This adds a dramatic element while firmly cementing the focus of the room. The homeowner also used a couple of accent chairs and a low table by the window for a cozy sitting and reading space.

8. Accent Colors

Large master bedroom with gold colored interiors

This bedroom uses the accents to tie the room together rather than main features. Gold hues in the lamp, mirror, curtains, and artwork all keep the room cohesive and cozy rather than chaotic and distracting.

9. Horizontal Lines

Classy modern large master bedroom with indoor house plants

This room is a bit different in that its size is mainly from the length rather than width. The homeowner used the long dresser and headboard to draw the eye down the length of the room, then used a simple color scheme of gray and white with a few spots of greenery to add some interest.

10. Simple Lines

Bright colored large master bedroom

This room uses simple lines and shapes as well as a gray, blue, and brown color scheme to add warmth while still being relaxing. Using the same colors throughout, even in different hues and tones, creates a cohesive feel to a large space.

11. Theme

Beach themed large master bedroom

This bedroom rocks an island getaway theme, which helps make the large space feel homey and whole. Adhering to one look or thematic family across the entire room is similar to picking a few colors and sticking with them. You’ll notice the small chair claiming the far corner as a sitting space by the window as well.

12. Open Path

Yellow and gray themed large master bedroom

The open path to the sliding glass doors lets the outdoors into this room. Having the empty space may seem like too much, but when combined with the matching yellow, gray, and white being reflected around the room it creates an airy feel while still being cozy.

13. Repeating Fabrics

Vintage large master bedroom

A neat trick to make a large room a unified, cohesive space is to use the same fabric in different places around the room. As you can see here, the fabric in the bedspread is being reflected in the curtains on the window, which brings the two spaces together. A vanity along the wall creates a small dressing space, and the chair and ottoman complete the room by creating a sitting area.

14. Dark Gray

Stylish gray themed large master bedroom

While in a smaller room you wouldn’t want to use a lot of dark colors, in this larger space it actually creates a cozy environment. The lighter spots of white and the natural light from the windows keeps it from being too overwhelming. They also created a study area on the far wall with a desk and chair, and to the front of the picture is a small loveseat and table creating a sitting area.

15. Purple and Rose

Soothing large master bedroom

This room uses the purple hues and rose colors to tie two separate spaces together. The rosy blanket and the art on the far wall further define the sitting area, while the solidly purple bedspread and bench cushion make a statement for the sleeping area.

16. Neutral Colors with Accent

Serene modern large master bedroom

This room plays well to the cozy vibe by displaying mainly taupe brown and white. For an added splash of color, the owner used mint green and a large plant to add visual interest without making the room disjointed.

17. Mismatched Patterns with Matching Colors

Retro large master bedroom

This room is fun and bright. While the patterns don’t match, the colors used in those patterns do. This allows the owner to add a playful look without losing the unified look you want in a large space. They also took advantage of creating separate areas, using a chair and table to create a sitting space and the patterned half-wall to define a bathing area.

18. Large Built-Ins

Modern large master bedroom with wooden carpet flooring

If echoing the large size of the room with large furniture is good, large built-ins are better. The bigger size of the beams and shelves fill in space yet are not overwhelming the room. A built-in shelf and stool create a separate vanity area to further define the space.

19. Southwestern Theme

Sticking with a theme already in the house’s architecture is a good way to keep a large room from being too open and empty.

This room already had a rustic vibe from the wooden details, and the homeowners embraced it with their decor.

A separate sitting area by the windows and fireplace further breaks up the room and gives it a snug and warm ambiance.

20. Light and Bright

Light blue themed large master bedroom with wooden carpet flooring

The homeowner of this room fully embraced the idea of dividing off sections, as well as keeping a cohesive color scheme.

The bed and night table define the sleeping space beside a dresser and bench in a small dressing area. A couple of cozy chairs with a table and lamp make a great sitting area.

Gray, white, and bright blue bounce back and forth in the room, bringing each of these spaces together into one unified whole.

