11 Types Of Picture Hangers

Displaying pictures in your home is the perfect way to create personalized decor. You can hang artwork that coordinates with your style or showcase family photos. There are many hardware choices available for hanging your pictures. Your hardware choice will depend on the item you are hanging and the type of wall material it will be mounted on.

We've done all the research for you on various types of picture hangers. Continue reading to learn more and find out which hardware is best suited for your picture. 

11 Picture Hanging Hardware Selections

1. Saw Tooth

Sawtooth hangers are a very common way to hang pictures. Many picture frames will come with this type of hanger already installed on the frame. These work best on lighter frames because if the frame is too heavy, the hanger can pull away from the frame, causing it to detach.

To use a sawtooth hanger, screw the hanger hardware onto the center of the back of your picture frame. Then, place a nail in the wall where you wish to hang the picture. The sawtooth piece catches on the nail allowing you to straighten and hang your picture. Sawtooth hangers create a bump-out between the picture and the wall.

Saw Tooth

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2. Monkey Hooks

Monkey hooks are easily installed and come in various sizes to hold more or less weight. They leave only a tiny hole after they are removed. When using a monkey hook, you'll insert the straight end completely into the wall leaving only the hooked end to hang your picture on.

If you are using these with plaster walls, you may need a small drill to create a hole. When using with drywall, they are easily inserted without additional tools. 

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Monkey Hooks

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3. Wall Anchors

Hole in the wall, screw and dowel for fixing in concrete. Wall mounting methods

Wall anchors provide a good option for heavier pictures. The wall anchor must be drilled into the wall. A screw is then fitting into the anchor, providing a strong, stable hold. Anchors work well with plaster walls. These do require a few extra tools to install the anchor and leave a larger hole in the wall when the anchor is removed. 

4. Picture Hanging Hook

Picture hanging hooks are one of the most common ways to hang a picture. Mark where you'd like to hang your picture and use a hammer to tap the nail and hook onto the wall. These hooks are inexpensive and easily installed with just a hammer. If you are hanging a heavy item, you'll need to find a stud in your wall to attach the hook to. The length of the nail can be varied if needed.

5. French Cleat

French cleat hangers consist of two pieces. One-piece mounts to the back of the picture frame and the second piece to your wall. The two pieces slide together to hold your picture securely. French cleats work well on heavy and odd-shaped pictures. These hangers hold pictures very securely, and they will not sway after you mount them. 

6. Ring Hanger

Ring hangers may be found in various shapes. A triangle or a "D" shape is the most common. These hangers support larger amounts of weight and are great for heavier pictures. The hanger hardware is mounted to the back of the picture and then hung by a screw, hook, or nail placed in the wall where you'd like the picture to hang. 

7. D-Ring

D-ring hangers are commonly used on heavier items as they can support more weight. These can be used with hooks or nails. A D-ring hanger will allow your picture to lie flat against the wall. Attach the hanger to the picture frame using the small screws. The D-ring will attach to a screw, nail, or hook placed in the wall where you'd like the picture to hang. 

8. Screw Eyes

Stainless steel eye screw isolated on white background

Screw eyes are designed to be attached to the back of your picture frame and then attach the hanging wire to the other end. These are very popular types of picture-hanging hardware.

Screw eyes can create a point of weakness where it attaches to your picture frame. Narrow frames may develop a split in the wood where the screw attaches. Make sure that the screw eye is large enough to hold the picture you have chosen. If your screw has an overly small eye, the eye can break from the shaft during installation.

9. Picture Wire

Picture wires are generally used with a ring hanger. Place a ring hanger on each end of your picture and string the picture wire between the two rings creating a strand to hang your picture. Leave a bit of slack in the wire when placing it between the rings. 

10. Dual Head Picture Hangers

Dual head picture hangers are designed for use with sawtooth or ring style hardware. The nail portion creates minimal damage to the wall, while the head provides a strong and sturdy hold for your picture. 

11. Command Strips

Command strips are a genius invention that works extremely well for picture hanging. When using command strips, you can avoid damaging your wall and not need to place any holes in the wall. These strips come in various sizes and consist of two pieces: an adhesive strip and a velcro material.

You remove the backings and place one piece on your picture's back and the other on your wall. The two strips fasten together using velcro to hold your picture in place. To remove the strips, you pull them off the wall. These strips are designed to release easily without any damage to your wall.

Select the perfect picture hanging hardware for your display

Picture Hung on the wall with dog on the floor

Using the choices above, you can find the perfect hardware to mount your pictures. A careful selection of picture-hanging hardware will ensure a sturdy and reliable mount for your picture display. Consider the wall surface you'll be hanging your picture against and the amount of damage the hanging method will cause. Heavy pictures require additional precautions to ensure the hardware is sturdy enough to reliably hold the frame's weight without damage to the frame or wall. 

We've got a few more posts that will help you create beautiful photo displays for your home. Check out "How To Hang Art On Staircase Wall [Inc. Picture Arrangement Tips]" and "Should Picture Frames All Be The Same Color?" for more inspiration in displaying pictures. 

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