My Purple Mattress Is Not Expanding – Why? What To Do?

Purchasing a new mattress only to run into issues with it can be frustrating. For example, did you recently buy a Purple mattress packed in a tight box? When you opened the box, did your bed never become as fluffy as it's supposed to be?

Well, we've done plenty of research into why this happens and what you can do about it.

If, after opening your Purple mattress, it doesn't expand to full size, it could be because it's not finished settling. Typically, a Purple mattress takes around two days (48 hours) to expand after you remove it from the box entirely.

On the first day, your Purple mattress may still look flat, which is entirely normal. The best way to speed things up is to remove your bed from its box as soon as possible and ensure your home is warm enough to promote expansion.

As we start this article, we will cover all Purple mattresses and discuss why yours may not expand correctly. Whether you're new to the brand, have multiple Purple beds, or need other tips and tricks, we're here to assist. With that said, let's dive right in below!

Why Is My Purple Mattress Not Expanding?

Hand testing orthopedic memory foam core mattress

If you recently bought a Purple mattress and it doesn't seem to expand, this could be for a few reasons. Most times, a Purple mattress takes two days to expand fully.

Therefore, if your bed still looks flat after day one or hours post-open, that explains the strange appearance. However, if it's been about 48 hours and your mattress is still somewhat flat, this could be due to a temperature problem inside your house.

According to experts, a memory foam/rolled-up mattress will need to be in weather at 68 degrees Fahrenheit or above to expand correctly.

Warmth encourages the material to expand faster, hopefully giving your bed enough volume to be usable by that night. So, if your home's temperature is colder, try and turn up the heat while your mattress expands.

You have to remember that Purple mattresses come tightly rolled and vacuum-sealed in their box, which can trigger a more difficult expansion once you open it.

How Long Does A Purple Mattress Take To Fully Expand?

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Woman putting soft orthopedic mattress on bed, My Purple Mattress Is Not Expanding - Why? What To Do?

Depending on the thickness of a Purple mattress, one can take up to 48 hours to expand fully. As we said, these mattresses go through a vacuum-sealing process, making them hard to sleep on immediately.

If you've ever bought a memory foam mattress online, many stores use this method. Imagine shipping a fully expanded bed across the country or world: that would be a massive box.

Because of this, you see stores roll their beds into tightly packed bags, vacuum seal them, and put them into an additional protective box.

With that said, your Purple mattress should be somewhat expanded within a few hours of tearing open the vacuum-sealed bag.

On top of that, you want to recall how these foam beds react better to warmer unboxing weather. The colder your house is, the slower a Purple mattress will expand.

So, some people may see theirs be usable in 12 or so hours, while others will need to wait 1-2 days.

Unfortunately, this is the price we pay for convenient bed shipping.

What Material Is A Purple Mattress?

Woman checking under the mattress in bedroom

For those wondering why their bed can be so flat during shipping, this comes down to the materials Purple uses to make their mattresses.

According to the brand, you can expect a Purple mattress to be made using GelFlex Grid elastic polymer and high-quality polyurethane foam.

Although that seems like a potentially hazardous substance, Purple mattresses are registered as toxin-free, making them one of the best non-chemical options on the market.

Shockingly, some foam beds contain harmful additives that give them a "memory" effect. Purple prides itself on doing this without dangerous processing or materials.

That said, your Purple foam mattress will still ship rolled up and can take a couple of days to inflate/expand. Again, that's a pretty meek price for years of great sleep.

It's also worth mentioning that Purple beds are certified by CertiPUR-US and undergo extensive testing before being sent to you.

Do All Purple Mattresses Come Vacuum-Sealed?

Yes. Every Purple mattress you buy will come vacuum-sealed and rolled into a tube. Since this brand started, they've gained a reputation for its creative, eye-catching packaging.

Unlike some brands that squeeze their mattresses into awkward packaging, Purple uses carefully-designed tubes to slide their products into for shipping.

