What Color Bedding Goes With Oak Furniture? [6 Options Explored]

If it’s time for new bedding and you have oak furniture, what color is the best color bedding for it? We’ve checked in with our experts to see what they have to say and have a list of great colors. Keep in mind oak wood can be stained in a wide variety of shades, so what works best for one stain’s hue may not work as well for another.

Here are some gorgeous bedding colors to go with oak furniture:

  • Grey
  • Orange or Salmon 
  • Beige or Tan
  • Blues
  • White
  • Pink

Now that you’ve got a list of colors in mind, let’s see what they actually look like when paired with oak bedroom furniture. We’ll also discuss if oak furniture is dated, if oak furniture darkens with age and if you can mix and match white furniture pieces with oak furniture. So please, keep reading to find out more.

Scandinavian master bedroom interior design, with all furniture pieces manufactured from solid oak, What Color Bedding Goes With Oak Furniture? [6 Options Explored]

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Bedding Color Choices To Pair With Oak Furniture

Just as there are different tones of stains on oak, there are different bedding choices that work well with them.  We’ve found some of our favorites to share with you here.

Grey Bedding Paired With Oak 

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In this gorgeous bedroom suite, a greyish toned reclaimed oak pairs with soft grey and charcoal bedding. The grey bedding picks up the undertone of cool brownish-grey in the oak. Click here for this bedroom set on Amazon.

This lighter-toned grey oak veneer set matches with dual-tone grey bedding. Lighter colored sheets mix with a medium grey comforter and throw pillows. A grey area rug matches the color of the sheets. Click here for this bedroom set on Amazon.

This three-piece comforter and sham set is a modern, clean-lined choice for today’s updated oak furniture. This set is 100% cotton for comfort and ease of care. Click here for this bedding set on Amazon.

Orange Or Salmon Colored Bedding Paired With Oak 

Guest bedroom with french doors

This Mission style bedroom set in a reddish wood stain is a perfect match for the soft salmon bed linens. The color picks up all the tones in the wood while still being calm and serene. Lighter tone pillows intersperse with the comforter and sham set to add some variety. We really like how the choice of rug expertly picks up both of the bedding colors.

On this twin bed, we see a different take on the orange theme. In this case, a bright, bold orange comforter still brings out the oak’s red undertones and really provides some pizazz. Fun geometric pillow shams play on the bold theme. This is a great look for a guest room or a teen’s room. Click here for this bed on Amazon.

Here are a really pretty microfiber coverlet and pillow sham set for your oak furniture. This coral color is not quite orange, not quite rose, a perfect contender for darker oaks where the red tones shine through. Click here for this 3-piece set on Amazon.

Beige Or Tan Bedding Paired With Oak 

Amazing Master Bedroom Suite with Hardwood Floor, Raised Ceiling

Of course, a natural choice to pair with a wood tone is beige or tan. Because they are both in the brown family, it’s a perfect match. The look is serene and calming. It’s a great choice for someone who really prefers a neutral palette to brighter colors. And there is so much bedding available in these tones. You can go with solids, subtle patterns, florals, or soft tan and white geometrics. They’ll all look great with oak furniture.

Here’s an elegant Matelasse bedding set in a sandy beige with a subtle pattern. The fabric is 100% cotton, and the comforter fill is a cotton/poly blend. Two shams came with it and will pair beautifully with all stains of oak furniture. Click here for this set on Amazon.

Blue In Solids Or Patterns Paired With Oak

Blue In Solids Or Patterns Paired With Oak bed

Blue is such a great color to pair with everything. Here a patterned comforter and shams trimmed in neutral tan look amazing with this platform bed. Blue is a great choice if you want to add some color to your oak bedding. 

Light and bright bedroom decor in gray, white and blue palette

If you love blue but don’t want such a colorful comforter, consider mixing white with blue accessories. Here denim blue throw pillows and a coverlet add a bright bit of color to the neutral white bedding set. This antique oak bedstead has a light yellow-orange-ish tone to its stain, which is a nice contrast with the blue.

These rustic chenille throw pillow covers are a great shade of blue to match with oak bedroom furniture. They’re not too dark and not so light, and we love the texture. Click here to see them on Amazon.

You Can Never Go Wrong Pairing White With Oak

Close-up of stylish bed in luxury bedroom

White linens create such a breezy look in a room. When paired with oak furniture, they make a room look fresh and elegant. With such an old-world style bed, white linens accented by gold pillows look rich and sumptuous in this room. In a child’s room, you could choose a sweet white eyelet for an entirely different look with your oak furniture. White is great because it will work with any style room.

This white chenille bedspread is a winner for the rich and elegant look. It’s 100% cotton and the ultimate in softness and comfort. You can get matching pillow shams, but those are separate. Click here for the bedspread on Amazon.

Add Some Pink To Pair Your Bedding Set With Oak

Black and white pillow on pastel pink and beige bedding

Along the lines of salmon is the color pink. Soft dusky rose is a beautiful color to mix with beige, as shown here. And it’s a color combination that will work with every shade of oak. If you keep your pink muted and soft, it will give your bedroom a real spa-like appeal.

This lovely set of muted pink sheets in microfiber are a nice color to mix with tan or white for your oak bedroom furniture. Click here for these on Amazon.

Here’s a similar color in a muted velvet comforter set of four pieces, including the duvet cover, matching shams, and throw pillow. Click here for this set on Amazon.

Is Oak Furniture Dated?

Heavy pieces of furniture have definitely gone out of fashion in recent years. But that has more to do with bulk than with the material. This is why there’s a bit of a misconception about oak furniture, as most of the bulky furniture of days past was made of dark oak. 

But all it takes is a quick look at one of today’s furniture retailers to see that oak has caught up with the times. There are dozens of gorgeous and contemporary bedroom sets made of oak or oak veneers that are contemporary and modern in design. We like this one at furniture retailer, Wayfair.

Does Oak Furniture Darken With Age?

Over time, and with too much exposure to UV light, oak will tend to grow more yellow or gold in tone. Furniture and flooring that was once a light natural wood tone may begin to appear more orange with age. If you can keep your furniture away from direct sunlight or use filtering sheers on your window, you can slow the process down.

One way to make this a non-issue is to purchase similarly stained oak furniture at the same time. This way, your wood will age in unison, rather than a staggered effect due to different purchase dates.

Does White Furniture Go With Oak Furniture?

White and lighter oak is a natural combination. 

This farmhouse table has a tabletop of natural light oak, and the base has been painted a lovely linen white. So you can see the two combine very well. Click here for this on Amazon.

Wood dining table and chairs with living area overlooking garden, Barcelona

In this gorgeous room, a long oak farm table is matched with white spindle chairs. Overhead, massive oak beams are spanned across a white ceiling, and white paint graces the walls. See our post here: “17 Wood Ceiling Beams Ideas.”

Scandinavian farmhouse living room interior, wall mockup

Here white slipcovers and upholstery are used in a room filled with oak furniture. The look is clean and comfortable.

So Many Choices For Bedding

Now that you’ve seen the color choices we found, hopefully, your direction is clear. Oak furniture doesn’t have to seem dated or boring if you pair it with the right accessories.

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