What Curtains Go With Gray Carpet?

Gray is the color of the moment, and you want to know which curtains go best with your gray carpet? We’ve looked around, done our research, and have come up with a list of fantastic curtain colors to go with gray. Let’s see what we found.

Great curtain colors to match with Gray carpets are:

  • Gray
  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Creme
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Patterned

We’ve found examples of each of these color combination suggestions to give you an idea of what it would look like. We’ll take a look at those below. We’ll also talk about which rooms are best for gray carpet, if gray carpet hides dirt, and if you should match your carpet and curtain color. So please, keep reading.

Great Curtain Colors For Rooms With Gray Carpeting

Great curtain colors to match with Gray carpets, What Curtains Go With Gray Carpet?

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Gray is probably the most popular of all the neutral home interior colors. For walls, furniture, and also flooring. So if you’ve got gray carpet in your home, here are some great curtain colors to pair with it.


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Gray curtains are natural with gray floors, carpeting, and gray rugs. This monochromatic pairing is simple and easy. Plus, with all of the different shades of gray and even gradients like the example above, it’s easy to have a bit of contrast still while keeping continuity. Use charcoal with lighter floors, light gray with charcoal carpeting, or choose a tone matching look. All of them will work well with your gray carpeting.

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Stylish interior of living room with carpet, table, white curtains and sofa

White is a color that pairs with everything. And with gray, you’ve got a knockout fresh and airy neutral look. This clean color combination works for both contemporary and transitional homes alike. What’s more, a bright white curtain or a light, airy white sheer will allow gorgeous sunshine and natural light to fill your rooms. This is a can’t go wrong combination that will receive rave reviews from all of your visitors.


Light cozy teen room with white bookcases, grey sofa and carpet, and blue curtains

Blue and gray are often closely related on the color spectrum. This is why the combination is such a lovely one. They just work together. Whether you choose navy or a pale robin’s egg blue or something in between, you’ll have a great shot at creating a design standout.

These beautiful floral embroidered blackout curtains would look super with a whisper-soft dove gray carpet. The lighter color of the embroidery would really balance nicely with the carpeting. Choose this for a feminine guest room or a formal dining room. These curtains are blackout curtains, so they should be paired with sheers to let in sunlight and keep your privacy.

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Clean family room with blue couch, gray carpet and yellow curtains

Yellow is another great color to pair with gray. It’s also so bright and sunny that it makes any room practically smile with delight. We recommend yellow curtains with mid-tone or darker gray carpets. This way, the contrast is stronger and a standout. 


Like white, cream is a neutral that works well with gray flooring and walls. The difference between the two is that the warmer tone of creme or ivory gives you a softer contrast. This works well if you’re going for subtlety and elegance in your home decor. It also is slightly more forgiving when it comes to dirt and grime. Cream will not be as bright in the space as white and may block out a tiny bit more light, so keep that in mind. Click here for this curtain on Amazon.


Many of today’s grays border on beige – we call it greige. For these warmer color grays, you may consider a taupe or brown curtain. This combination creates a very warm and cozy look and can be feminine or masculine in feel depending upon the styles you choose of each. We like this taupe Morrocan patterned curtain with dark brownish-gray walls and medium greige flooring. It all works together yet still provides a nice contrast.

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If you love the outdoors and nature, then think about green curtains for your gray carpeted room. The pairing creates a soft and cozy look. Here medium green sheers let in an abundance of light to the calming silver-toned room interior. Another striking combination would be to pair a rich emerald green curtain with a darker tone gray carpet for a library or sumptuous office space.

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White living room with stylish wooden coffee table, pink curtains, gray carpet and couch with olive green and gray pillows

Pink is one of our favorite playful colors to pair with grays. The two create a room that is fresh, feminine, and very in the moment. It works well on the lighter end of the spectrum for contemporary and transitional spaces. If you go deep pink with a darker gray, you’ll have an immensely sensual combination for a luxe living room or bawdy boudoir space.

We think these blush-colored luxury drapes with a drapey look would be a gorgeous look against the gray carpet.

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Another way to think about curtains is using patterns. With a gray carpet, why not go for a fun black and white geometric pattern? Or pick any of the colors above for something that adds some spark and zing to your interior.

A black and white patterned curtain is a great look with gray carpet and gray walls. Click here for this on Amazon.

In What Rooms Does Gray Carpet Go Best?

Living room interior with soft gray carpet and modern furniture

We can rule out some rooms—the kitchen, bathrooms, the laundry room—mainly because carpet isn’t the best choice for them. But what about all the other rooms like the living room, bedrooms, dining room, and offices. Is gray carpet good for all of them? The answer is simple. Yes, gray carpet goes in all of these rooms. But there are a few considerations.

Dark Gray Carpets In Cozy Or Dramatic Rooms

If you love a rich dark gray carpet, think about using it in an office or a cozy bedroom. Somewhere where you want things a little darker and richer. A finished basement is probably not a great candidate for such dark carpeting because you’ll only make things darker with the lack of windows.

Light Gray Carpets For Bright Spaces

If you like zen and light spaces, then light gray is the choice for you. Use light gray to brighten up finished basements or bedrooms with few windows. You may also use it in your formal living room and dining room. Keep in mind that in higher-trafficked areas, it may be prone to soiling.

Does Gray Carpet Hide Dirt?

Room with soft gray carpet, shelving rack and white wall

Gray carpet can hide dirt if you get the right shade. As with any carpet color, the darker shades of each color will be better to combat dirt and grime. Keep in mind, though, if you have a white dog or cat, darker colors are more likely to show their hair.

Should You Match The Carpet Color And Curtain Color?

grey carpet and sofa, standing lamp, in a modern home with white curtains, What Curtains Go With Grey Carpet

You don’t have to match your carpet color to your curtain color. As you’ve seen from our list, loads of colors will work with a gray carpet. But if you like a monochromatic look, then, by all means, match away. It’s a super-easy way of going about designing a room and will certainly simplify things for you. (See our link here: Should Carpet And Wall Color Match?)

Beautiful Curtains Will Make Your Room Sing

With all of these color suggestions for curtains to go with your gray carpeting, you should have some ideas brewing. Order your favorites and try them out. Then modify to get your perfect design.

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