What Color Siding Goes With Driftwood Shingles

Driftwood is a popular roof color. If you're doing a driftwood roof project and wondering what color siding goes with it, we researched the top color siding for driftwood shingles.

When it comes to roof projects, use subtle yet appealing colors. Subtle roof colors are natural and don't dazzle or blind the eyes when exposed to the sun. These most popular colors of siding for driftwood shingles are the following:

  • Beige siding
  • White siding
  • Cream-colored siding
  • Brick siding 
  • Traditional cedar siding

These siding colors work well with driftwood shingles, creating a classy and traditional roofing style. If you want to learn more about the driftwood shingles and the siding color that matches them, keep reading this post as we go through your options.

Collaged photo of different sidings of house siding, What Color Siding Goes With Driftwood Shingles

Five Siding Colors That Go With Driftwood Shingles

Driftwood is a calming yet strong cool greenish-gray that subtly attracts attention. It's a perfect neutral color that draws its inspiration from nature. The mellow green-gray of driftwood has the same natural shade as a willow tree. 

Black shingle roofing of a two story mansion with cream trims, stone veneers and blue tint on the windows

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If you plan to use this kind of roof color, be sure it fits with the overall outlook of your house. Your house design should have a sensation of being non-conventional to a modern home today. 

Classy White Siding

A two story house with green vinyl siding, white trims and shingle roofing

For homes, white is a trendy color. A house painted in this color is neutral, fresh, and neat. According to a recent study, white and grey are the two most frequently suggested siding colors for homes sold.

Cream-colored Siding

Brown vinyl siding with cream trims of a house with gray shingle roofing

White paired with yellow makes a lovely combination of the color cream. The cream has a gentle tone with a soft appearance which is different from beige or tan.

Cream, frequently referred to as a pastel version of yellow, has a delicate appearance, making it a fantastic choice for homes with a cozy atmosphere.

Brick Siding 

A brick chimney of a house with clay tile roofing

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Brick has always been a popular choice for home exteriors. It can cover a house's full facade, roof covering, or highlight the stairs or base. It can be partnered with driftwood color since it gives a historical outlook to your home.

Red, white, tan, brown, orange, gray, or black are standard brick colors, and there are numerous sub-variations of each of these colors and a vast range of shapes and cuts.

You can choose these variations as long as you are careful when choosing a color that fits your driftwood shingles.

Traditional Cedar Siding

Huge two story mansion with wooden sidings and shingle roofing

Red or white cedar, both of which are indigenous to the United States, is used to make cedar siding, a type of natural wood siding.

As one of the more resilient natural woods, it is a preferred choice for usage in home construction. Horizontal lap panels, shingles, or shakes are popular types of cedar siding.

Cedar siding is durable and aesthetically pleasing. However, it can be very expensive and requires a lot of upkeep. Most people who prefer cedar choose it for the wood's beauty rather than the cost or upkeep. 

Advantages Of Driftwood Shingle

Due to the fine sand composition in driftwood shingles, it reflects sunlight and saves thermal energy. The typical lifespan of a roof in Texas is between 18 and 20 years. These shingles are well-liked for their colors and are excellent for building old-fashioned houses.

Different Kinds Of Driftwood Shingles

Below are two popular driftwood shingles being used today.

Oakridge Driftwood Shingles

One of the top shingles that is well-liked by homeowners is Oakridge driftwood. Oakridge driftwood shingles provide a warm, welcoming appearance with traditional colors for your roof.

Oakridge shingles are an improvement above conventional 3-tab shingles in that they are made to deliver years of enduring performance and stunning beauty. 

The benefits of this kind of driftwood shingle include resistance to high winds and a long-lasting stain and algae resistance.

Timberline HD Driftwood Shingles

Another type of well-liked roof shingle is Timberline HD Driftwood, which will keep your house safe and maintain its beauty for years to come.

Utilizing these driftwood shingles can protect your house from such natural phenomena as strong winds and algae.

