What Color Curtains For Peach Walls? [Inc. Pictures For Inspiration]

Life’s a peach, isn’t it? If you’re a fan of peach walls, you’re not alone. Peach (and peach-like shades) have found a new bunch of fans in the world of interior design lately. In order to get the best look possible, you have to find the right curtain color to match those walls. Before you grab a paintbrush, it’s best to know what curtain colors you can choose for peach walls.

The best curtain colors for peach walls include:

  1. White
  2. Light grey
  3. Tan
  4. Orange
  5. Beige
  6. Pale turquoise
  7. Bold red
  8. Light chartreuse
  9. Dark grey
  10. Dusty pink
  11. Peach
  12. Terra cotta

Let’s take a closer look at the best curtain colors for peach walls—ideally in action so you get a better idea of the ambiance that you can pull from each hue. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Modern interior of living room with peach corner sofa, coffee table - What Color Curtains For Peach Walls [Inc. Pictures For Inspiration]

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Curtain Colors For A Peach Room

You don’t have to be a fan of fruits to be peachy-keen on these cute combinations. Check out what curtain colors designers are falling in love with today.

1. White

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Modern, gray chair by windows and a cozy baby crib with peach pink canopy in a cute, bright nursery room interior

White is a universal match, and that’s true for peach too. When you add white curtains to a peach room, it brings out the softness of the room.

It’s a delicate combination that’s hyperfeminine and at the same time, warming. If there was ever a neutral color to use with peach, it’d have to be white. It’s the best color for peach walls.

This is a great choice for rooms that need to be pretty, femme, and quiet. No wonder it’s so popular with powder rooms, baby nurseries, and Victorian bedrooms. Generally speaking, the more you want to play up the softness of a room, the more likely it is that sheer white curtains will work.

2. Light Grey

Warm peach walls of half bathroom interior. Mahogany vanity cabinet with granite counter top and a mirror. Northwest, USA

Want to avoid having your home look too girly? Want to tone down the pinkish tones that come with peach? It’s doable with the masculine and modern look of a light grey curtain. Light grey is a great pick for rooms that need to look sleek and unisex, like this bathroom. 

If you want to go for a light grey curtain, it’s important to accessorize your room well. To double up on the look and keep things looking happy, make sure your area is well lit.

3. Tan

Luxury bedroom in peach color with iron frame bed

If your peach room has a lot more yellow undertones (or if you just want something a bit more southwestern), then you might want to look into a deep tan hue for your curtains. Here, we see what a room looks like with tan curtains. What a bold look!

The tan of the curtains actually helps give the entire room a more unisex and adult look. That makes it a great choice for rustic bedrooms and rustic living rooms. Make sure that the peach walls you have err more on the orange side with this one if you want it to feel masculine.

4. Orange

Pretty tropical resort bedroom with yellow walls and wooden french windows and doors opening onto a terra-cotta tiled balcony with rustic furniture, in a garden setting.

Are you looking for a bold curtain color that makes a serious statement? Orange is a great curtain color pick for a room that’s painted in light peach. It’s bright, energizing, and also adds a cute tropical touch to any design that you want to add.

To play up the tropical ambiance that this color combination offers, add some bright green accents. It’ll make you feel like you’re fresh out of Brazil’s own Carnival!

5. Beige

Luxury room with bed in warm light and tree view outside, room of hotel resort in Thailand.

At first glance, it can be hard to find the curtains here, but look closely. This room has transparent beige curtains that are gently covering one of the windows. Beige, like white and tan, is a neutral color. 

The walls in this room are both beige and peach depending on which wall you’re talking about. This gives the room a very earthy look that still offers a new level of  warmth that you would have a hard time finding elsewhere. 

6. Pale Turquoise

Modern colorful hipster unordinary bedroom with black and white textile and bright accents.

Take a look at that curtain behind the bed. That’s a beautiful pale turquoise, not unlike what you’d find labeled as “robin’s egg blue.” This gorgeous shade is popular among people who are into “vaporwave” aesthetics, especially when it’s paired with a peachy wall color like in the photo above.

