51 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas (Picture List)

Characterized as it is by carefree living and individual expression, there’s no better place for the bohemian style than the bedroom. Being uniquely you is not only encouraged by this decor type but required. Use it to kick back and relax in a space that speaks directly to your soul.

51 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

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Because boho is about gathering an eclectic mix of patterns, colors, and textures, anyone can get a bohemian bedroom by simply gravitating toward pieces they like. Of course, creating decor that looks good is a touch more complicated than that. Use these photos as a baseline of what works and get playful from there.

No matter if you’re a world traveler or simply wish you were, this style is for you. Still not sure? Check out our detailed guide for Boho home decor. We’ll link to it again at the end of this post, so you can continue looking at boho bedroom ideas and get back to the guide when you’re done.

51 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

We have tracked down 51 amazing and beautiful ideas to give you inspiration in creating you own boho sanctuary.

1. Basic Colors, Complex Accessorizing


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Tossing a bunch of artifacts from around the world together can be overwhelming to the senses. This room achieves a balance by keeping the color palette simple and undemanding. Accent pillows and various accessories are left with the freedom to snag people’s attention.

2. Greenery from Around the World


At its core, boho is about celebrating vitality. What better way to emphasize that than with greenery galore? Incorporating plants all around your bedroom not only adds color, it adds life.

3. Amazing Murals


Another way to balance out the business of bohemian decor is to create an even busier focal point. The full-wall mural in this room automatically draws the eye. Everything else comes into focus after that.

4. Texture Time


Mixing and matching textures is just as important to achieving a boho look as patterns and colors. A shaggy fur blanket against cotton sheets alone isn’t especially striking, so the colorful and fringed pillows on the bed also do their part to create a visually-intriguing aesthetic.

5. Metallics vs Jewel Tones


When it comes to this style, you don’t have to choose! The visual contrast between the rich bronze accessories and the flirty pink sheets characterizes bohemian decor.

6. Wall-to-Wall Texture


You can take an understated approach to mixing textures, or you can take a page out of this person’s book. The canopy is a different texture from the sheets is a different texture from the rugs is a different texture from the hanging wall accents. And it all works together because of the cohesive color palette.

7. Playing with Lighting


Warm, inviting lighting pairs perfectly with bohemian style, and you can achieve this welcoming glow in different ways. Candles, of course, emphasize the natural element of the decor. Using unique lamps and strings of lights also complements the aesthetic.

8. The Art of Wall Decor


Since bohemian style is all about celebrating various cultures, artwork is a natural extension of the decor philosophy. Adding paintings from around the world to your bedroom walls helps you create a boho bedroom.

9. Pattern Coordination


Using a lot of bold colors in your room is very bohemian. A great way to take advantage of this method of decorating while avoiding an uncoordinated hodgepodge is to find pieces with the same pattern and use them throughout. In this bedroom, various items with floral imagery work together in harmony.

10. Incorporating Culture


This bedroom collects elements from different cultures to create its aesthetic. Accent pieces, like the dream catcher, and the fact that the bed is directly on the floor work together to give off the boho vibe.

11. The Sum of Its Parts


You have to look closely at this room to see all the pieces that are working together to make the whole. Feather accents, candles, mirrors, wicker furniture, beads, and even shells are all mixed together here, yet nothing feels out of place.

12. The Bohemian Minimalist


If you prefer a more streamlined look, borrow a page from this bedroom’s book. The mixing of textures between the wall decor, the headboard, and the sheets is subtle, but works wonders.

13. Rich Colors


Another simple approach to bohemian bedroom design is getting a boldly patterned and colored comforter to be the focus of the space. Adding in a spiritual tapestry also helps make this this room subtly boho.

14. The Brightest Jewel


Jewel tones layered over more jewel tones is a perfect approach to boho styling. The feathered accent and the Tiffany-inspired lamp even fit the theme.

15. Wander With Your Eyes


Since so much of bohemian style is inspired by world travel, you can’t go wrong with artwork of landscapes. The fairy lights poking out from the picture like stars is an especially inspired touch.

