What Color House Goes With A Green Roof?

Green roofs are gorgeous, but what color should your house be to match it? We’ve researched to find out some great colors that will work well with a green roof. You might be surprised at some of the combinations.

Here are great color houses to go with a green roof:

  • White
  • Green
  • Tan
  • Brick
  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Cedar shake

Each of these colors imparts there own quality to the exterior of your green-roofed home. We’re going to look at examples of each. We’ll talk about great paint colors for a green roof, how the heck you even match a house and roof color, where green roofs can be used, and if there are any disadvantages to green roofs. So please, keep reading.

A house with plastic windows and a green roof of corrugated sheet, What Color House Goes With A Green Roof?

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Great Color Choices For Your Home With A Green Roof

Green is a gorgeous color in any situation. As a roof color, it’s probably not the most common, but it’s also not uncommon. This is why we’ve been able to rustle up some great examples of these combinations for you. From standby classics to combinations that may not be at the forefront of your mind, we hope you see something here that’s what you’re looking for.

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Old local green house in the city with a tree growing on the roof

White Homes With Green Roofs

This is perhaps the most traditional pairing for this color combination. Whether your roof is metal or asphalt shingles, green and white go very well together. We’ve found some cool homes for you to look at.

Small alpine house with green roof

This cute home utilizes darker green shingles to create a cottage feel on this small white wood-framed home. It fits neatly into its wooded surroundings.

A light green metal roofing

This rambling lake home features a striking green metal roof. Metal roofs like this have a very long life span though they can be a more expensive upfront investment than shingles. We think you’ll agree this is a striking combination.

Green Homes With Green Roofs

You might not have expected this color on color combination, but it’s worth a look. You can match green with green and have each color be slightly different for a really unique exterior look. Here are a couple of great examples we found for you.

Green house with green wooden sidings

This pretty home uses a deep green roof in combination with a soft mint greyish-green for the siding. White trim further lightens up the whole look. The use of evergreens in the holiday decorations adds another touch of green that is simply perfect.

A two storey house with wooden painted sidings and green sidings

This cottage has an awesome mountain vibe. A darker greenish-grey stain on the weatherboard siding is a perfect complement to the tree green shingles on the pitched roof. The way it’s tucked into the trees with this color combination is simply magical.

Tan Homes With Green Roofs

Tan is a great neutral that can run the gamut from a more yellow-ish base to one that has more greys and be almost white to near brown. The versatility of this color in all of its iterations works well with green roofs of all styles.

A two story house with tan sidings and green metal roofing

This home is a cool example of the varied colors of tan, all in one home. From the darker greyish tone of the shakes on the eves, to the almost yellowish beige of the siding, to the multi-colors of tans in the stone accents, this home represents all of the ways tan works with green roofs.

Brick Homes With Green Roofs

We often think of brick homes as having traditional black or grey roofs, but they work surprisingly well with green. Because red and green are complementary colors, and many types of brick lean toward tones of red, the combination is great.

Beautiful cozy house with orange brick walls and green roof

This traditional red brick home shows off a very pretty green shingled roof. The color combination is striking and lovely.

Yellow Homes With Green Roofs

Yellow is another color that goes well with a green roof. The light and airy color works well against the deeper greens and gives your home the feeling of a fresh daisy or sunflower on the street. If you like a home that stands out in a happy way, you might really love this duo.

Yellow siding house with green roofing

Here’s the classic yellow and green combination on a lovely clad home. The columns in an accent bright white finish off this welcoming exterior.

Beautiful house with yellow siding and green roof

Here’s another example of this combination in a slightly subdued yellow siding color.

Grey Homes With Green Roofs

Green is one of those colors that has the ability to work with both cool and warm tones. This is why cool grey is a great fit with a green roof.  Here are some examples of this palette.

Green roofing of a house with gray sidings

This striking home uses a rich charcoal grey paint color in contrast to the emerald green roof color. It’s a stand-out look if you want a house that will get you noticed.

Green metal roofing of a house with grey sidings

Here’s a super example of a lighter greige in combination with a green metal roof. A slightly off-white trim color highlights the whole look.

Cedar Shake Siding With Green Roofs

Cedar shake siding is a classic beach look. It starts out with more red in the color but eventually, with time and weather, turns to a whitish-grey tone. Green roofs look beautiful on cedar shake homes.

A two story house with green roofing and cedar shake sidings

These beautiful cedar shakes work well with both the green roof and the stained wood trim and entryway.

What House Paint Colors Go With A Green Roof?

Built on the site of the mine, where the bodies of the royal family of Nikolai 2 were burn

We recommend starting out with a general idea of the color you want to go with. Any of the colors in this post will have corresponding paint colors. Some of our favorite exterior colors are from Benjamin Moore.

Beacon Hill Damask is a beautiful soft yellow that will be a gorgeous complement to green. For white, try the new Atrium White. Kingsport Grey is a gorgeous mid-tone brownish-grey we think would be fantastic with a green roof.

How Do You Match A House Roof Color?

You might be hard-pressed to match old weathered shingles or tin roofs exactly. Unfortunately, time and weather take a toll on the materials on our roofs. If you only need to patch a small area of the roof, then see if you have any leftover shingles in your basement or garage. Oftentimes roofers will make sure the homeowner is left with a small reserve in case of the need for a patch.

If your roof is metal, you’ll need to find a local supplier and pick up a color card to see if you can find the closest color. Many times metal roofs are standard colors and relatively easy to find and match.

Where Can Green Roofs Be Used?

Unless you have a homeowners association telling you that green is not allowed, green can be used anywhere. It’s a fairly common color in metal roofs, and though not as common in shingles, is still available.

Now, if you live in a neighborhood where the roofs are all fairly homogenous and no one else has a green roof, you may not want to go that route. Is it going to make your house sing? Or stand out like the odd duckling?

What Is One Disadvantage Of A Green Roof?

One disadvantage to choosing the color green for your roof is that it won’t hold the heat like black. Now, if you’re in a hot and sunny climate, this may not be a bad thing. But in northerly climates, that cooler roof is going to hold the snowpack for longer than if the roof has some natural heat in it.

No Matter The Color Your House Is Home

House with plastic windows and a green roof of corrugated sheet

As you can see, there are plenty of home colors that are going to work well with your green roof. It’s all a matter of what works well for you, your neighborhood, and the home’s overall style.

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