This curtain color option is unique in the sense that it’s one of the few on this list that offers up a healthy serving of contrast. Between the pretty peach and the light turquoise, it’s not surprising to hear that this is an exceptionally popular beach-themed bathroom pairing. 

7. Bold Red

Beautiful peach and red living room interior with fireplace and red furniture.

Most people forget that peach walls can be a great part of a traditional home aesthetic. To get a more traditional look, pair your peach walls with bold red curtains like the living room in the photo above. 

While red is definitely a popular pick for living rooms, it’s best to make sure that you are prepared for the effect that this can have on the room. Many people find red and peach to be extremely warming, so when put together, it can create a glow effect.

8. Light Chartreuse

Bright colorful cushions on the sofa with light coming in from the curtain-covered window on the background

Does the peach paint you have carry a pinker hue than most? Do you want to accent that look in a way that’s unexpected but cute? You may want to take a look at adding a little green to your room—especially a yellow-green like chartreuse. 

Green and pink (erm, peach!) work well together because of the contrast that it offers. With the rock accessories, this pairing can look surprisingly sweet. We strongly suggest it for anyone who loves the joy-filled look of 1950s kitsch.

9. Dark Grey

3d render of a beautiful design of a room with a gray sofa. Accent terracotta or Calming Coral wall for art. A lot of plants.

Are you looking for a bold and dramatic look for an office or bedroom? Dark grey is a great pick that’s drama filled, neutral, and at the same time, starkly modern.

This is a combination that is daring and definitely not for everyone. When done correctly, though, it turns into a showstopping combination that makes people go “WOW!”

This is a good combination for rooms that aren’t supposed to be cozy, per se. Offices and bolder kitchens can work well with this edgy look. If you want to make this look work well for you, make sure to accent this dynamic color duo with whites and bright lighting.

10. Dusty Pink

Modern interior of living room with peach corner sofa, coffee table

Ooh, this is a subtle look that will add a certain level of gradient to your home. Dusty pink is a less yellow shade on the color wheel when compared to peach. When you put peach next to dusty pink, you get a lot of cohesion for your palette with just enough of a difference to catch a person’s eye. 

If you love the idea of peach and pink together, you’re in luck. This is a superbly trendy pairing that became a go-to for major decoration stores like Urban Outfitters. The “Millennial Pink” look is still going strong, baby!

11. Peach

Interior of bright minimalistic living room with peach colored walls and floor, bright blue armchair on carpet, coffee table and vertical mock up poster.

Peach on peach? It may seem like it’s overkill, but the truth is that it’s a very chic way to add a little bit of unified charm to your home. The cool thing about matching curtains to your walls is that it helps make a small room larger, especially if it’s a lighter peach. 

If you want to match peach curtains to peach walls, make sure you have a plan in mind. While this can add a lot of continuity to your home, too much of one color can make your home look a bit strange. Your best bet is to add a focal point or two in a contrasting color. 

12. Terra Cotta

Empty banner in the waiting room interior with two armchairs, dark coffee table, lamp, rug and grey decor devider. Red walls, curtains and sideboard at the back. Mockup.

If you are a fan of the monochromatic look, then look no further than terra cotta curtains. Terra cotta is a color that is very close to peach but just a bit darker and a bit closer to red. This gives this particular pairing a cohesive yet at the same time, striking look. 

Adding terra cotta curtains to a peach room adds a warm, often feminine touch. If you’re opting for a more unisex look, then the best thing you can do is accent it with turquoise, gold, or even a mint green.

Regardless of what other colors you choose to accent this look, it’s safe to say you’ll have a gorgeous southwestern twist to your home.

Feeling Inspired Yet?

The cool thing about having peach walls is that you can dial up the warmth as you wish. Peach, when paired with something contrasting, can become a perfect statement wall.

When paired with a member of the red family, you end up with a super warm, super inviting room that puts you at ease. With greys, peach turns into a surprisingly masculine color. 

When picking your curtain colors, don’t forget to think about the overall effect you want to achieve. With a little care, you’ll make your room look amazing. 

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