40+ Boho Bathroom Ideas [With Pictures!]

40+ Boho Bathroom Ideas [With Pictures!]

When you think of a boho, or bohemian, styled room, you wouldn't immediately think of a bathroom. Bathrooms are typically all porcelain and tile and fewer tapestries and rugs or macrame wall hangings and lush fabrics, right? True, but don't let that stop you! You can absolutely create a boho themed bathroom that satisfies your inner hippie by using:

  • Layering textiles in the form of bath mats, toilet covers, and towels can easily bring the cozy elements of boho design to your bath.
  • Bright, bold wallpaper or walls painted in jewel tones are also great for a bathroom designed with bohemian leanings.
  • Using patterns and designs from all over the world, as well as soft, natural lighting and plants, are sure to make a perfect boho retreat in your bathroom in no time.

Keep reading to check the amazing examples we've collected for you!

And if you need a refresher on Boho style in general, make sure to check out our thorough Boho Home Decor Guide too! (Don't worry, we'll link to it again at the end of this post, so you won't have to scroll all the way back up here).

40+ Boho Bathroom Ideas

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A bold and vibrant mix of colors and patterns is a huge part of the boho style, and this bathroom uses it perfectly. Patterned wallpaper, flooring, rugs, and a vanity stool mix and match to create that fun and eclectic look the boho design is so known for.

Boho enthusiasts love their plants, and this bathroom showcases them beautifully throughout the space. A mix of patterns in the tile and some more vintage touches in the artwork, clawfoot tub, and towel on the door, as well as the handmade look of the chair, complete the bathroom perfectly.

Soft, natural lighting is a huge staple in the boho style. This bathroom's use of candles as well as woven Roman shades on the windows is perfect for setting that relaxed feel while still adding in the bohemian vibe you love.

This bathroom uses patterns and woven baskets to showcase its bohemian leanings, as well as plants scattered throughout the large shower. The fun sign on the shower bench adds in that playful aspect boho lovers enjoy in their homes as well.

This bathroom showcases a mix of patterns in the towels, rug, and tile, as well as adds in some natural plant life in the corner of the tub. If you look closely you can also see the added cultural influences in the candle holders on the bath shelf.

This bohemian bathroom is bright and vibrant, using the curtain set and the rug as well as the 3-D art on the wall to add more colors and visual interest. A good amount of plant life around the tub finishes off the exotic retreat in this bathroom.

Heavy, lush, vintage fabrics and an antiqued chandelier work together to make this boho bath into something special. The mixed patterns and the unexpected metal of the tub fill out the room into a boho design dream space.

A boho bathroom is going to have its own personality, much like the one above. Plantlife rules the room and the quirky tile on the floor adds a playful element that's a staple in bohemian design, not to mention the open lean-to construction of the space that answers the more free and relaxed side of boho design.

This cute bathroom uses a galvanized metal tub for the focal point of the room and fills it out with a collection of potted plants, a staple for any boho vibe. The added mix of patterns from the tile to the curtain as well as the small chandelier make perfect additions that complete this space beautifully.

This is a relaxing space that adds boho accents beautifully and creates a charming design without making any major changes to the base of the room. The woven basket, rug, and plant hangings are great ways to include a bohemian vibe in a bathroom you may not be able to do much with, such as in an apartment or rental home.

You wouldn't normally go for black patterns on a bathroom floor, but that's what makes the boho design fun: the unexpected! The texture on the walls and the details on the fixtures as well as the lace curtains, and beaded light fixtures are awesome additions to this space.

Teal is such a fun color, and its playful look adds a lot to this boho bathroom. Using a lot of framed art to decorate the walls is also a great idea as it adds multiple colors and visual interest to the room, and the vanity and design of the mirror's frame are wonderful vintage touches.

The wallpaper used here has an Oriental vibe that's popular in boho designs. A modern transparent glass-framed round mirror is paired with the antiqued look of the vanity for a mix of styles that is a classic element in the boho design.

Morrocan style lanterns are huge in boho designs. This bathroom uses one as well as candles to create the soft mood lighting that's so popular in this style. The fun design of the mirror and the tiled ceiling also add to the Morrocan influences that are used throughout this bathroom.

Rugs layer and cover the floor in this bathroom as a staple for the boho design. Add in the luxurious tub with a velvet towel as well as the patterns contrasting on the wall, this bathroom flaunts all the classic elements of the boho design we love to see.

Middle Eastern styles feature heavily in this bathroom, which is classic in boho design. The arch of the doorway, the wooden detailing on the wall, and the gold accents throughout the room are all common elements found in rooms designed with the boho style.

This bathroom mixes large and small tiles on the flooring and wall in matching patterns as well as solid blue tiling on the tub and vanities to create the boho look of this space. The different colored glass on the mirrors only helps to enhance the playfulness in this bohemian styled bathroom.

The Morrocan print in the bowl of this sink combined with the bright and stainless fixture gives plenty of clues that this is definitely a boho bathroom. The sink pattern is borrowed from another culture, something common in bohemian style, and the artistic vibe, as well as the vibrant colors, in the dish are staples in this design theme.

The star patterns on the shower curtain create contrast resulting in visual interest with the green tile on the tub and the white tile in the shower. Additions of candles and plant life round out this peaceful and relaxing bohemian bathroom.

This bathroom borrows Middle Eastern vibes to create its bohemian look. The mirror above the tub, as well as the candle holder to the side, both display the cultural additions so popular in boho style as well as using the colors and designs iconic to this theme.

The plant holders hanging in this bathroom are a great choice for a boho style. The patterned bathroom backsplash and a tiny Buddha statue on the sink as well as plenty of plants and bright, bold colors create a wonderful bohemian look in this space.

