What Curtains Go With Teal Walls?

Teal walls are unique on their own. Depending on the shade they come in, they either have a refreshing coastal look or a deep and classic look that gives the room a strong character.

Pairing them with a curtain that complements teal’s shade can be challenging, and it’s tempting to go with neutral colors. But is that our only option? What other curtain colors go with teal? We have researched this and have some ideas to share.

When seeing what curtains pair well with teal, neutrals such as beige, white, or grey are the safest picks. But other colors can also make the room look vibrant and cohesive simultaneously.

Here are other colors you can try:

  1. Russet
  2. Pastel yellow
  3. Mustard yellow
  4. Light blue
  5. Sunset ombre
  6. Periwinkle
  7. Teal ombre
  8. Matching teal
  9. Blush pink

The key to having a cohesive space is ensuring all the colors work together to create balance. The colors shouldn’t clash, and the combinations shouldn’t be visually overwhelming.

The curtains are one of the most significant pieces in a room, so they must complement your walls. Keep reading below to learn more about how each color works with teal walls.

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What Curtains Go With Teal Walls?

Rich-hued interiors can be challenging to pick colors for. Unlike neutral interiors, you’ll need to be careful not to make the room cramped and awkward or visually overwhelming.

The curtain color you pick will ultimately determine the aesthetic of your room, so choose the colors that best represent your style.

When experimenting with colors, go with complementary or analogous colors to create balance in the room. However, if you’re unsure which colors to pick, you can always opt for neutrals–you can never go wrong with them.

Here are colors you should try pairing with your teal walls.

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1. Beige

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Beige curtains balance out the rich tones of teal, and they blend seamlessly with any shade.

They create a lovely contrast with dark teal walls making the room feel brighter while emphasizing the coastal feel of light teal walls.

Beige is also a visually warmer alternative to stark white curtains. They don’t show dirt and specks of dust easily, so they are relatively low-maintenance.

Beige curtains are also aesthetically versatile and can be used on any occasion.

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2. White

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Crisp white curtains are a tried and true design solution that can easily complement any wall color, including teal walls.

White curtains can make light teal walls look whimsically tropical, especially those layered with sheer white fabric.

When paired with dark teal walls, it adds a sense of lightness to the room and makes it look more inviting.

One downside of white curtains is they can easily expose specks of dirt, so it’s best to layer the curtains with sheer white material.

If you want the white curtains to be made with heavier material, make sure you have the time to clean them regularly since the smallest dirt could ruin their look.

3. Grey

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Grey is another neutral color you can try to incorporate into your teal interior. Usually, grey gives off a modern, industrial, and masculine appeal that can add a sense of structure to the room.

Grey curtains are also aesthetically versatile, although they have a reputation for looking too plain and drab. You can opt for the patterned grey fabric to make things more visually interesting.

Geometric patterns pair with grey well. You can also try layering grey curtains with other colors for dimension and to make the curtains look less plain.

4. Russet

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Russet, or shades of deep brown and orange, complement teal well. They add a classic and elegant look to the room, creating a timeless interior with a balance of color.

Russet-colored curtains can also inject warmth into the room. It adds character, and the play of colors will look beautiful, especially when it’s hit by natural light.

These curtains pop best when paired with darker shades of teal, but they also add dimension and contrast to light teal walls.

Make sure to incorporate accents that blend with the atmosphere that teal and russet evoke, such as rich velvet, silk, and wood.

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5. Pastel Yellow

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Pastel yellow pairs best with light teal walls since it blends with the coastal vibe of the interior. Yellow also makes the room feel brighter and warmer, and the shade won’t be too sharp if you prefer lighter colors.

Pastel yellow also adds a whimsical appearance to the interior. This is ideal if you want a softer look and something brighter to balance the teal walls.

Pastel yellow curtains add soft contrast to the interior for darker teal colors, creating a balanced and aesthetically versatile look that can fit any season.

6. Mustard Yellow

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Mustard yellow could satisfy your eyes if you want a starker color and a sharper contrast. The complementary colors create a balanced look, and the shade of the curtains injects vibrance into the teal-dominated room.

Light teal can also pair well with mustard yellow. The darker shade of the curtain blends with the refreshing tropical vibe of teal, and the darker shade adds dimension and character to the room.

On the other hand, dark teal walls paired with mustard yellow create a lovely color block that can also give the room an artistic flair.

You can try incorporating other complementary colors into the large furniture for a more vivid look.

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7. Light Blue

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Light blue curtains will seamlessly blend with any shade of teal. It creates a monochromatic look for light teal interiors, and they add soft contrast to dark teal walls.

If you want a monochromatic look, ensure the curtain has a visually stimulating texture to avoid a plain and boring look in your interior.

If the fabric is plain, you can layer it with sheer in a similar light blue color to add dimension and texture. You can also play with other shades of blue to make the curtains more appealing.

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8. Sunset Ombre

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Sunset ombre paired with dark teal walls is reminiscent of Tuscan-inspired designs. The pairing has a tropical and unique ambiance that can make a room feel inviting and warm.

You can opt for heavy drapery or sheer or create a layered look to add dimension to the interior.

This curtain also blends well with lighter shades of teal. It will make the interior look refreshing, giving off a beach vibe that you can accentuate with rustic decorations.

Incorporate warm lighting into the space to complete the look and to make the room feel like an exotic escape.

9. Periwinkle

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Periwinkle curtains make your teal interior more youthful and inviting. They add a whimsical appeal to the room, and the colors complement well.

Periwinkle curtains pop better when paired with light teal walls, while it softens the look of dark teal interiors.

10. Teal Ombre

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If you want to match the color of your curtains to the walls but do not want a monochromatic look, go with teal ombre curtains.

They are visually appealing by themselves and can instantly add personality to a space.

You can DIY using teal paint and white curtains to have your personal touch on the design, or you can purchase them to save time and energy.

11. Matching Dark Teal

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A matching dark curtain will make them seem like an extension of the walls.

It will make the interior effortlessly elegant and cohesive, but make sure to pepper the room with vibrant accents of silver and gold to avoid a cramped look in your space.

As with any monochromatic look, try incorporating layers or texture into the curtains to add character and dimension to the design.

12. Blush Pink

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Go with pink curtains if you want to inject a feminine flair into a teal room. They will instantly soften dark teal interiors and blend with the refreshing look of light teal walls.

Blush pink curtains also have a whimsical and youthful appeal that can soften the look of an interior.

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Final Thoughts

photo of a teal wall of the bed room, teal bed sheet, nice curtain, brown pillow, round bed side table

Teal interiors have a rich tone that can soften or emphasize by curtains. Choosing the right curtains depends on your style, so make sure you follow the design you want to narrow down your choices.

Good luck with your decorating journey, and have fun!

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