11 Gray House Paint And Color Scheme Ideas

Gray has been a popular interior paint color over the last few years. However, it can also make a great color for the exterior of your house! That being said, it can sometimes be tricky to decide which shade is best for your home and what other colors will complement it. With so many shades of gray, there are a number of looks you can achieve. 

From elegant and classic darker shades to light and airy barely grays, you're sure to find one that will work for your home. Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration. So if you're looking for some great ideas on what color to paint your home, including what color you should paint your trim and front door, you've come to the right place. 

We've compiled a list of 11 great gray houses for you to take a look at. We'll include various shades of gray in our examples. Furthermore, we will try to offer some tips on how to achieve each look! Let's begin!

A front of a beautiful luxury home in a typical suburban neighborhood, 11 Gray House Paint And Color Scheme Ideas

1. Light And Bright With Blue And White

The exterior of this house is kept light and bright with the use of a light shade of gray and white trim. The homeowner added more brightness by choosing a fun light blue paint for the home's door.

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Modern colorful craftsman cottage house

Many blue and gray shades fall into the cool color category, meaning they pair well together. A dark blue door would have also looked good with the exterior gray but may have generated a different overall feel. 

2. Tan, Black, And Dark Gray

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New construction home exterior with contemporary house plan features gray wood siding

Tan is a color you might not have expected to pair well with gray, but this house pulls it off effortlessly. Tan works best with gray when the gray is a warm gray.

This means that instead of the blue undertones, a gray with red, yellow, or beige undertones will work best. In this design, the two colors are separated by a darker trim which also helps prevent any clashing. 

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3. Gray That's Almost Blue

Gray house exterior with column porch on a rainy day

The designer for this home definitely took advantage of the multiple levels of architecture the home has. Dark gray that is almost blue is found under each gable, which is then separated by white trim.

The look is completed by a front door that matches the dark gray. The use of multiple shades of gray creates depth in this design while keeping the entire look unified. 

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4. White Stripes

Big custom made luxury house with nicely trimmed and landscaped front yard

This home makes the gray look more exciting by adding white stripes under the gables. We mentioned depth in design in our last example, and in interior design, that can be achieved by pairing different patterns, colors, and textures.

This house has brought that concept outside by using different shades of gray for color, stone for texture, and stripes for patterns. If you have a large area of solid gray, don't be afraid to break it up. 

5. Modern And Contemporary With Black Trim

Modern style home boasts two car garage spaces with glass folding doors illuminated by scones

For a look that's more modern, try painting your trim black or a very dark gray. The contrast between the gray and black in this home creates a bold and stunning effect.

While the rest of the house is colored in gray and black, the entrance is kept warm and neutral. This creates an inviting and welcoming look which is sometimes hard to achieve with all gray features. 

6. Gray With Stone and Accented With Red

Big custom made luxury house with nicely landscaped and trimmed front yard

This home is a little different in the sense that the gray portion of its exterior is made from stone rather than siding or stucco. However, the result is the same—a primarily gray exterior—which is why we've included it in this list.

This house also shows a great example of another color you can pair with gray—red! The red front door and dark gray trim and garage go so well with the rest of the house to give it a beautiful cottage feel!

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7. Red, Black, White, And Gray Again!

Cape cod house with three dormers & red door

Here's another example of how great red looks with gray! The red door is just enough to add a burst of color to this home.

As with the example above, this home also has darker colored shutters that match the color of the shingles on the roof. However, this home breaks up the shades of gray with white trim around the door and windows. The white trim makes the door stand out even more!

8. Warm Gray Up With Wood

Small grey house with wooden deck

Natural wood can also go nicely with gray. The yellow and orange tones of the wood really warm up the front of this home. The white trim helps balance the two colors out.

As you've probably realized by now, with a gray exterior, most homeowners choose either white, black, or another shade of gray for their house's trim. These are the easiest colors to pair with gray.

White can seem too bright sometimes, so if you'd like a lighter color, you could choose an off-white or cream. Brown is also an option, but it can be tricky to match brown with gray. Like tan, it will work best with a warm gray.

9. Use Porch Decorations To Accent Your Gray

Suburban home with a covered porch and furniture featuring red accent pillows

If you want to brighten up your gray exterior with something less permanent than paint, you can add some color using porch accessories.

This house uses red cushions to add a little color, but yellow and blue can also work well with gray. Also, the contrasting wooden floor and ceiling help to add dimension to this design, though this might require undertaking a larger project to achieve this look. 

If your porch isn't big enough to hold an entire table and chair set, then try accessorizing with smaller items. You don't have to use furniture. You can also accessorize using big flower pots, or opt for some brightly colored curtains for your windows. 

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10. Gray Stucco Keeping It Simple

Newly constructed luxury home

Here's an example of a simple gray exterior. This home shows that gray can still look good even if you don't go through the hassle of choosing multiple shades. The white trim helps create contrast and leaves a bold-looking design.

By choosing a different color door, the designers prevent the white from becoming overpowering and detracting from the overall look. This would also be a good home to opt for a fun-colored door. 

11. All One Shade

Beautiful new home exterior with two car garage and covered porch on sunny day

another example of a more simple design. The same shade of gray is used throughout the design which is clearly okay!

This designer even opted for a gray garage. This contemporary style works because the white helps break up the gray much like in the previous example. The different materials and textures used also help to add some depth and excitement. 

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Things To Remember When Considering A Gray Exterior

Gray is a great color for a home's exterior. Though primarily used in more contemporary designs, as you can see from our examples, it is a color that can work with all home styles. So, what should you take from our article? Let's go over some key points!

  • The exterior of your home is made up of numerous features and areas. Before painting your home, make sure you have a plan for all of its features like the trim and the front door. White, black, or other shades of gray are easy pairings.
  • White trim is often used in more classical designs. Black or darker shades of gray can give a more modern and contemporary feel. 
  • Pops of color can be added by painting your front door or accessorizing your porch area. 
  • Brown, tan, and natural wood are all colors you might have previously thought wouldn't go with gray. However, these can work with the right shade of gray which is typically one with warm undertones. 
  • For a more visually dynamic design, try pairing multiple shades of gray and different textures and patterns. 

Hopefully, from reading this post, you now have some inspiration, or maybe it's made you reconsider gray as your color choice. Either way, we hope we have been helpful in providing some examples of gray exteriors!

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