Where To Place A Dressing Table In The Bedroom [5 Great Ideas!]

Considering purchasing that dressing table you’ve had your eye on? Adding this handy piece of furniture to your home is a great way to solidify a uniform morning dressing routine. The ability to have all of your hair and makeup accessories in one convenient location will speed up your processes, saving you a lot of time. We reviewed numerous interior design ideas for the bedroom to determine where you should place a dressing table in this room of your home.

Dressing tables are smaller furniture pieces and are not meant to have the room arranged around them. If you have an open area against a wall or in a corner, this would be an ideal location. Should you have a master bathroom adjacent to the bedroom, a spot closest to this doorway would be even better, as you will have a sink nearby.

Now that you have a better idea of where to place your dressing table in your bedroom, we’ll get into some examples of how others have accomplished this. You might also be wondering the best ways to keep dressing tables tidy or if you should use your dressing table as a desk. To see what our findings have revealed, read ahead in this post.

Gray dresser against a light gray wall, minimalist style, clean tabletop, Where To Place A Dressing Table In The Bedroom [5 Great Ideas!]

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Placement ideas for your dressing table

Let’s look at some examples of how different people placed their dressing tables in their homes’ bedrooms. 

Near the Window

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Classic dresser style art deco near the window, light bulbs around the mirror of a dresser

This homeowner decided to place their dressing table against the wall, near a window. This will allow for natural light to aid in the morning routine. 

Maximize Wall Space

Scandinavian master bedroom interior design, with all furniture pieces manufactured from solid oak, wooden dresser against the wall to maximize wall space

The inhabitant of this bedroom decided to place their dressing table against the wall, nearest to a chest of drawers. Note how this placement keeps the dressing table’s user out of their partner’s way, making the room flow much easier.

Corner Seat

Old fashion vanity table in bedroom, corner seat style dresser

If you have a smaller bedroom or lack available space for other reasons, you can mimic this homeowner’s idea. As you can see, they used a smaller style dressing table and placed it out of the way in the bedroom’s corner.

Multitask Seating in Small Bedrooms

Light blue bedroom with dresser and vanity mirror opposite the bed

Another option, for those with limited space, opt to do as this woman has done and set the dressing table at the foot of her bed. This eliminates the need for a stool and takes up a minimal amount of room.

Near the En-suite Bathroom

Black chair in a dresser beside a bathroom

As you can see in the background, this woman has chosen to place her dressing table close to her master bathroom.

What is a dressing table used for?

Cosmetics on a dressing table with a large mirror and a wooden chair

Dressing tables are used for a variety of things. Many people sit at them in the morning while getting ready for their workday, making this furniture piece an integral part of the daily routine. A dressing table is a place to brush, curl, and style hair. It’s also a place to apply or remove makeup.

Many dressing table designs are outfitted with numerous drawers and ample space on the tabletop. The drawers are perfect for storing all of the items you deem essential to your own personal beauty routine. Makeup, brushes, curling irons, and scores of other items and products are easily stored in a dressing table so that you have everything you need at close reach.

Can you use a dressing table as a desk?

With more and more people working full-time or part-time from home, you might be weighing your options when it comes to having your dressing table double as a desk. Is this manageable? Yes, with a few considerations.

Dressing table size

Young female university student writing notes and working on a computer while studying at a desk at home

The size of the dressing table is a major one at play here. For a dressing table to be used comfortably as a desk, you’ll want one that is at least 20 inches deep. This will allow for enough room for you to have a desktop monitor and still leave enough space for a keyboard and mouse.

If you’re using a dressing table as a desk, it’s a lot easier if you have a laptop. This type of computer can be stowed away quickly so that you have all of the space back for your dressing table needs.

Dressing table design

The design of the dressing table is another factor to consider. If you need a desk with storage space, you will want a dressing table with plenty of drawer space. Having enough drawers for your cosmetic needs as well as your home office needs is doable, but it will require the right design.

Comfortable seat

If you are planning to be seated at your makeshift desk for hours at a time, you will want to be comfortable. Be sure that the seat you have won’t be murder on your back or legs and will accommodate your body during the workday. Many of the seats that come with dressing tables are not ideal for long term sitting, so you may consider purchasing a different one.

Dressing table Lighting

Finally, consider the lighting. If you have a lighted mirror with bulbs that protrude from it, this might limit the amount of accessible desk space. Additionally, you might quickly find out that the lighting used for dressing tables isn’t ideal lighting to do office work beneath. 

The bottom line here is to be very selective in what design you purchase. If you want a dressing table to double as a desk during work hours, then pick a dressing table that has proper depth, a comfortable seat, plenty of storage space, and better lighting options.

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How do you keep your dressing table tidy?

If you are using your dressing table once or twice a day, it can be something that becomes cluttered rather quickly. What’s the best way to keep my dressing table tidy? Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to store your makeup, jewelry, and hair accessories that might otherwise be found strewn about on the tabletop. We’ve selected some of the most popular ones and listed them below:

Jewelry organizers

A good jewelry organizer will not only keep your pieces in one spot but also help to declutter your dressing table. These are made in various styles and sizes, but you can find many that will fit on top of your dressing table or fit snugly into one of its drawers.

To view this jewelry organizer on Amazon, click here.

Makeup caddies

A makeup caddy will help keep your dressing table neat and clutter-free. This handy storage device typically has drawers of assorted sizes, making it easy to separate and organize all of your makeup. 

To view this makeup caddy on Amazon, click here.

To view this makeup caddy on Amazon, click here.

Hair tool organizers

Finally, you can keep all of your hair tools neat and in one place with a hair tool organizer. A good design will allow you to store brushes, combs, curling irons, scissors, and the rest of the things you need to make your hair styled.

To see this brand of hair tool organizer on Amazon, click here.

In Closing

Dressing tables can be placed along almost any wall of your bedroom, but having it close to the master bath, if applicable, is ideal. Just remember that it’s meant to be an accessory piece and shouldn’t have the rest of the room arrangement designed around it.

People use dressing tables for a lot of things, but primarily for making our daily grooming routines easier and more uniform. While some designs are not suited for being used as a desk, you will find many that offer the tabletop space and the storage for this purpose. Keeping your dressing table neat and tidy is easier if you purchase storage bins and caddies for your makeup, hair tools, and jewelry.

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