Rough-hewn sinks and tub are great natural features for this boho bath. The contrasting patterns on the rug and the vintage fixtures complete the room and bring in the mix of colors, patterns, and cultural styles for a bohemian blend you can't resist.

A mix of patterns and designs in this bathroom are great additions to a bohemian theme. The bright white vanity and the design of the mirror and walls offer other boho elements, bringing together a laid back yet fun style.

This bathroom is a great example of boho style. Big plants, structures built from natural elements, influences in the overall design from tropical local, and an open-air space make for a boho bath paradise.

This space has great boho style showcased in the candle-like light fixture as well as the tile pattern of the shower. This ethnic pattern has Middle Eastern roots, likely in Morroco or India, a favorite in boho decor.

The owner of this bathroom turned to boho's bold and vibrant side. The bright colors complement each other and the watermarked look of the painting technique satisfies the artsy longings of boho design.

The mix of patterns in this bathroom is a classic boho feature, especially the tile that borrows a star pattern favored in Oriental designs. The owner also added plant life and natural lighting to round out the style of this space.

This bathroom has a combination of lanterns, wooden designs, plants, and light gauzy fabric to create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The use of these elements together makes for a classic neutral bohemian bathroom.

The bright tile colors in this bath create many patterns, fully embracing the bolder side of the boho style trend to create an energized and playful bathroom. While there's a lot of color at work in this room, they all complement each other, creating a flow rather than a clash. This is an essential technique for working with the brighter elements of the boho design.

The patterns in the wall that contrast with the tile on the floor make for great visual interest in this boho themed space. The tree in the corner, Morrocan influenced light fixtures, and the exotic vibe work together to finish off this bathroom in true bohemian style.

The black and white of this bathroom might not be bold or vibrant like some of the boho baths we've seen, but the mixture of patterns created makes a definite statement for this style. This space is finished off with soft candlelight and plenty of plants to bring a natural element to the room, a staple for this particular design theme.

Macrame hangings and curtains are a fun element in any room designed with bohemian influence, and this bath is no exception. When used in combination with the plant life and mirror display on the wall, this bathroom lands solidly in the boho style.

This neutral bath shows a playful side in the bold citrus print of the shower curtain. This plus the plant collection and subway tile as well as the vintage-looking fixture creates a sweet boho bathroom.

The natural elements of this bathroom are iconic in the bohemian style, as are the plants. The large plant in the corner of the tub is a great focus for the room. A fun collection of baskets hung gallery-style creates a great art display to round out the relaxed yet artsy vibe of this bath.

Bold colors catch the eye in this bathroom. You'll notice that although a lot of colors are used here, they work together in one cohesive flow, which is essential when embracing the more vibrant side of boho design.

Plants that hang from the ceiling are common features in any boho design. This bathroom combines them plus an ethnic rug to create a fun yet neutral spin on the style. Bright natural light and the vintage look of the vanity in this bathroom are perfect compliments to the boho vibe in this room.

This artistic bathroom set has a lot of bohemian influence. Vibrant colors that compliment each other and flow together in a mesmerizing fashion create a fun yet relaxed vibe perfect for any bathroom that wants to showcase a love for boho style.

Natural wooden elements and an abundance of plant life are great markers for the boho design in this bathroom. Bold blue tile and candle accents create the perfect finish in this space, which ensured the bohemian look the owner was aiming for.

Bright colors and bold patterns combine with layered textiles in this space to create a classic boho vibe. Ethnic-designed plates, a collection of plants, as well as the Oriental stork-themed wallpaper and the big plants, make this bathroom a boho lover's dream retreat.

A crocheted rug is the focal point in this bathroom. This handmade element plus the plant life that populates the room are iconic boho design elements. When this collection of elements is combined they create the perfect low-key bohemian getaway.

Plants from the ceiling to the floor bring the outdoors inside this bathroom, and the natural light finish off the more neutral aspects of the room. Bright green tile and a bright eye-catching bath mat, pay homage to the bolder and more vibrant side of boho, giving this bathroom a great balance.

A tribal print rug and contrasting patterns between the floor and shower tile are two great boho features that are found in this bathroom. More bohemian style is included in the wooden ladder that holds a big grey towel, which pulls in the natural elements that boho design loves to include.

This bathroom incorporates softer colors rather than the bold and vibrant we're used to with this design, but it still has plenty of boho style. A tribal print on the rug, woven clothes hamper, and bright flowers plus accents of silver pull off a soft and feminine version of the boho style in this bathroom.

A painted bath mat, fur rug and the wood cladding create a bohemian vibe. A mixture of textiles is a great addition to any boho space. In this bath, it's accomplished with the abstract-designed mat and the faux fur on the wooden bench.

A great piece of abstract art is the focal point of this bathroom, but don't let that distract you from all the great boho design going on elsewhere! A fun pattern in the tile contrasts the tribal look of the ladder and towel while staying complimentary with the use of the colors between the two. The woven llama basket in the upper corner and the plant, bring in the natural elements so loved in the boho design world.

A bold green accent wall is a great element in this boho bathroom, as is the vintage-looking framed map. A tribal print rug and a woven basket, finish off the room with classic boho design elements that make this a polished and well-designed space.

Boho Bathroom Style

As you can see, a bathroom designed with the bohemian style isn't as hard as you might initially think. Bright, bold colors or patterns are staples for this design so long as you make sure they flow well together rather than clashing.

Natural elements in the form of handmade furniture and an abundance of plants are great additions, and layering textiles throughout the bathroom's linens are a great way to replace those tapestries.

A boho bathroom doesn't have to be the stuff of your dreams. You can easily make it a reality and create a laid back retreat in your own home.

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