11 Timeless Porch Column Ideas

Porch columns have long been a timeless piece of exterior decor that bring unmatched value to a home. Columns not only serve as a critical architectural component but also as a classy aesthetic accent.

There is a wide variety of porch columns, from conventional tall round ones to short square stone-wrapped columns. If you're building a home, there is certainly a porch column variation that will make your home look amazing. 

However, it can certainly be difficult to decide what column style will best suit your home. After all, if you're building a home, column choice is a decision that isn't exactly easy to undo. 

But fear not, because we created a list of 11 porch column ideas to help you decide what style is right for you. Without further ado, let's get into it, shall we?

New luxury home exterior patio and front door with arch and columns, 11 Timeless Porch Column Ideas

1. Two-Story Porch Columns

Beautiful southern home with an elegant front porch

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Columns that extend beyond the first floor add significant aesthetic value to a home; such a design is captivating and awe-inspiring, to say the least. 

The columns on this house are square with detailed trim pieces that give each column more dimension. The columns wrap around the home, creating a wraparound porch with a beautiful open concept. And lastly, the geometry of these columns also supports this house's Americana vibe. The American flag on the column contributes greatly to this classic American aesthetic. 

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2. Square Columns With Protruding Roof Covering

Luxury real estate entrance porch with brick trim

This house features two short square columns that support a section of the roof that covers the porch. From an architectural standpoint, this use of columns is great, as it provides a small covering for the porch without requiring the main section of the roof to be extended. 

Square columns look clean and crisp, and they are a great choice for a home that has many angular geometric facets, like this one. 

3. Columns With Classical Inspiration

White front door of house with columns

This column style hails from the Classical period. There's certainly a reason that this style has remained popular throughout history; the design is fairly simple, but the recessed grooves that run up the columns add some texture and visual depth to the columns, resulting in a gorgeous architectural wonder. 

This column style is a great choice for houses with a lighter exterior color scheme. 

4. Back Porch Entertainment Area

Modern patio overlooking pool

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Who says that columns have to be limited to the front of a house? These columns make for a gorgeous and functional addition to this home. From an aesthetic standpoint, these square columns fit in seamlessly with the overarching geometric style. 

From a functional standpoint, the columns create an open concept entertainment area; without their structural support, a wall would be required. Consider strategically using columns in lieu of walls to make the most of the space. 

5. Rotunda-Style Porch 

Round porch with flowers

Incorporating columns in your home design is a great way to create round rotunda-style spaces that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. The use of columns here creates an open patio with significant visual and functional value. These round columns blend seamlessly with the exterior of this classic Americana home.

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6. Wraparound Columns 

Front porch of a luxury estate home

This house features several round tapered white columns that line the patio. These columns are the perfect size; they function as accent pieces on the exterior without necessarily being the visual focal point.

This design highlights the fact that a line of exterior columns doesn't have to be straight; these columns curve, creating a soft, gentle aesthetic. Additionally, these columns don't run all the way to the ground but rather rest on the small stone wall that runs around the patio. 

7. Short Square Front Porch Columns

New luxury home exterior patio and front door with arch and columns

The front of this home is adorned with two columns that support a small arch. These columns are square, and they are quite thick. The wooden portion of the columns doesn't run all the way to the ground but rather it meets a thick square stone base. 

An amazing aesthetic is created by the columns' white and gray contrast. The small trim accents on the columns also match the window trim on the exterior of the house, making for a seamless and unified look.

8. Stone-Wrapped Square Columns

Spacious open porch with stone walls

In reality, columns can be entirely wrapped in stone. This style is certainly less common, but the visual impact is sublime. The gray stone that wraps the columns matches the stone on the rest of the exterior, creating a cohesive aesthetic. 

These large square columns support the overhanging portion of the roof, creating a gorgeous stone porch with an open view. 

9. Large Square Front Porch Columns

A concrete walkway bordered with hedged shrubs leads to the front door of a home

This is another home that features two large, robust columns that line the front porch. These columns look crisp behind the front hedges, and they perfectly complement the white door and window trim pieces. This particular column style exudes class and sophistication.

10. Stone And Wood Front Porch Columns

Stone and wood front porch entryway to upscale country house with open front door and paving stone driveway

No rustic-style home is complete without accompanying stone and wood front porch columns. This style of column perfectly represents what aesthetic you can expect to encounter as soon as you enter the home. The stone and wood color look warm and inviting. 

11. Classic Circular Front Porch Columns

Doorway to home with two white columns and stone front

This style of a column is one of the most classic porch column looks. The columns feature clean lines, a timeless white color, and just the right amount of detail at the top and bottom of each post. The door also stands out in this design due to the detail of the white trim.

In Closing

We hope this guide has given you some creative porch column inspiration. Porch columns are a great idea, and they'll certainly help boost your home's aesthetic. Before you go, be sure to check out these other guides that might be of interest to you:

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