16. Playful Headboards

[PIN id=”135108057558517793″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


You can get crafty with where you implement different textures, as this bohemian bedroom proves. Using the headboard, a natural focal point, to introduce some textural depth works just as well as adding fur blankets to the top of your bed.

17. Sunset-Inspired Colors

[PIN id=”318559373641522620″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Any color palette that evokes the untamed wonders of the natural world serves boho design well. Dusky pinks and salmons achieve this by bringing sunsets to mind.

18. The Beauty of Canopies

[PIN id=”165366617554934544″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Canopies fit right into any bohemian-style bedroom because they add contrast with their delicate textures. Plus, they help you take full advantage of your space, from the ceiling to the floor.

19. Consider the Space

[PIN id=”165366617554934540″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


To really live in the spirit of boho uniqueness, tailor your decor to your space. In this bedroom, that means showcasing the distressed walls and getting vine plants to crawl along the slanted ceiling. Find out what it means for you.

20. Cozy Boho Chic

[PIN id=”165366617554934538″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Your boho bedroom should still feel homey and inviting. Personal touches, like tacking artfully disarranged photos on the wall by your bed and keeping boxes of mementos on display, achieve this effortlessly.

21. The Aesthetic of Eastern Philosophy

[PIN id=”165366617554934529″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Using visuals and color palettes that evoke eastern philosophy is very bohemian. This can be as simple as a single mural on the wall, or as complex as filling the room with accent pieces.

22. Unique Shelving

[PIN id=”165366617554934528″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


In a minimalist bedroom such as this, quirky accent pieces really stand out. Getting a surprisingly-shaped shelf, like the double triangles pictured, makes a huge impact on the space as a whole.

23. Flora Galore

[PIN id=”165366617554934531″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Don’t just add greenery to your boho bedroom, make it the entire theme! Plus, hand painting flowers onto the walls is the perfect way to put a unique spin on the classic look.

24. Trendy Tribalism

[PIN id=”165366617554934524″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Subtle hints of tribalism instantly create a bohemian space. Using antler accessories, moon and star imagery, and twiggy plants helps you achieve the look, as shown here.

25. Contrasting Elements

[PIN id=”165366617554934501″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Packing crates and a colorful wall mural add visual contrast to this room. At the same time, they’re working in tandem to intrigue the eye. And isn’t that what bohemian decor is all about?

26. Mystical Intrigue

[PIN id=”165366617554934498″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Incorporating mysticism and all the curiosity that comes with it is a great way to achieve a bohemian look. A tarot-inspired tapestry offers a simple, eye-catching way to do just that.

27. Leveling Up

[PIN id=”165366617554934493″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Pull the eye all around the space by having wall decor and plants at varying altitudes. Propping a painting up on the floor and framing it with a string of lights draws the attention as much as the art centered above the bed does. Having multiple focal points is very bohemian.

28. Dynamic Duo

[PIN id=”165366617554934640″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Though you might think pairing them together is too busy, using a canopy to frame a tapestry actually creates a dynamic visual center for a bohemian bedroom.

29. Mixing Style Languages

[PIN id=”165366617554934638″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Using old-world eastern imagery in a modern bedroom creates an eclectic look that’s perfectly in line with the bohemian philosophy.

30. Plants as a Frame

[PIN id=”165366617554934639″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Greenery can be an interesting way to section off a space. See here, the way the various plants create a visual frame for the bed. It makes the room itself feel alive.

31. No Space Left Unadorned

[PIN id=”165366617554934635″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Taking advantage of every bit of space you have is a great way to approach bohemian design. Here, there’s even an accent piece on the headboard, as well as curtains that fit the aesthetic.

32. Mirror, Mirror

[PIN id=”165366617554934631″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


It’s an age-old trick: use a mirror to make a space look bigger and more open than it is. This is an especially important thing to keep in mind with bohemian bedroom design, as filling your space with trinkets and beautiful colors can tip over into claustrophobia if you’re not careful.

