60 Red Bathroom Ideas [Huge Image Gallery!]

Whether you're decorating the guest bathroom space or looking into a major master bath remodeling project, deciding on a color scheme that will tie your entire design together matters. A lot.

60 Red Bathroom Ideas [Huge Image Gallery!]

Best Red Bathrooms - In a Video

If you're reading this article, we're assuming a red bathroom design is on your mind. And we're here to help with exactly that! We have a selection of beautiful bathroom images, showcasing some pretty awesome bathroom design ideas - all in red. Let's start with this video first.


Best Red Bathrooms - In Photos

Some of these rooms have entire red walls or red tiles. Others combine this rich color with various other tones, particularly neutrals, such as white, gray and black - where significant red accents are the element that made us include them in this list. Without further ado, let's begin our tour of red bathroom images!

Red Bathroom Ideas: Where Red Rules

Modern restroom with ceramic toilet bowl and wooden interior

Modern bathroom with red tiles and dark wood interior

Modern bathroom with red mosaic tiles on wall

Modern bathroom with red mosaic tiles and a bathtub

Modern bathroom with red ceramic walls and contemporary fixtures

Modern bathroom interior with double sink

Modern apartment bathroom interior with red tiles

Luxury bathroom interior with greenery, chandelier and large mirror

Interior of a house bathroom with red walls, bathtub and large mirror

Classic bathroom with old bathtub and red stripped wall

Red and teal color bathroom interior with shower and wash basin

Black & Red Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you're looking for drama, combining red and black is the way to go. Washroom with dark mosaic tiles and red walls

Red, white and black color concept large modern bathroom with mosaic tiles and shower

Modern black, red and white bathroom interior with shower and sink

Modern bathroom interior with two sink at the villa

Modern apartment bathroom with black, white and red tiles

Minimalist black and white bathroom with red interior

Luxury black and red bathroom interior

Japanese theme black bathroom with red stripes

Comfortable bathroom in modern design with red walls and black washbasin

Black and red modern house bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin

Black and red bathroom with classic interior

Gray & Red Bathrooms

If black seems too daunting, how about a more neutral combination of majestic gray and crimson shades?

Bathroom with black white walls and red floor interior

Modern little bathroom with red towels and marble grey walls

Modern bathroom with red tile walls and grey floor

Modern bathroom with laundry in a black, grey and red concept with black rose chandelier

Interior of modern house bathroom with sink and toilet

Designed bathroom with mosaic tiles and white ceramic vessel sink

Bathroom with red wall and glazed shower

White & Red Bathrooms

Finally, a popular option for many home decorators is actually combining the clean crisp beauty of white with red accents. Combining the effects of white tile, with a red shower curtain, or other red accents is a great way to create a contemporary bathroom look. Apartment toilet with red and white tile floor

Stylish floral hotel bathroom interior with red and white tile walls

Red bathroom interior in a vintage style

Red and white concept toilet

New luxury bathroom with gold and red mosaic tile wall design

Narrow bathroom interior designed with shower and red and white wall

Modern small bathroom interior with red and white color

Modern red and white concept tiled washbasin

Modern house attic bathroom with red walls and white siding

Modern bathroom with wall hung toilet and sink unit

Modern bathroom with floral motif tiles and accessories in red

Modern bathroom with bathtub, parquet floors and nature view window

Modern bathroom in red and white colors with wall hung toilet, washbasin and shower

Modern attic bathroom with white and red color concept

Modern attic bathroom washbasin

Luxury shower with marble walls and floor and glass front

Luxury large bathroom with panoramic window

Luxury bathroom with red walls and walk-in shower with beige tiles

Large master bathroom with red walls and glass shower

Interior of a spacious bathroom with toilet, shower and washbasin

Interior of a modern large bathroom with shower and bathtub

Interior of a beautiful modern apartment bathroom

House interior of a modern red bathroom with bathtub in contemporary design

Cosy modern attic bathroom interior

Corner of stylish bathroom with red and white walls, comfortable bathtub and vertical mirror on the floor

Contemporary modern bathroom design featuring a contemporary classic freestanding cast iron bathtub against a scenic window

Composition with chrome faucet, mosaic tile and sink in modern luxury bathroom interior

Beautiful ivory bathroom with a concrete floor and french window, white whirlpool blend perfectly with white cabinets

Beautiful interior of bathroom with sink and toilet, decorated with red tiles

Bathroom with contemporary design and furniture colored in red and white

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