18 Awesome Lime Green Bedroom Accessories You Should Check Out

One of the most breathtaking parts of our world is the myriad of colors that make it up. Scientists have found that the human eye can detect about 10,000,000 different colors! What is even more astounding is that among those 10,000,000 colors, some people have chosen a single color as their favorite, signature color.

18 Awesome Lime Green Bedroom Accessories You Should Check Out

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Lime green may be “your” color, or you might simply want to add a pop of vibrancy to your living space. Either way, adding vivid colors is an easy way to instantly bring life into any room. This article will point you towards some of the trendiest lime green accessories. Keep reading for items that will brighten your bedroom!

Try these decorating ideas on these large master bedrooms!

1. Soft Area Rug

This ultra-soft lime green rug makes the perfect addition to any bedroom. Velvet and plush to the touch, this rug will not only give your bedroom a lift with its vibrant color, but it will also feel wonderful beneath your feet. The rug is 5.3 by 4 feet, making it the ideal sized rug for a bedroom. The vibrancy and fluff that this rug has to offer make it the perfect item for all ages and styles.

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Find this rug on Amazon here.


2. Storage Ottoman

Ottomans are the ultimate piece of furniture, simply due to their versatility. They function as spare seating, footstools, and storage bins. Click here to find this particular ottoman on Amazon, as it is perfect for the lime-green lover, and will be sure to add some zing to any bedroom. It’s built with cushion foam padding, and utilizes a special smart lift top, allowing you to access the storage from both ends.

3. LED Desk Lamp

If your desk is looking lackluster, click here to find this LED Desk Lamp on Amazon; it may be just what you need. A wonderful accent for any workspace, this piece is also equipped with a USB port, for your charging needs. With three levels of lighting–from high to dim–this lamp is both useful and beautiful.

4. Sunflower Throw Pillow

An easy way to elevate and bed’s aesthetic is by adding some fun, decorative through pillows. This sunflower throw pillow is composed of layers of soft felt petals and can be found on Amazon. This is perfect for adding an extra pop. Add comfort and style to your favorite chair, or layer on your bed to create a unique effect.

5. Sheer Curtains

Click here to find these sheer curtains on Amazon, which will add a sense of mystique to your bedroom. Made of 100% polyester, these curtains will gently filter light, allowing you to alter the mood of your space. These curtains are machine washable, as an added bonus.

6. Ceramic Table Lamp

Lighting can dramatically alter the personality of the room.  Click here to find this ceramic table lamp on Amazon that can help you adjust the aesthetic of your sleeping space. It will be also perfect for late-night reading, or for brightening up a dark corner. Silhouettes of wildflowers line the shade, making this an excellent conversation piece.

7. Area Rug

This 4 by 5-foot rug on Amazon is another easy way to lime-up your space and provide your feet with some comfort. This rug is skid proof, making it safe for both you and your floors. This rug is particularly soft, making it an excellent fit for any bedroom. As a bonus, it’s machine washable!

8. Lime Green Bed Sheets

Check out these lime green bedsheets on Amazon, which are sure to brighten up your bedroom. They come in twin, full, and queen sizes. Made from microfiber, they are guaranteed to be soft, comfortable, and sleep-inducing. The sheets include a fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillowcase, making for a cohesive set.

9. Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains are perfect for the light sleeper. They will block 99% more light than your average curtains, and will even help to dampen sound. If you’re looking to keep the light out, while keeping personality in, these lime green curtains are the best choice.

Click here to find these on Amazon.

10. Duvet Covers

Duvet covers make for versatile bedding, as they can be used for both hot and cold weather. This duvet is a 1500 thread count, Egyptian quality, and guarantee and luxurious sleeping experience. The bedding is also hypoallergenic, for an added bonus.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

11. Patterned Comforter

This patterned comforter comes with a modern, geometric design. The simple green, white, and grey patterns will no doubt add personality to your space. This set is equipped with a comforter, two pillow shams, a bed skirt, and three decorative pillows–making it a one-stop purchase.

Wondering where to buy these bedsheets? Click here!

12. Hanging Origami Lamp

If you’re looking for a truly unique item to brighten up your living space, why not try this original origami lamp? Click here to locate the product on Amazon.  The lamp itself will provide beautiful ambient lighting, and the pieces can be rearranged in several different ways, making it simple to change up your space as you see fit!

13. Table Lamp

Another unique piece, this table lamp is perfect for a desk, bedside table, or dresser. The intricate design filters light through the durable, recycled paper. In addition, this piece is Eco-friendly, and there is no assembly required on this piece, both of which make this piece a great option.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

14. Organizing Bins

These cloth organizing bins make organizing easy. Constructed with durable fabric, these square storage bins are perfect for sorting your items and will slide perfectly into shelving, or beneath your bed.

Click here to see this on Amazon.

15. Tree Leaf Curtains

These gorgeous tree leaf curtains will add a breath of fresh air to your living space. Each curtain panel is printed with an elegant, leafy design. These curtains also work to filter light and create a wonderful ambiance. They will filter 70% of light, allowing you to adjust the mood of your room.

Click here to see these on Amazon.

16. Reversible Microfiber Quilt

This reversible microfiber quilt is a versatile piece. Use it as a comforter, or just as a blanket. Made out of microfiber, it is guaranteed to be soft on your skin. And the reversible sides (lime green to sky blue) allow you to alter your decor on a whim.

Click here to find on Amazon.

17. Wall Flower

This hanging metal wallflower is a simple and elegant way to add life to any wall. The petals are constructed out of molded metal, and the piece comes ready to hang. The spread petal design will pair wonderfully with the previously mentioned sunflower throw pillow.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

18. Modern Rug

Click to see this modern rug on Amazon. It comes with a lovely lime green and white pattern, and will definitely add a sense of personality to your bedroom decor. Made from polypropylene, this is a durable piece that is stain resistant and shouldn’t fade over time.

These accessories would really go well with these Small Master Bedrooms!

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