Of course, that can still be weird for first-time customers, but moving your bed inside from the front door is a bit easier. Purple mattresses are sealed in an air-tight bag to ensure nothing touches them during transit.

Furthermore, that vacuum-sealed plastic keeps your mattress tightly packed, which helps lessen the chances of something going wrong during its shipment.

Again, most memory foam products are packaged and vacuum-sealed this same way, so Purple isn't the only brand doing this. If you shop from Casper, Serta, or any other foam mattress company, you should have the same situation and wait a day or two for the product to expand.

Does Vacuum-Sealing A Foam Mattress Damage It?

Purple bed with two purple pillows

One drawback to vacuum-sealing a memory foam mattress is it can create adverse effects. One problem with doing this for too long is the foam won't remember to bounce back.

For example, if your Purple mattress sat in a sealed package for a year before shipment, there's a chance it won't expand when you open it.

Of course, the brand does not wait this long to ship and often waits to seal their product until a few weeks before they sell it. Think of this as FIFO (first in, first out).

However, that's not to say the brand always gets things 100% right. Some people have experienced their foam mattress failing to fluff out and expand fully.

In this situation, you want to reach out to Purple and see their options. Vacuum-sealing anything can warp its actual density.

Imagine doing this with clothing or bedding. If you store something in tight plastic wrap for years on end, the chances of it losing its volume increase.

So, after you receive your Purple bed, cut it out of the packaging as soon as possible.

Will Purple Replace My Mattress If It Doesn't Properly Expand?

If your Purple mattress doesn't expand properly, you should be able to get a replacement through their website. As we said, it can happen when you cut the sealant off your bed and notice the foam doesn't fluff out.

If, after 48 hours, your Purple mattress is still flat, this could mean it's defective. Remember, when a bed sits in vacuum-sealed plastic for too long, this causes it to degrade and lose volume.

According to the brand, you have 100 calendar days from the date of delivery to return your Purple® mattress. Therefore, if your bed doesn't expand, you will know after 2-3 days.

In this situation, you must contact the brand through their customer care portal, schedule a pick-up for your current bed, and wait for the replacement to arrive.

Remember that you may have to pay for return shipping if your bed doesn't meet their defective requirements, which is up to their discretion.

It's also crucial that you don't stain or damage your bed once it comes to your home if you need to return it, as this can affect the total refund you get back from Purple.

Can I Repackage A Purple Mattress?

In the event you need to return your Purple mattress, it is not possible to vacuum-seal and roll it the same way it arrived. That's because Purple uses a special machine for this, which most people don't have.

Therefore, you can't ship it back in the same package. The brand will give you the next steps after you initiate a return, sometimes offering a pick-up service.

Returning larger furniture pieces can be frustrating, and Purple understands that. Especially if your product comes damaged or defective, Purple will make it right at zero cost to you.

So, if your bed never expands to full size, don't expect any fees or too much hassle from the brand. As we said before, you also need to give your mattress 1-2 days before it reaches full density, so be patient and let your bed do its thing.

Is It Worth It To Buy A Purple Mattress?

Purple Mattress Store

Since Purple mattresses are one of the most expensive "boxed" foam beds on the market, it can be understandable for you to have concerns.

As we covered, your foam bed should expand to a full, plush size within a couple of days. However, is that something you are okay with waiting for? That would be the primary concern we suggest going over before making a final decision.

On top of that, your Purple mattress won't have springs or other in-bed support besides the memory foam technology. If you aren't used to foam, it can be an adjustment.

However, Purple has fantastic customer service and ships fast, so they are a great, reputable brand to shop from.

To Finish Things Up


Whether you have a Purple mattress or want to get one, it's always good to understand how long one takes to expand. We found that these rolled beds take 24-48 hours to expand fully.

However, if yours takes longer, your house could be too chilly. Try turning up the heat, which should promote more expansion and fill-out in your mattress.

Most people try and expand their mattresses in cooler climates, which can cause their beds to stay flat. Again, your bed may be defective, and in that case, we recommend contacting Purple ASAP.

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