13 Awesome Boho Bedside Lamps for Chic Bedroom Design

Boho decor is full of rich textures, intricate patterns, and strong colors. These elements make boho style rooms warm and inviting, and the good news is that this is perfect for a bedroom! In this post, we'll show you some of our favorite boho-style bedside lamps so that you can bring some boho magic into your room with ease. Whether you choose to decorate the entire room in boho style or just add a subtle accent, these lamps will help you achieve your design goals.

13 Awesome Boho Bedside Lamps For Chic Bedroom Design

1. Bohemian Accent Table Lamp by 360 Lighting

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Add some colorful boho flair to your bedroom with this unique lamp. Teal is a popular color in boho style, especially when accented with other jewel tones like purple, red, and gold. But if teal isn't your taste, this lamp is also available with pink or purple shades paired with a multicolored base, or in solid white.

This lamp stands 21" tall with a lampshade that measures 9" x 9" x  5". The shade is made from fabric, while the multicolored base is made from glass. The lamp uses a 60-watt lightbulb and has an on/off switch located on the socket.

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2. BOSPHORUS Handmade Swan Neck Moroccan Mosaic Glass Bedside Lamp with Bronze Base by CopperBull

Boho style can have an exotic look, as though you just returned from a journey across the globe and decorated your home with the treasures you found. This lamp, with its intricate mosaic pattern and elegant swan neck, fits that description perfectly. Use it to transform your bedroom into an exotic boho sanctuary.

Available in several colors, including green, brown, and white, this lamp is 16.5" tall. The mosaic globe is 7" in diameter and is made from glass. The lamp is handmade in Turkey and requires an E12 Base candelabra bulb.

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3. Cactus Table Lamp by Dengbaba

Inspiration from nature is an important part of boho style and this lamp provides that, with a Southwestern twist. Pair it with rich, earthy colors and Southwestern patterns for a perfect desert-style boho bedroom.

This lamp sheds soft light with 25-30 watt bulbs. It's 14.9" tall with a rustic style 8.5" tall lampshade. The cactus-shaped base is made from high-quality, painted ceramic.

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4. Rattan Ball Moon Light Bedside Lamp by None

If you're trying to find a completely unique bedside lamp for your boho bedroom, this lamp is perfect! Place it on your bedside in the provided wooden stand, or hang it from the ceiling for a different look. The lines of rattan that make up the ball create interesting shadows on the walls and ceiling for a magical touch.

This lamp is 9.1  x  7.9  x  7.9", provides soft 3 watt light, and includes an LED bulb. The sturdy wooden base measures approximately 5.9".

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5. Gold Crystal Table Lamp by HAITRAL

This opulent lamp adds an elegant, luxurious look to your boho decor. As light passes through the crystal and gold shade, it provides the room with a golden glow. Creating an atmosphere with lighting is vital in boho style, and this lamp's warm light is ideal both for boho style and for a bedroom.

This petite lamp is 12.2  x 4.3  x  4.3” and is made from a combination of crystal beads and lightweight, high-quality metal. It supports up to a 60-watt bulb of almost any type, including halogen, incandescent, LED or CFL.

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6. Handmade Large Turkish/Moroccan/Tiffany/Bohemian Style Mosaic Lamp by LaModaHome

This elegant lamp adds an unmistakable touch of boho style to any bedroom. Pair it with opulent textures, patterns, and colors for a true boho look or add it to a monochromatic room for just a hint of boho style.

This lamp was handmade in Turkey from hand-cut beads and glass attached to the glass globe. It's 16.9" tall and requires an E12 bulb, which is included with the purchase.

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7. Reiner Modern Accent Table Lamp by 360 Lighting

For a more modern take on boho style, try this sleek, elegant lamp. Brushed steel is accented with the classic boho shade of teal to create a lamp that offers a subtle hint of boho to your decor.

Generously sized at 23" tall, this lamp includes a shade that is 11" x 12" x 10". It supports up to a 100-watt lightbulb and has an on/off switch on the socket.

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8. Swift Modern Mercury Glass Table Lamp by Rossini Euro Design

This sleek lamp includes rich patterns in the mercury glass base that makes it great for a boho style bedroom. If you'd like to subtly add more texture and interest to your room, this lamp is an excellent choice.

At 30 1/2" tall and with a 17 x 11" lampshade, this lamp sure makes a statement. It has an 8-foot long cord for ease in decorating and uses up to a 150-watt lightbulb.

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9. Handmade Turkish Mosaic Glass Bedside Lamp by BOSPHORUS

This lamp has it all - color, texture, and beautiful patterns that are projected onto your wall so you can fully submerge yourself in boho style. It would look equally great in rich boho surroundings or as the main focal point in a monochromatic white or dark-colored room.

This lamp is made from brass-colored metal with a mosaic glass globe. It stands 11.8" tall, the globe is 7" in diameter, and it requires E12 bulbs (not included).

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10. Modern Design Clear Crystal Raindrop Bead Bedside Lamp by GLANZHAUS

Add some glam to your boho bedroom with this beaded lamp. It adds texture and interest to any boho interior, from opulent colors and layers to a more minimalist look.

Some assembly is required, but the lamp includes detailed, easy-to-follow directions. It's 17" tall and can be used with up to 60-watt lightbulbs.

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11. Crystal Table Lamp by ZEEFO

This crystal lamp casts a warm, cozy glow over your boho bedroom while adding a touch of shine and texture. The cylindrical design is unique and eye-catching, and the crystals gently diffuse the light. Use it to create the perfect mood for your room.

At 11 x 4.25", this small lamp is the perfect size for your bedside table. You can use up to 60-watt lightbulbs, and the on/off switch is easy to locate on the cord.

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12. 3 Globe Turkish Bohemian Bedside Lamp by DEMMEX

If you're looking for a unique, stunning lamp to take center stage in your boho style bedroom, look no further! This lamp features three mosaic globes suspended from a brass holder that all cast colors and patterns on the surrounding walls. Little details such as the leaf designs hanging from each globe make this lamp the perfect choice to create a boho look in any home.

This lamp is sturdy, well-made, and stands 19" tall. Each globe is 5" in diameter, is made from hand-cut glass, and uses up to 20-watt lightbulbs.  It's available in a variety of colors, including aqua, lilac, and red.

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13. Heart Shape White Feather Deco Table Lamp by Surpass House

A lampshade might not be the first place you think of to add texture to your boho room, but this lamp just might change your mind! Light glows through fluffy white feathers, while a white wire heart frames a dangling crystal on the base. It adds a soft, cozy, unique touch that's perfect for boho style.

This lamp is 9.8 x 4.7 x 15.7", making it the ideal size for your bedside table. It requires a 40-watt lightbulb and has an on/off switch subtly located on the cord.

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