What Color Cabinets Go With White Tile Floor?

Ah, the white tile kitchen. While it definitely sees a resurgence in homes across the country due to trending open, airy kitchens, this style is timeless. Timeless as it may be, it often seems difficult to find a way to pair cabinets and other furnishings with all that white tile. There are so many options, but so few seem to work. How can you pair your cabinets with white tile flooring? We’ve dug up the best color pairings for your kitchen. 

There are several ways to give your kitchen a modern look while matching your tile floor’s ambiance. The most popular colors include:

  • Birch Stain
  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Pastel Shades

Getting that gorgeous pairing that you want can be difficult, simply because so much of it hinges on your personal style preferences. This guide will help you get the most out of your cabinet selection time.

A spacious, open kitchen and dining room with wooden table and chairs, large window, white cupboards and tiles on the floor, What Color Cabinets Go With White Tile Floor?

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Should Your Flooring Match Your Cabinets?

If you are lucky enough to have bought a kitchen with lots of white tiling, you already know how open and elegant it can make a kitchen look. That’s why most homebuyers find white kitchens to be a major buying point. However, trying to put together a look with your cabinetry can be tough. Even interior designers have a hard time with it. 

While keeping an eye on your flooring is a good idea when choosing cabinetry, there is no need to match the flooring to the cabinets. Sure, it can add a layer of unity to your home, but it’s not necessary. Rather, it’s more important to take a look at the overall ambiance that your kitchen has. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s look at our top picks for this kitchen layout.

Birch Stain

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Modern kitchen interior with wooden vinyl cabinets

A light stain like birch works remarkably well with kitchens that have white tiling and walls. Why? Because it’s equally light, giving the kitchen a matched and bright look. Since birch is very modern and trendy, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a dated look. If anything, it’s a little edgy in that hygge-cool type of way. 

This example above has a striped appearance with some birch accents, mixed in with oak and pine. It’s a gorgeous look that plays off the light neutrals that make a kitchen look airy. 


Modern white wooden kitchen interior with tiled floor

White on white, is there anything more timeless in interior design? We think not. This is a classic look that works just as well in traditional homes as it does in modern ones. White is the ultimate neutral color, which means that it goes well in virtually any situation and pairs with any other colors you use. If you have a unique floor tiling situation or just want a super airy look, white cabinets are a great choice. 


Modern Scandinavian domestic kitchen interior with dark kitchen cabinets

While white is pretty popular for kitchens of all sizes, black is a little different. Pairing black cabinets with white tiling is a bold look that will demand attention. With that said, most homes might feel a little cramped if they go for black cabinetry. However, we can’t lie. It looks incredibly slick in that ultra-traditional way. 

Though black can be crampy, it’s not always a bad thing. Here, we see a petite kitchen with black cabinets but keeps a cozy, elegant look to its ambiance. See? It’s possible to do!


Modern gray and white wooden kitchen interior

Gray is one of those colors that has started to become synonymous with modern design. Virtually everything has gotten a gray makeover at least once in a while. This cool color is a neutral shade that works with most other colors, and that includes white. With that said, most people tend to see gray as a primarily modern color option. 

If you choose to get gray cabinetry, make sure not to get a gray shade that’s too dark for your home. Many people tend to find that darker grays can lend an oppressive or cold ambiance to a kitchen. Light grays, on the other hand, offer a nice monochromatic look without making things look depressing. 

Pastel Shades

Modern kitchen with white brick walls, green countertops and kitchen cabinets

Admittedly, this is not just one color like the rest, but rather, a family of colors. Pastels like mint green, baby blue, and even an egg yolk yellow all work well with white. Like white, they’re light enough to help open up a room and make the room look bigger. Since it’s unique and quirky, it also can be a good statement to match a modern dining room concept

Most of the time, this look works best with a sky blue, seafoam green, or a light yellow since those colors are popular in kitchens. However, you can use almost any pastel color you want with great results here. When choosing a pastel to use, make sure that you can find other accessories to match it. Otherwise, it might look a bit strange.

What Color Cabinets Never Go Out Of Style?

If you’re in the market for painting cabinets, you have many options that you can pursue. However, most colors will eventually fall out of favor, even if you’re being told it’s timeless. This is even true when it comes to wood stains that were once considered to be a staple for every home. Remember the oak cabinets craze? 

The truth is that there are very few colors that truly fit the timeless bill. The two that remain popular regardless of the era seem to be white and black. Many wood stains, such as birch or cherry maple, can also fall into this category as long as they are used tastefully. With that said, you can’t go wrong with assuming that you’ll eventually have to redo your cabinets.

Are White Floor Tiles A Good Idea?

If you want to make your kitchen look larger, adding tons of white is a great way to do it. White floor tiles are always in style, especially if they are larger plates. With that said, many people do not want to have white tiling for another reason, stains. Because white is such a crisp color, you might see stains a little bit faster. 

Don’t let the threat of stained tiles keep you away from an all-white kitchen. Though stains might become more apparent, the truth is that tiles are pretty well-made. This means that you shouldn’t assume that stains will be permanent unless it’s a truly extreme situation. 

What Color Cabinets Should You Avoid?

Because white is so versatile, there aren’t any colors that really clash with the tile. However, there are colors that certain people might find to be a bit too brash or bold. These colors tend to be bright colors or neons, such as hot pink, blood red, or lime green. After all, they’re considered to be pretty extreme.

Even though these colors can be a little much, the truth is that they can still be used tastefully in kitchens. It’s all about the execution of the concept. So if that bucket of avocado green is calling to you, go for it. Just make sure you do it tastefully.

In Closing

When trying to find the right cabinet paint or stain for a white kitchen, a good rule of thumb is to stick to traditional colors or work with light colors. Light colors help keep your kitchen’s airy ambiance intact, all while giving your home a more unified look. Of course, if you’re a fan of bolder looks, painting your cabinets black or gray is always an option. 

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