When choosing between light and dark shingles, you are also considering the lifespan of your roof. Both light and dark shingles function in their unique way. 

Light shingles can give your roof and overall home interior a cool temperature and offer benefits such as energy saving and a stylish aura. Meanwhile, dark shingles offer you an inexpensive material yet conventional feeling. 

Detailed discussion is provided below with the difference between light and darker shingles:

Lighter Shingles

Panels painted white and extremely light gray are used to create light shingles. Darker siding hues complement the bright shingles beautifully and go well with light shingles.

Utilizing light-colored shingles has some energy-saving advantages. Dark shingles easily absorb sunlight, whereas lighter shingles don't. Light shingles deflect the sunlight away from your home, causing your home interior to become cooler.

This prolongs the lifespan of the shingles and keeps homes cool during hot weather. Homeowners who have light-colored shingles will have reduced energy costs. 

Dark Shingles

When we talk about "dark shingles," we're talking about the conventional grays, which you can see in many homes merely by strolling down the street. They are simple to make, typically very inexpensive, and protect your roof with the traditional asphalt coating.

Unfortunately, dark shingle rooftops pose a problem on warm days. They have a propensity to absorb heat quickly during the hot season. Your house or attic absorbs warm temperature through the roof. It may result in undesirable moisture problems in the attic.

This additional heat within the property might make it challenging to cool it, resulting in increased energy costs over time. 

What Color Roof Shingles Last The Longest?

As stated above, lighter shingles are more efficient because they last longer by reflecting light instead of absorbing it.

This means that light-colored roof panels don't easily absorb heat, which can cause your roof to look old. Material like this protects your roof and house from short-term or long-term damage from sun exposure.

Difference Between Driftwood Shingles And Weathered Wood Shingles

The most typical hue for residential roofs is weathered wood. It roughly resembles an old cedar shingle in terms of color. Although there are many other shades of aged wood, weathered wood predominates among roof shingle hues in the United States.

Weathered wood and driftwood are extremely comparable. Both hues are a mixture of brown and grey. However, driftwood has more grey overtones with scattered brown flecks, while aged wood has more brown highlights.

Weathered wood is slightly lighter than driftwood, which has a more unified appearance. Your home's design and particular preferences will ultimately determine whether you choose weathered wood or driftwood.

The Difference Between Wood Shingles And Wood Shakes

Driftwood shingle roofing

Wood shingles have a smooth, consistent appearance across each plate and over the entire roof. This results from the conventional production process, which involves sawing individual cedar shingles from a single block of wood.

Meanwhile, wood shakes are typically hand split, producing a coarser grain and polish. This appearance shows a lack of consistency across each shaking and covering of the whole roof.

Compared to wood shakes, wood shingles are thinner. They are cut, tapered, and sawn smooth on both sides. Both the roofs and the sidewalls are made of them and have a customized aspect.

Roof Maintenance

Driftwood shingle roofing with mold growing on the sides

Roof maintenance is important for giving your roof its long-term value. You can keep shingles in better condition by removing stains and moss.

Harmful microbial expansions are the reason for the darkness, streaks, and green stains on the shingles that can cause your roof to deteriorate. A mild cleaning product with long-lasting preservation qualities can make your roof last for years. 

Due to their innate tendency to rot, wood roofs require extensive care and maintenance. Roof cleaning services could potentially remove the natural resins of your wood roof.

This substance naturally protects your roof from rot damage. Remember that natural roof cleaning products are available for purchase.

In addition, there are roof restoration services offered in your local area. They can provide your roof with safe and reliable maintenance services if you still want to prolong the lifespan of your roof.


Collaged photo of different sidings of house siding

When choosing a color siding for your roof, consider the helpful benefits of the color to your driftwood shingles. It should give the same old-fashioned sensation as the driftwood shingles.

You can choose between beige, white, cream, brick, or traditional cedar siding. 

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