33. Pop of Color

[PIN id=”165366617554934629″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Since the rest of the room is primarily rendered in white and sage green, the unexpected color of the canopy catches the eye. Remember that pairing jewel tones with any earthy color is an ideal boho palette.

34. Desert Chic

[PIN id=”165366617554934666″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Using cacti as your greenery and color schemes that evoke brightly dyed ponchos brings a bit of desert charm into your bohemian bedroom.

35. Red and Gold

[PIN id=”165366617554934662″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Deep red paired with rich gold is a classic color combination that evokes eastern charm, making it the perfect choice to use in boho decor.

36. Pattern Mania

[PIN id=”165366617554934665″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Notice here how the wallpaper and the bedding have very different colors and patterns. The mixing of the two surprises the eye and feels very modern boho chic.

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37. Inviting the Outside World In


The fabulous places worth traveling to might be right in your backyard. If you have big windows or a door in your bedroom, you can easily incorporate the natural light into your decor. Let greenery sprawl in from the outside, as well.

38. Organized Chaos


Collecting wall decor with loud patterns is a great idea for your bohemian bedroom. Using shelves or stacking posters of the same size and shape on top of each other introduces a bit of organization to the chaos of different colors and prints.

39. Standout Pillows


Sometimes all it takes to intrigue the eye is an especially festive accent pillow, like seen in this bedroom. The mishmash of patterns on the piece complements the texture mixing throughout the rest of the decor.

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40. One Comforter to Unite Them All


Furs and tassels and leaves, oh my! This room is very much in the spirit of eclectic design. And the piece that brings it all together? The soothing blue comforter. It’s unsaturated color works as the perfect background to everything else going on.

41. Knowledge of The World


The interesting thing about this bohemian bedroom decor is the way it incorporates books. Well-read and well-traveled go hand-in-hand, so using tomes as a makeshift headboard is an inspired idea.

42. Mapping out an Adventure


Having a map as the focal point of your bedroom is very much in the bohemian spirit. Additionally, strings of photographs of the places you’ve traveled both fits the theme and adds a personal touch.

43. More is More


You can never have too much of anything when it comes to boho decor, and this room exemplifies that. All the different pictures, patterns, and colors somehow work together to catch—and keep catching—your attention.

44. Striking Accents


Sometimes, the accent pieces in a room snag the most attention. The unique chair, interesting rug, and guitar in this room all leave a free-spirited impression.

45. Back in Black


Black might seem like an unlikely backdrop for bohemian design but, in truth, the richness of the color fits an earthy theme. Besides, bold jewel tones pop effortlessly against it.

46. Accent Wall


Don’t be afraid to incorporate paint into the equation. A bright, cheery yellow accent wall is the perfect complement to bohemian bedroom decor.

47. Cohesive Color Scheme


This bedroom proves that not everything needs to be chaos to remain in the bohemian spirit. The color scheme encompasses the entire decor, yet the inclusion of intricate wall art and floral accents secures this space’s claim to eclectic design.

48. Curtained Off


You don’t expect to find a curtain in the middle of a bedroom, so using one is a great way to capture attention. It’s also a great way to incorporate yet another texture into the design.

49. A Certain Kind of Symmetry


This room knows how to use symmetry to soothe the eye. While the vibrant blues and yellows do their job as striking focal points, the way the furniture is organized provides a nice balance to the space as a whole.

50. Into the Jungle


Basing your bedroom design off a place you’d like to travel is perfectly in the spirit of the style. You need not look further than this African jungle-inspired decor for proof.

51. Orange You Glad?


Using warm earth tones in your decor is one of the easiest ways to get a boho bedroom. The burnt orange wall in this room is the perfect complement to both the cream wall decor and the greenery.

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an image of a bohemian bedroom
an image of a bohemian bedroom
an image of a bohemian bedroom
an image of a bohemian bedroom
an image of a bohemian bedroom
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