Can You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress?

You might remember your mother or father routinely flipping your mattress over as a child. Doing so will even out the mattress’s wear, similar to why you might rotate the tires on your car or truck. There are many more options with mattresses today than there might have been when you were growing up, and they require a different sort of care and maintenance. Suppose you have a pillowtop mattress. Is this style of mattress able to be flipped? We consulted numerous mattress manufacturers so that we could provide you with a definitive answer in this post.

Most pillowtop mattresses are designed with the pillowtop on one side only. The bottom side of the mattress is usually made with an anti-skid surface, unsuitable for sleeping on. Therefore, you should not flip this type of pillowtop mattress. Should you have one of the newer designs, it may have a pillowtop on both sides. This type of pillow top mattress can be safely flipped.

Now that we know you can only flip certain types of pillowtop mattresses over, we’ll look at a way in which you extend the life of this style of mattress. We’ll also look at the differences between a hybrid mattress and a pillowtop, the differences between pillowtop mattresses and memory foam, and pillowtop mattresses’ longevity. To see what we’ve discovered, read ahead in this post. 

Scandinavian classic bedroom, top view, closeup on double white and cream bed, parquet floor, contemporary modern interior design with pillow top mattress, Can You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress?

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Making your pillowtop mattress last

Since you can’t flip your pillowtop mattress to make it last longer, what options do manufacturers recommend in extending the life of their product?

Rotation of the mattress is vital if you have one that cannot be flipped. We’ll get into more about rotation later, but for now, we’ll point out that this is the best way to avoid premature and uneven wearing.

Cleaning your pillowtop mattress regularly is also important. Every few months, use baking soda and essential oils to both clean and freshen it. Combine several drops of your favorite essential oil with a box of baking soda. Sprinkle it liberally on the top of the mattress. After waiting for twenty-minute, vacuum it up. This will remove any dead skin cells, dust mites, and odors that might have accumulated on your bed.

Why do pillowtop mattresses sag?

Your pillowtop mattress will sag for several reasons. Too much weight in the center of the mattress will certainly do this. If you sleep alone, always being in the center of the bed will make the mattress sag over time. To avoid this, you can sleep on alternate sides of the bed.

Pillowtop mattresses have an innerspring design that conforms to the material of the pillowtop over time. This can lead to sagging in as little as two years, depending upon the pillowtop mattress brand and quality. 

As we discussed earlier in this post, you’re not able to flip most types of pillowtop mattresses. But you are recommended to rotate them. Not doing this will lead to the mattress sagging earlier than it should.

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How often should you rotate your pillow top mattress?

Since you cannot flip the pillowtop mattress, the manufacturers will recommend that you rotate it regularly. Doing this will level out the amount of wear and prolong the life of the mattress.

It’s suggested that you rotate a pillowtop mattress every three months. Some bedding experts say that coinciding this rotation with each season’s first day is an easy way to remember it.

How long should a pillow top mattress last?

In general, you should expect your pillowtop mattress to last from eight to ten years. For this type of mattress to get this long of a life, you’ll need to make sure that all manufacturer’s guidelines are adhered to.

Regularly rotating this type of mattress is important, as is the mattress’s proper storage if you need to do so. Keeping large, heavy objects from being set on the mattress is also critical, as too much weight concentrated on a small surface area will undoubtedly damage the springs.

Closeup of pillowtop mattresses on display in store

What is the difference between a hybrid mattress and a pillowtop mattress?

Hybrid mattresses and their pillowtop counterparts both contain springs inside of them. The difference between the two mattress designs is in how the springs are constructed and laid out. Inside a hybrid mattress, the coils are all individually wrapped so that that motion transfer will be minimized from one side of the bed to another. Hybrid mattresses also contain a two-inch layer of memory foam on the top of the mattress.

Pillowtop mattresses have springs laid out side by side, with each one connected to those surrounding it. This causes coils to compress when they might not have any weight directly on top of it. While most pillowtop mattresses do not have memory foam, those with a layer that is much less than two inches thick.

Which is better, pillow top mattress or memory foam?

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Both types of mattresses provide the sleeper with a lush slumber experience. While both might have a similar feel to them, they are constructed much differently from each other. 

In a memory foam mattress, it’s a high-density foam that provides a comfortable sleep. This foam will gently contour to the body and allow enough firmness not to harm the body’s lumbar support. 

Pillowtop mattresses traditionally sit atop a set of box springs. The coils inside the pillowtop mattress adhere to the springs inside the base.

Memory foam tends to be more durable and sensitive to both the weight and the heat of the person lying on top. Thus, memory foam can accommodate the body needs of more than one person who is sleeping on top of it. And while pillowtop mattresses are comfortable, one person shifting position will most certainly disrupt the other person.

When it comes to cost, pillowtop mattresses are the mattress of choice for many consumers. They tend to be far less expensive than memory foam mattresses, making it easier for households that might be on a budget.

Overall, memory foam mattresses provide a better value. The level of comfort the user gets while sleeping is measurably better than those of the pillowtop, and the memory foam models last more than ten years on average.

In Closing

Scandinavian classic bedroom, top view, closeup on double white and cream bed, parquet floor, contemporary modern interior design with pillow top mattress, Can You Flip A Pillow Top Mattress?

Most pillowtop mattresses are not able to be flipped. Thankfully, you can rotate them regularly so that they will last longer. This style of mattress is popular due to its comfort level and its affordability. While memory foam mattresses are more durable and can be more comfortable, pillowtop mattresses still provide a good night’s sleep for millions of users.

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