What Chairs Go With A White Dining Table?

You've just purchased the white dining table of your dreams, but what chairs will look great with it? We've checked out our favorite design stops to see what they have to say about the combination and have answers for you here. Let's see what we found.

Here are some great ideas of chairs to go with your white dining table:

  • Natural Wood Barrel Chairs
  • Shabby Chic Benches
  • Classic White Wooden Back Chairs
  • Soft Grey Upholstered Bucket Chairs
  • Colorful Chairs To Work With Your Room Design

We're going to look at examples of each of these types and styles of chairs. We'll also discuss how to choose a dining room chair, for instance, if your chair legs need to match your table legs and if using a dining room bench is a practical option. So please, keep reading.

Modern interior with kitchen and dining room, What Chairs Go With A White Dining Table?

The Best Dining Room Chairs For A White Dining Table

Let's look at some examples of great dining chairs to mix with a white dining table.

Natural Wood Barrel Chairs

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Modern interior with kitchen and dining room, What Chairs Go With A White Dining Table?

These natural wood barrel chairs look perfectly at home around this minimalistic white dining table. The white kitchen cabinets and other natural wood accents, along with the similarly stained hardwood floors, create a fresh, clean look for this room.

These wishbone chairs with rattan seats have a similar feel to the dining chairs in the room above. These are made from beech wood, free of any paint or chemicals. Click here for these chairs on Amazon.

Whitewashed Dining Benches With A Shabby Chic White Table

Scandinavian style domestic kitchen interior with a dining table, kitchen counter and lots of props

If you have a dining table that serves double duty as your kitchen island, a bench is a handy choice for seating. It won't get in your way when you're preparing food but will still allow six people to sit comfortably at a table like this. You can buy natural wood benches and do some chalk painting yourself or find a pre-made rustic looking bench in white.

We found these antiqued white benches for this look. The turned wooden legs and rustic paint finish add to the appeal. Click here for this on Amazon.

You Can't Go Wrong With Classic Wood Chairs In White

A white kitchen background

Classics are classic for a reason. Because they work. Here, a classic wooden slat backed chair is paired with a white wooden farm table for a fresh and easy look. These chairs are available all over, and if you're on a budget, you might even find some at your local resale store. Grab a can of spray paint and make them work for your table.

But if you're not a DIY'er or don't feel like hunting for your classic chairs, you can buy a set here.

Click here for these on Amazon.

Soft Grey Upholstered Bucket Chairs With Metal Legs In A Modern Space

A modern interior of a living room and a kitchen

If you love contemporary interiors, then this is a look that may work well for you. Here a set of super cool soft grey bucket chairs with interesting metal legs are paired with a mid-century feeling white-topped table with natural legs. All of the details in this open concept room play on this white and grey and natural wood palette, giving the design a sharp, cohesive look.

Here's a way to get a similar look on a budget. This set of four chairs is made out of molded plastic seats with wooden and metal legs. Click here for this on Amazon.

Go For Colorful Chairs To Match Another Element In Your Room

White and blue modern kitchen with dining table and closed door

White is such a great choice for a dining table because it can literally go with anything. So if you've chosen such a generous color for your table, why not do something equally as generous for the rest of your space and go for color! Here, the designer has paired a blue chair with a white table to match the accent wall color perfectly. You could do this with wooden chairs, molded plastic chairs, or with the color of your upholstery. The advantage to choosing a wooden chair is that you can repaint them should your color choices change.

If you like to do things yourself, look for unfinished dining room chairs. These chairs can be painted or stained any color you choose. Click here for these on Amazon.

How Do You Choose A Dining Room Chair?

The main measurement you need to focus on when choosing a dining room chair is the seat's height. Overall, chair height matters much less than the seat height. This is because you need the chair to fit comfortably below the table with a person in it. This will typically be an 18" to 23" seat height for a standard dining room table. For a counter height table, your dining chair seat height will be 24" to 26".

Standard dining room table seat height, What Chairs Go With A White Dining Table

Be sure to allow for an entire foot from the bottom of the table to the seat's top. If you have an apron around your dining table, allow for 7" between the top of the seat and the bottom of the apron. If the chair you choose has arms, allow at least 7" between the bottom of the table or table apron and the top of the arms.

Do Chair Legs Need To Match Table Legs?

Interior design of stylish dining room interior with matching family wooden table and chairs

Dining chair legs do not need to match your table legs. There's nothing wrong with a bit of mix and match, as you can see in our post, "Do Dining Chairs Have to Match? [Here’s why not]." In fact, it can be a style choice all on its own. If you have a dining table and a set of chairs that are absolutely not working for you together, you can always consider getting slipcovers for your chairs. Many of these will drape all the way to the floor, which works to hide the mismatched legs.

Full-length dining chair slipcovers are an easy solution if you don't like the table and chair leg mismatch but don't want to buy new furniture. These easy-to-use accessories simply slip over your existing chair. The tie in the back holds them on securely. You can find these styles in many different colors and patterns. This particular brand comes in creme and sage green colors. They are 100% cotton and can be thrown in the washing machine. Click here for this product on Amazon.

Are Dining Benches Practical?

Dining room interior design with wooden family table and bench

There are pros and cons to using a dining bench. If you're tight on space, a dining bench slides easily under the table and completely out of the way. That's a definite plus to using them. One of the cons is that if one person wants to get up from the table, it may necessitate the whole group sitting on that side to move to help let that person up. 

It used to be that dining benches were kind of like long planks with no backs. And while that style is still around, there are now many dining benches that have backs. A dining room bench like this can double as seating at the table and living room seating. This makes it a practical furniture piece for smaller spaces. Click here for this on Amazon.

Look Good And Be Comfortable When You Dine

You want your chairs to look good and be comfortable. Dinners with family and friends are times we want to linger at the table, so your chairs are important. Hopefully, this post will head you in the perfect direction for your choice of chairs to pair with a white dining table.

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