21. Multiple Sections

Large master bedroom with wooden interiors

This room has many smaller sections dedicated to different purposes. In this larger room, though, it creates a tidy and comforting environment rather than a cluttered one. The dark furniture and more traditional elements in each space tie it all together.

22. Dark Colors

Large blue master bedroom with wood flooring

This homeowner let the bright walls give the room a light and airy feeling. They then used darker, deeper colors in their decor to warm the space up. Dark blue velvet on the bed makes for a luxurious addition, and the contrasting smoothness of the sheets add texture and interest. A fur rug and accent pillows help create a cozy vibe while the large space and abundance of natural light make it breezy and fresh.

23. Color Defined Spaces

Elegant modern large master bedroom

The owner of this room did things a bit differently when it came to colors. As you can see, the left-hand side of the picture shows a dark wall, while further on lighter colors come into play. This is a different way of dividing up a larger room. Be sure to use complimenting colors and shades, however, to keep the room flowing. This room used dark, rich brown wood and black that’s answered with a lighter brown and gray on the opposite side.

24. Reflective Surfaces

Using a reflective surface, or several, in a large room is a good way to keep it feeling full without crowding too much in there.

The reflections add dimension and depth to space that may have been an empty wall before.

Adding different textures in the rug and bedspread as well as the overly large headboard creates more of a cozy feel without overwhelming the space.

25. Bring in the Outdoors

Classy nature themed large master bedroom

This room has a large set of sliding glass doors that give a great view of the outside.

The folding partition with palm trees printed on it, as well as the large mirror across from the doors, tie the view into the room.

This allows the outdoors to be a part of the room and builds a forest around the focus of the room, the bed. This allows the room to feel cozy and relaxing even with the abundance of space and the large windows created by the doors.

26. Extra Large Headboard and Lamps

Classy hotel themed large master bedroom

This bedroom boasts a huge headboard that reaches from floor to ceiling as well as two large lamps that hang on either side of the bed. This adds drama as well as a solid focal point in the large space of this room. The added cohesiveness of the matching yellow and brown shades as well as the clearly defined areas of the room help to keep the homeowner feeling cozy and comfortable in this large space.

27. Calm, Cool Colors

This room keeps a unified look by embracing the cooler tones of gray, white, and brown. The art on the wall above the long table adds a bit of stark contrast that the night tables reflect to add visual interest.

The different shades that echo throughout this larger space keep the room from feeling too empty and open.

28. Accent Wall

Aesthetic minimalist large master bedroom

The accent wall in this room anchors the larger space. The bed and night tables against this wall add to the focal point of the sleeping area. A chair off to the side completes the room by adding a sitting space for the homeowner.

29. Period Pieces

Aesthetic light blue themed large master bedroom

The furniture pieces call to memory a period during French history and give a nod to Versailles. The addition of the chandelier and large windows as well as the detailing on the wall behind the bed all fit well with the opulence displayed in the furniture. Matching these elements as well as the pops of blue and the sage fabric used throughout create a peaceful retreat in this open and airy room.

 30. Added Nook


This room had a ton of open space, so the homeowner created a physical divide by adding the large open bookshelf. This created a solid sitting space separate from the sleeping area without it ‘floating’ in the room.

31. Sitting Area at Foot of Bed

Interior of a modern dark themed bedroom with ottomans placed right on the foot of the bed

In this room, you can see that the wall opposite the bed is a good distance from the foot of the bed. This could be a lot of empty space, but the homeowner added a rug and a couple of chairs a few feet away from the foot of the bed to fill it. This creates a cozy sitting area and finishes the room perfectly.

Large Room, Large Style

Stylish grey themed large master bedroom

A large master bedroom can be a great bonus in a home. It allows for a ton of options for decorating and some fun additions beyond the typical bed and dresser. Use the tips and tricks shown above to make your large master a space worthy of becoming your favorite place in your home.

If Large Master bedrooms are already on your list maybe Designing Small Master Bedrooms would be a good choice to be added on that list of yours.

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