11 Awesome 10×12 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Designing a smaller bedroom space can be a challenge without some inspiration. Are you looking for a clean, modern area or a perfect one-of-a-kind bedroom only you could imagine? We are also very curious and have done some research into this topic. Let’s discuss.

Choosing to decorate your bedroom with items you love can make your space feel personalized and well put together. Working with a smaller space can bring unique challenges to the design process but, in the end, can look amazing. We recommend going with smaller furniture and accessorizing your room with art and greenery to open it up and give it a high-end final look. 

As we dive right in, we will be sharing our top 11, 10×12 bedroom ideas and even suggest some products to help you achieve these styles. Just because your bedroom is smaller does not mean it has to lack style and decor. With that being said, let’s find you the perfect bedroom layout idea!

A bedroom interior with wooden furniture, 11 Awesome 10x12 Bedroom Layout Ideas

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1. Soft Neutral Palette

Our first 10×12 bedroom idea is a more soft neutral design using wood and light colors. This bedroom has a light and welcoming energy that we love and uses antique wood decor throughout. We especially like the vanity area that has a rounded mirror and matching rustic chair.

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bedroom interior with wooden furniture

TinyTimes 23.63″ Rounded Wood Mirror

Here we have a rounded natural wood mirror from the TinyTimes brand that will look great in your bedroom. This mirror can be mounted to your wall and weighs about ten pounds. View it on Amazon here.

2. Bright Seaside Getaway

ceiling fan and coffered ceiling are examples of decorative additions to this bedroom

The next room we have to share is a beachside-inspired space that looks super comfortable. This bedroom chose to go with a white-washed wood theme and tan bedding that complement each other well. Adding a small seating area to your bedroom is a great way to add space and make your room feel larger.

3. Dramatic Modern

modern style bedroom interior design

This 10×12 bedroom is a modern and dramatic room using LED lights. This bedroom did a great job using the space to its best advantage and made it feel like a five-star hotel. Decorating your bedroom with art and adding a stylish ottoman is a great way to class your room up.

HUIMO 51″ Tufted Ottoman With Storage

Here we have a tufted ottoman from HUIMO that will add a touch of glamour to your space. This ottoman even comes with a removable top and can store any extra items you may have around your bedroom. Follow this link to Amazon to view it.

4. Fun Pillows And Greenery

Interior of modern light bedroom with colored pillows on bed

Next, we have a small bedroom idea using fun, colorful pillows and a potted plant. The pop of color on the bed using the throw pillows draws the eye and makes this room feel cozy and livable. Placing a tree or plant in your bedroom is another great way to make it feel bigger and add some much-needed greenery. 

Goplus 6’Artificial Silk Ficus Tree

Here is a potted artificial silk ficus tree from Goplus that is perfect for your bedroom. This tree comes in a decorative pot and promises to look realistic without needing any water or maintenance. View it on Amazon by following this link.

5. Big City Polka Dots

Creative female bedroom

Another fun way to decorate 10×12 bedrooms would be polka dot bedsheets and a wall decal. This room has an effortless design and follows a black and white color scheme that we are loving. The furry area carpet is a nice touch to add to the wood floor and ties the space together.

Tangsoo Premium Soft Faux Fur Area Rug

Here is a furry area rug from the Tangsoo Shop that will get your room feeling chic. This rug is made from premium faux fur and comes in a few different sizes. View it on Amazon here.

6. Bright And Cheery Childs Room

teenager bedroom interior

The next 10×12 bedroom idea we have is a bright and cheery child’s room that will make anyone smile. This bedroom has a fun gold dotted wallpaper and chose to go with a starry night theme. The soft colored sheets and gender-neutral decor make this room a great idea for expecting parents who may not want to impose any specific colors in the space.

Novelty Place Star Marquee Night Light

Here is a star-shaped marquee night light that will go great in a child’s bedroom. This light operates on LED bulbs to prevent overheating and keep your child safe. Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

7. European Natural Look

 Scandinavian bedroom interior design

Our next room to share has a more woodsy modern European vibe and is an excellent example of a 10×12 layout. The pale blue accent wall behind the bed and in the doorway makes this room pop and feel well designed. Adding a quirky sculpture or piece of art to your bedroom is a great way to add charm and individuality to your space.

8. Down To Earth

Patterned blanket on wooden bed in grey bedroom interior with plants and posters

Next, we have a natural feeling bedroom space that has tons of plants and character. Decorating a 10×12 bedroom with smaller decor and furniture is a good way not to cramp the room. We especially like how this bedroom chose to go with natural wood and fun plant-based bedding.

9. Dark Wood Decor

Cozy modern bedroom interior with bed

Another idea we have for your bedroom layout would be a dark wood concept similar to this. Choosing a particular color and style of wood and sticking with it can give your room a well-planned and coordinated feel.

10. Boho Paradise

Modern boho interior of bedroom with wicker baskets, wooden bench and screen

Following a more earthy and laid-back theme, we have this boho 10×12 bedroom to show you. Bohemian design is trendy in homes across the world and has such a recognizable look to it. We want to point out the various wicker baskets and bamboo divider that makes this room feel right out of a magazine.

11. Contemporary Blush

Amaranth pillow and dirty orange bedding on king size bed

Finally, we have a modern blush-themed bedroom that is one of our favorites on the list. Going with a smaller bed in a 10×12 room is a great way to open up your space and allow other areas to shine. We want to point out how this room went with a tall standing mirror that looks amazing in the space.

ABZQH Full-Length Floor Mirror

Here is a beautiful floor-length mirror we found from ABZQH that will be perfect in your bedroom. This mirror measures 63 x 15.7 inches and comes in both brushed silver and black. Click this link to view it on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the layout in a 10×12 bedroom, we have learned that less is always more. Working with a smaller-sized bedroom has its fair share of takeaways, but it can turn out stunning with the right furniture and decor. From what we noticed in our list of rooms, adding a small seating area can do wonders for your space. Another great detail to consider in your room would be greenery and fun, vibrant pillows to add a little color. No matter your style or budget, your 10×12 bedroom just needs a little charm.

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