20 Must-Have Beach-Style Bathroom Decor Accessories

Spending a day at the beach is a magnificent experience. The bright sun, the smell of the ocean, the vibrant colors, and the gentle rustling of the seagrass can instill a sense of calm and serenity in the soul. It is only natural that a person might want to recreate that same sense of peace and joy in their home.

20 Must-Have Beach-Style Bathroom Decor Accessories

The bathroom is a great place to incorporate a beach theme. In fact, we have a post on Beach-themed bathroom decor ideas.  There are tons of great products from shower curtains to wall decor that can add a subtle beach influence or all-out beach nostalgia. Below are some of my favorites!

Beach-Themed Shower Curtains

One of the first things to catch the eye when you walk into a bathroom is the shower curtain. It is a large in-your-face canvas that can be used to set the tone for the whole room.

If you want to create a literal at the beach feeling, this shower curtain by Ambesonne might be just what you are looking for! It is a perfect picture of a crystal clear ocean day. You can almost imagine yourself there, strolling along the sand, with the water lapping at your feet!

Too literal for you? Looking for something that is more ocean-inspired to recreate the serene feeling of the coast without being so obvious? How about this nautical-inspired curtain from DS Bath? It's black and white color pattern can be used to add a hint of the sea to a sleek and modern room design.

How about a kid's bathroom? If your little one loves the ocean and all its creatures, this gorgeously-colored curtain might be just what you are looking for! This high-quality polyester shower curtain is mold and soap resistant, allowing for easy care. The images of adorable cartoon sea critters, including a dolphin, turtle, crab, and jellyfish, will entertain kids througout bath time.

Shower Curtain Accessories

If you like to keep it simple and clean, choose a plain colored curtain and add beach-inspired curtain hooks like these adorable seashell hooks. Paired with a simple white, blue, or gray curtain, these rings can up the beach feel without being overwhelming.

Make it more modern by choosing stainless steel seashell rings.

Beach-themed Bathroom Rugs

Rugs are often used to add a pop of color and visual interest to the bathroom while helping to protect the floors from water. They are a great way to add to the beach style of your room.

A commonly used pattern that evokes the beach is stripes. This Garland Rug in seafoam and white stripes alludes to a nautical feel, without being too obvious and over the top.

This pretty non-slip bath mat from Uphome features the image of teal wood scattered with seashells. It is microfiber memory foam and constructed to absorb water easily so it is perfect for the bath.

Beach Towels (Or at least beach-themed!)

Decorative towel sets can be found in a wide array of colorful patterns an designs. Your end design goal will ultimately make the determination for what you want to get for your bathroom.

For a Carolina Coastal beach vibe, these coral-colored towels are the perfect touch of color to add to a white, blue, or gray room bathroom. These towels are woven from 100% Turkish cotton for ultimate softness and water absorption.

Looking for something that is more of a decorative eye-catcher? Try an embroidered hand towel like this one from Bacova Guild. 

Crafted of soft white cotton with a charming beach themed design, this towel is part of a larger collection of decorative items that can be used to create a cohesive look. This collection includes matching bath mats, toothbrush holder, wastebasket, shower curtain rings and more!

Sink Accessories

Choosing accessories for you sink vanity is a perfect opportunity to add touches of the beach to your room. The toothbrush holder above is a perfect example of the sort of items that you can find, as well as lotion bottles, soap dishes or dispensers, and other items.

A lot of these types of items come in matching sets, like this 5 piece set. This is a perfect example of what you might want to add a little whimsical beach-like charm to your decor.

Another beautiful option is this set from Aduty. The pieces are made of hard to break acrylic and feature blue sea glass and shells molded inside the plastic. It is a great way to incorporate color into a more sedated room.

Wall Decor for a Beach-themed Bathroom

Colorful wall art, rustic signs, or photos can elevate a room's decor from ho-hum to outstanding. It is an opportunity to add personality to an otherwise bland space.

Look at this adorable wall hanging featuring sea turtles! This is a perfect alternative to framed art. It is made of lightweight cast iron and has hooks on the back for easy hanging.

Not a fan of sea turtles? A few black metal sandpipers can help to incorporate a subtle touch of the beach to a modern black and white bathroom.

This delightful wooden sign is a joyful reminder that "The Beach is My Happy Place"!

These pictures offer a window out on the beach from inside your home. Light a couple of sea scented candles and gaze at them as you imagine the sounds of waves crashing on the shore.

For a little something different incorporate a fun towel rack to your decor. Hand decorated with starfish, seagull, seashells and sand ornaments, hang it near the tub, or on the back of your bathroom door.

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Beachy Bric-A-Brac

It is the details that can make or break your beach aesthetic. Little touches are what gives your decor life and provides you with the chance to show off the things that you love.

Glass apothecary jars filled with sand and shells are a lovely decorative addition to a shelf or stand.

This wooden Ship's Wheel Jewelry Box could be used for a unique place to store bathroom items that you would prefer to keep out of site while contributing to the seaside theme.

No beach themed decor would be complete without seashells. A beautiful natural seashell or conch shell like this one are practically a requirement.

A Beautiful Retreat

As you can see there is a multitude of options available to help you design your perfect beach-themed escape. Take the time to choose items that you love and above all, have fun!

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