11 Awesome RV Bedroom Ideas

If you have a motorhome or camper, you have probably considered redecorating or remodeling the bedroom areas to make them more attractive and functional.

Many challenges come with working in small spaces, but various design elements can be added to make an RV's bedroom area really pop.

Decorative accessories can be used to make an RV bedroom appear more comfortable and luxurious. Additionally, adding certain design elements to give the illusion of more space is a great way to brighten up a smaller bedroom. We have provided 11 great ideas to help you quickly liven up your camper's small bedroom space. Let's check them out!

Interior of motor home's bedroom. Camping trailer, 11 Awesome RV Bedroom Ideas

1. Shiplap or Wainscoting

RV bedroom highlighting white shiplap accent wall, unique lighting, and black, white, and neutral color decor showcasing a simple, clean, country charm

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This RV uses white shiplap to accent the back wall of its bedroom. Coupled with unique lighting, black, white, and neutral colors help make this look appear simple and clean while maintaining some country charm. Some RV owners choose to leave their shiplap installation bare wood, which serves up a more quaint and cabin-y type of look. This works really well in small space bedrooms, such as in a camper.

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2. Mirrors

small motorhome bedroom showcasing two full-length mirrors on closet doors, a large bed, and a dark color palette
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It's no secret that motorhome bedrooms are generally very small. Adding mirrors to the space can really open it up and brighten the entire room. This owner has opted for two full-length mirrors on their closet doors, which really opens up the otherwise very tight space around the large bed. Using mirrors to reflect light around the room has allowed the owner to go with a darker color palette for the room's decor.

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3. Fairy Lights

Interior of motor home's bedroom. Camping trailer, 11 Awesome RV Bedroom Ideas

Fairy lights are beautiful wherever but they work especially well in small spaces like this. This motor home seems cozy and safe with the addition of fairy lights to the decor. The owner has also added a unique pendant light which adds to the overall warmth of the space. Run fairy lights along headboards, bedroom borders, or around other decor pieces like this owner has done with their dream catcher.

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4. Nature Themed Decor

RV bedroom with nature-themed decor including garland over the bed, a wolf pillow, and an emerald green bedspread, complemented by wood trim

This RV owner has gone all out on a nature-themed bedroom. Garland secured over the bed really livens up this space and brings a piece of nature indoors. The wolf pillow and emerald green bedspread further add to the natural decor style presented in this camper. Wood trim is common in RVs and this owner does a great job of complementing this natural element with other nature-themed decor pieces.

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5. Unique or Open Shelving

RV bedroom featuring open corner shelving, minimal surface space, and decor painted inside and out for a stylish makeover

This camper has stylishly incorporated some cute open corner shelving that really adds to the whole look and feel of the room. This kind of shelving works well with minimal surface space to store and display decor in camper bedrooms. Other people take the doors off their overhead RV bedroom cabinets to achieve the same effect. You can paint these cabinets inside and out for a quick makeover.

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6. Loft Beds

Husky in a motorhome's loft bed bedroom

Less traditionally used as a bedroom are the loft areas in RVs. Some of these areas have been blocked off for storage but can be opened up relatively easily to create a loft bed. This is a great area for kids or guests to sleep in and should not be overlooked. Decor in this area should be kept simple to keep from crowding the small space. Here, the owner only keeps a few pillows and a small shelf for storage.

Some owners add in bunk beds or find their camper came standard with this feature. These are other great bedroom spaces for children and guests. Again, keep the decor simple and uniform. Match bedspreads and window treatments for a clean, uncluttered look.

7. Mixed Textures

Cozy camper bedroom displaying a mixture of textures including feathers, leather, woven blanket, basket, rug, shiny gold metallics in candlesticks, and cupboard door hardware, complemented by a mirror

This camper bedroom uses mixed textures to create a warm, welcoming bedroom space. You will spot feathers, leather, a woven blanket, a basket, and a rug if you look closely. There are also some shiny gold metallics in the candlesticks and cupboard door hardware. Add in a mirror and you've got a great collection of mixed textures. Wood is also commonly used when mixing textures to create a cozy space.

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8. Updated Lighting Fixtures

modern RV bedroom highlighting updated black wall sconce lights on either side of the bed, coupled with black, white, and earth tones, complemented by shiplap

Updating the lighting fixtures in your RV's bedroom can go a long way towards making the whole space look more modern and luxurious. This owner has added two black wall sconce lights on either side of the bed, this is both functional and pretty. The owner keeps with black, white, and earth tones elsewhere, tying it all together with shiplap.

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Update lighting for a quick and easy way to spruce up your space. Got a weird space to work with? Check out our post on how to hang light fixtures on sloped ceilings for help.

9. Warm Earth Tones

RV bedroom focusing on warm earth tones like clay red, taupe, and sage, complemented by cabinet mirrors, light, and macrame fringe, harmonizing with wood grain

Earth tones work beautifully in a camper or RV. These bedrooms are used to get away from it all, to enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Colors like clay red, taupe, and sage fit right in with most motorhome's original woodwork cabinetry or trim. Natural and nude colors complement the wood grain and the cabinet mirrors with the light and macrame fringe in this RV bedroom really bring the look together.

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10. Pillows

studio-style RV bedroom emphasizing comfort through various pillows allowing dual functionality as a bed and a couch, complemented by bright colors or interesting textures

Pillows add comfort to camper bedrooms. This studio-style bed uses pillows to allow the owners to use the bed as a couch as well.

Functional and pretty, pillows can soften any space. Bright colors or interesting textures are a great way to go when choosing pillows for your RV bedroom. Pillows can also be changed out seasonally to help keep the space fresh and new.

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11. Wallpaper

RV bedroom with an accent wall featuring neutral leafy pattern wallpaper behind the bed, illustrating a unique character

Wallpaper is an awesome way to really customize your RV's bedroom. Not everyone has wallpaper in their motorhome, so this will really pop and show a bit of your unique character.

This owner used a neutral leafy pattern to create an accent wall behind their motorhome's bed. This is a popular space to decorate and looks great in just about any pattern. Don't be afraid to add a pop of color to this space.

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Creativity is Key When Decorating an RV Bedroom

Designing and decorating your RV's bedroom is much the same as decorating spaces in your regular home, but creativity should be used liberally when working with such a small space.

Functional yet pretty is the goal. For ideas on how to decorate the rest of your camper, check out our post on furnishing your small space living room for more inspiration.

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