What Color Backsplash Goes With Oak Cabinets?

A backsplash spruces up your kitchen and protects the wall. It can also add style and beautify your kitchen, making it pop. To get the best look for your kitchen, it is important to get the color scheme right. Colors can be inviting, as well as jarring. So you wonder, what color backsplash with oak cabinets? We researched for you and will suggest several looks that will go best with oak cabinets.

There are two ways to go about choosing a color for the backsplash. You can go with colors the blend with the cabinets, creating a seamless transition. The other option is to choose colors that contrast, creating a dramatic effect. Beige, white, and grey will blend. While blue or black colors will pop. You can also use colors that blend with touches of contrast.

There are many possibilities and color combinations. Continue reading as we offer you some of those choices and discuss what works, what does not, and why. By the end of the article, you will have the tool to create the best kitchen for you.

Collaged photo of different modern kitchens with different colored backsplashes, What Color Backsplash Goes With Oak Cabinets?

How Do You Pick a Backsplash Color?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a backsplash color. The first is the existing color palette in the kitchen. It is always important to create a palette that has a flow to it. All the colors need to tie together. While contrast is good, a clash is not.

So choose a color that will work not just with the cabinets but also with the counter and the floor. If there are many colors in your kitchen, or the kitchen is small, your best bet will be to go with colors that blend with the cabinets. If you want a contrast, choose a color that already exists in your kitchen. For instance, a silver-grey if your appliances or sink are stainless steel. 

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Bright modern kitchen with gorgeous backsplash and oak cabinets

Personal preference is always a factor. A kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen, not just cooking but also eating and entertaining. Do you prefer muted colors and a quiet atmosphere? Or do you draw your energy from color and activity? Choose colors that blend if you are the former, colors that contrast if you are the latter. 

Colors That Go Well With Oak Cabinets

Colors that blend

Oak cabinets have a warm honey tone to them. So they blend well with white, especially off-white, beige, and grey colors.


White is a nice clean look. It will flow nicely with the cabinets. The advantage of white is that it does not clash with any color. It will give your kitchen a modern look. This is an example of that clean, modern look. 

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Wooden kitchen unit in stylish contemporary interior and white backsplash

Brass kitchen faucet inside a modern kitchen


Beige is a warm feel-good color. A neutral color that will match almost any other color and will flow well with the cabinets. The warm beige color gives this kitchen a welcoming feeling. The pattern adds interest, making it more modern.

Close up indoor shot of modern clean domestic kitchen design with beige backsplash

Interior of a modern kitchen with beige backsplash and beige countertop


Grey or grey beige is a nice transition color. It will work best when you have stainless steel appliances, tying the colors together. The grey backsplash gives this kitchen a rich and expensive feel while keeping it inviting and warm. All the colors combine to a cohesive look.

luxury real estate home kitchen with grey backsplash

Colors that contrast


Blue tile wall with nobody and space for text, trend color 2020 faded denim

A blue backsplash will add interest. It will become the focal point and give whimsy to your kitchen. It will work well in a well-lit kitchen. This shows how a blue backsplash can cheer up a kitchen. It creates an inviting, more casual atmosphere.

White and blue contemporary kitchen with arched ceiling and cement floo

Kitchen interior with blue backsplash, white countertop and oak cabinets


The black in this backsplash gives this kitchen a sophisticated look. It works as a blend of colors and gives a nice flow to the kitchen.

Modern luxury kitchen with black backsplash

Black runway tiles of a kitchen with white cabinets

What color tile is easiest to keep clean?

Two factors affect the clean look. It is always easier to clean a non-porous surface. Glass, sealed tile, or granite are all non-porous. While unsealed tile, natural stone are porous. For more about the backsplash, materials read "13 Backsplash Materials You Need to Know."

Another factor is color. Water stains are very noticeable on dark surfaces, and they are hard to clean. Some spices, like Tumeric, will stain. However, Tumeric is not visible on a yellow background.

Patterns hide stains. It is much easier to spot subtle changes in color on a solid surface than on a textured, multi-hued surface. So, choose a stone finish with a beige tone if you want to hide cooking stains.

Before deciding on a color, check what is most likely to affect the backsplash. Choose light colors behind the sink, such as beige if Tumeric is a favorite spice, and dark colors around the coffee maker. 

You can use this cleaner to fight stains; click to see it on Amazon.

What Does Oak Wood Look Like?

Oak is a strong wood very popular in the US for flooring and cabinetry. It comes in almost any wood color. Its grain is more distinct than its color. However, over time oak will acquire a rich amber undertone. The change is subtle and takes a long time, usually unnoticed.

There are about sixty varieties of oak. Most common in furniture making are the white and red oak. The white oak tends to run from light beige to brown, and the red oak tends to be rosier. The color differences are attributed not only to the type of tree but also to the part of the tree. The sap will be lighter in color than the core of the same tree. 

White kitchen cabinets and a matching stainless steel faucet and sink

Oak also stains well, so the cabinet in your kitchen will receive additional undertones different than the original colors. All that makes for a wide color range when it comes to oak cabinets.

With that in mind, it is always best practice to bring a sample of the backsplash you want to your home before you choose. It is the best way to see if the colors really do work together. Let the sample seat there so you can test the colors in different lights.

Are Oak Cabinets Coming Back

Oak cabinets are a classic look. Although the white look was in vogue for many years, and still is, oak cabinets were around as well. You can have a modern kitchen with oak cabinets. The question is of design. Gone are your granma's kitchens with the curved etching on the top of the cabinet. 

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Today's cabinets sport clean lines, suttle geometric designs, or just plain doors. Sometimes you can find an inlay. These simple designs can achieve the same clean look that many seek with a white kitchen. However, oak is easier to keep clean than white.

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In Closing

Oak cabinets afford you a variety of looks for your kitchen. Which backsplash you choose can help determine the feel of the kitchen. With just the right color of backsplash, you can jazz up the kitchen or tone it down.

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Modern luxury kitchen with black backsplash, What Color Backsplash Goes With Oak Cabinets?

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