Dryer Making Noise When Off: What To Do?

A dryer making noise can be irritating. Sometimes a blocked fan or some other parts of the dryer vent can cause it to make an unusual noise. If you notice your dryer is making noise while it is turned off, don’t fret because we’re here to help!

If your dryer makes noise when off, you should check to determine whether your dryer needs a new bearing at the back of the drum. Vents in dryers produce noise when air rushes back into them.

To fix this, install vent hoods, weigh down the flapper, and repair or replace the damper to stop the noise. You can also clean, replace, or repair the flappers.

The cabinet or drum will have to be removed from the dryer when fixing the dryer. Fixing a dryer will not be difficult using the right tools and maintaining the proper procedure. Want to know more about your noisy dryer making an odd noise? Keep reading to learn more!

Laundry room with a washing machine near window, Dryer Making Noise When Off: What To Do?

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Why Does Your Dryer Make Noise When It’s Off?

A noisy dryer could mean a lot of things. Let’s look at some of the causes below:

The Backdraft Damper Is Broken

Every dryer has a backdraft damper in the ventilation system. However, one-way airflow cannot be maintained if the backdraft damper is damaged, and the air from outside may enter your exhaust vents.

This air will flow quickly through the vents, creating a noise similar to when your dryer operates.

Additionally, it can result in dryer vent leaks and a chilly draft. It’s possible for the seal to be broken, the damper blades to be harmed, or both.

The Flapper Is Open And Stuck

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Industrial laundry room dryer vent on the back facade of a hotel

When the flapper is jarred open, the dryer also generates noise. Even when the dryer is not used, it can still create noise.

When a flapper is left open, outside air enters your dryer vents, producing a noise like rattling. A flapper getting stuck might happen for several reasons.

The flap’s hinge is one area of concern. Due to weathering and wearing out over time, sticky hinges frequently happen. Another potential issue is the flapper itself.

The flapper’s shape may bend due to deteriorating materials or wear and tear, making it impossible to close fully.

If something is blocking the vent’s mouth, that is another way a flapper can become stuck open. An animal nest, dirt, or other debris could all be the source of this impediment.

The Vent Terminal Is Overexposed

Several air exhaust vents with flapper and screen on white stucco wall

The flapper may open if the vent terminal is overly exposed to the breeze. In addition to allowing wind to enter through the vents, this can continuously pick up and drop the flappers, causing them to bang.

Your vent terminal may be too exposed to the outdoors if it protrudes outward without a hood or other form of protection from the weather.

Since there is no protection from the wind, it would result in the wind being able to enter the dryer ventilation easily. The wind would blow into your vents, rattling them, and it might also pick up and drop the flappers at your vent terminal, adding to the noise.

Bugs And Pests In The Vents

It may not be the tapping of a flap, the whooshing of the wind, or the rattling of your vents as air rushes back into them that you hear from your dryer vents.

You can have an infestation in your dryer vents if the noises are distinct, buzzing, or scratching.

Because dryer exhaust is frequently warm, it is a popular location for animals and insects, especially during the year’s cooler months.

The air is warm, and the vents are also insulated from the outdoors and resemble burrows. Animals and insects in your dryer vents cause noise and affect how well your dryer works.

A clogged vent can make a dryer malfunction, heat up excessively, and smell burnt. Additionally, the animals could pass away and leave a rotten scent in your house.

What To Do When Your Dryer Makes Noise

A worn-out roller is frequently to blame for the loud noise your dryer generates. Noise such as pounding or squeaking.

You’ll hear a sound when the drum rotates when this component is no longer making a solid connection with it. When that happens, the part will have to be changed.

What If My Dryer Still Makes Noises When It’s Turned Off?

For a broken backdraft, There is a slim chance that the backdraft damper’s blades can be fixed if they are broken. Since most backdraft dampers cost less than twenty dollars, it is preferable to replace the damper completely.

Ensure that your ventilation system is suitable for the replacement backdraft damper you choose and that the vent can accommodate the passage of lint. If the lint is trapped in the backdraft damper, there can be a fire outbreak.

Furthermore, if the flapper’s hinge is the issue, try cleaning the flap and then spray a silicone-based lubricant on the hinge. If this doesn’t work to quiet the noise or the flapper is deformed, replacing the vent flap is a good idea.

If the issue is a blockage of some kind, you can easily clean the opening of the vent of the debris. It is advisable to clean your dryer ducts at least once a year to maintain them tidily and to stop house fires.

Overexposed Vent

If the problem is from an overexposed vent, purchasing a hood is one way to shield your terminal from the wind.

In addition to making it more difficult for wind to enter your ventilation system, this will also better protect your terminal from the environment and vermin.

Plastic dryer exhaust vent hood on side of house

Adjust your flap if you already have a hood but it isn’t working out for you. Check to see if the flap is too heavily weighed down. The flap must nevertheless be able to open due to airflow.

The foam may also be used to cushion the area where the flap contacts the vent.

For pest problems, an expert dryer vent technician should be contacted. If they cannot assist you with your pest problem, an exterminator might be.

Checking and cleaning your dryer vents at least once a year is a good idea to avoid animal or insect infestations.

You can also buy a dryer vent cover if need be.

Check out this dryer vent cover on Amazon.

Why Is My Dryer Making A Loud Humming Noise?

Interior of a real laundry room with a washing machine at home

A drive belt problem is most likely to be the cause of your dryer’s humming noise and inability to spin.

Usually, when a dryer doesn’t spin, it will hum while turning the drum, but because of a drive belt problem, the drum won’t spin.

The idler pulley, dryer rollers, glides, support bearing, or a bad motor are some more potential causes of a drum that has trouble spinning or stops spinning altogether.

What Does A Broken Dryer Sound Like?

Some rollers often support the drum at the front and back of the dryer.

These rollers may degrade with time, preventing the drum from rotating freely. One or more drum rollers may be worn flat, fractured, or binding if they make a screeching or thudding noise.

A problem with the motor bearings is typically indicated by loud metal grinding or squealing noises.

This needs to be handled swiftly and with professionalism. If not fixed right once, damaged bearings might swiftly result in a dryer malfunction and further damage.

Is It Safe To Run A Squeaky Dryer?

A worn-out component that needs repair is often what a squeaky dryer signifies. Find the source of the squeak first, if possible. The top, the bottom, the back, or the front.

Identifying the component that may be faulty can provide insight into the remedy needed and whether it would be wise to seek professional assistance.

Can A Dryer Catch Fire?

Yes. When the exhaust fan of a dryer is clogged with lint or dust, a home fire may result. Even though it would be difficult to imagine, dryer fires are typical for house fires.

Hand inserting clean lint filter into dryer

According to data, dryers account for more than 90% of the roughly 15,000 fires that wash machines and dryers start annually.

Hundreds of injuries and significant property loss are terrible outcomes.

Can A Dryer Explode?

Yes, your dryer could still blow up even though the likelihood is extremely low. Given that they are attached to the gas line in your home, this is especially true of gas dryers.

With electric dryers, which don’t have any gas connections at all, it’s considerably less likely.

To Wrap Up

When turned off, a noisy dryer can mean many things. Either the backdraft damper is broken, the vent is exposed, or animals are stuck in the ducts. The loud noise will have to be changed, which is the cause of the loudness.

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