How Long Should Casement Windows Last?

As a homeowner, beauty and durability are important considerations when having new windows installed. Casement windows will give your home a classic European look with long-lasting windows. We have researched the types of casement windows and have the scoop on how long your casement windows should last.

Properly installed casement windows should last 20-25 years with regular maintenance. Here are the ranges by casement window type:

  • Wood-Frame Casement Window – 20-30+ years
  • Fiberglass-Frame Casement Window – 20-25 years
  • Vinyl-Frame Casement Window -15-20 years

Keep reading to see the advantages of each type, maintenance needs, as well as tips for getting the most out of your casement windows. With proper care, your casement windows can give your home a classy look while giving you fresh air and lots of light.

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What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are classic European windows that have large panes of glass. They open in or out, allowing in the fresh air.  The first casement windows date back to the late 1700s and early 1800s. These early windows often had six to eight panes of glass held in place with iron, and later wooden frames called muntins. 

Today casement windows usually have large panes of glass held together by the sash or frame. The window maker can construct the casement window frames of wood, fiberglass, or vinyl.

Wood-Frame Casement Windows

The longest-lasting modern casement windows are made out of quality cuts of hardwood timber. Some of the most durable timbers to use are oak, cherry, black walnut, and mahogany. Windows using these materials, when carefully crafted, by machine or by hand, and well maintained, should last over 25 years.

Some wood-frame casement windows have fiberglass on the outside, which gives the beauty of wood without the need for staining.  With regular care, wood-frame casement windows might last well beyond 30 years. 

Pine-Frame Casement Windows

Using pine-frame casement windows is a more affordable option for getting wood-frame casement windows. The pine will be treated with a durable water-repellant stain to increase its durability. Pairing pine and fiberglass is a good option. Pine-frame casement windows should last 20+ years.

Fiberglass-Frame Casement Window

Fiberglass-frame casement windows can be as beautiful as wood-frame windows. They require less maintenance than wood-frame casement windows. They offer excellent durability. These windows should last 20-25 years with regular maintenance.

These are great windows where the temperatures are extreme as fiberglass withstand temperature change without losing form. They hold their shape well, so they continue to be easy to open and close tight.

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Vinyl-Frame Casement Windows

Framing casement windows in vinyl makes them a more affordable option than wood-frame and fiberglass-framed casement windows. Vinyl is an entirely human-made plastic made from petroleum-based ethylene and salt-derived chloride. 

Vinyl is strong, weather-resistant, and comes in a variety of colors. Since vinyl is a low-cost material, quality casement windows can be more affordable. Vinyl-frame casement windows should last 20+ years with regular maintenance.

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What are the advantages of casement windows?

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The significant advantage of casement windows over slider windows is the amazing views that are possible. Casement windows with a large pane of glass give great sunlight. You can see so much of your yard and neighborhood through your windows.

Casement Windows Easily Open for Fresh Air

An added advantage to casement windows is how easily they open. Some open with a simple push. Others open by cranking them. Some modern models open at the push of a button for the motorized arm.

Good Home Security

Casement windows close tightly. Many models have lock mechanisms that secure them. Crank models sometimes close, so the crank folds in so there is nothing for thieves to grab to open the window. Electronic models lock in the close position giving excellent security.

Casement Windows Offer Great Insulation

Modern casement windows keep the home well-insulated. They keep the warm air inside during winter. The air-conditioned air circulates freely inside the home with little leakage in summer. 

Screens Stay Cleaner

With the screens on the inside of the glass of the casement window, the screen stays cleaner than slider windows that have the screen on the outside of the glass window. 

Casement Windows Last Longer 

Slider glass windows usually last 15-20 years before the sash wears out from the up and down motion of the window. Casement windows last longer.

Do Casement Windows Open In or Out?

You can buy casement windows that open either in or out. The windows hang on hinges on the sash so that the window will either open in or out. Awning casement windows open in or out as well.

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Can Casement Windows Be Replaced?

Yes, you can replace casement windows. The best way to replace them is to have them professionally installed. You can do it yourself if you have the skills. Pay close attention to the window support so that the window is well supported. 

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Casement Windows?

The cost of a casement window repair depends on what is broken. If the glass is broken, it may require a whole new window. A broken crank or a crack in the sash is easier to repair. A new crank may be under $30. Labor costs vary per region but should run $120-$200 for window repairs.

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How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Cracked Casement Window?

Depending on your region, a cracked casement window repair ranges between $60-$200 or more. A glass repair professional will use resin to fill the crack. They then polish the window to erase the visible line.

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Are Casement Windows More Expensive than Sliders?

Casement windows can be more expensive than sliders because of the larger panes of glass. Fiberglass-frame or vinyl-frame casement windows may be more comparable in price to slider windows. Remember to get the installation cost included in any window bids so that you can easily compare casement window quotes with slider glass quotes. 

Casement Window Maintenance

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To ensure a long-lasting casement window in your home, do annual maintenance. Check the sash and muntin [holds the glass in place] for cracks or breaks in the seal in the fall. See if the window’s crank turns easily or needs to be replaced. Check the hinges for cracks as well.

Make sure the casement window’s latch is secure to keep the window locked tight and warm. Replace if needed.


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Clean the Weep Hole

During the casement window maintenance, clean out each window’s weep hole. The weep hole gives any moisture that gets inside the casement a way to drain out. The wind can blow dirt and pollen into the weep hole, plugging it.

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Maintenance for Wood-Frame Casement Windows

Wood-frame casement windows can last for years with regular maintenance. Check the window frames twice a year. Fill any cracks with wood filler. Every 2-3 years, refinish the exterior wood-frame casement windows by lightly sanding and staining the wood with quality stain. 

The interior wood may not need to be stained as often. You might do it at the same time to have one project done. Or you might do the interior wood every other time you refinish the outside wood-frame casement windows.

Fiberglass and Vinyl-Frame Casement Windows

Every year check your fiberglass-frame and vinyl-frame casement windows for maintenance needs. Clean the frames with soap and water. Clear the weep hole of debris. Lubricate the casement window to make sure it opens and closes easily. These windows require less time-consuming maintenance than wood-frame casement windows.

In Summary

Casement windows are a beautiful, long-lasting addition to your home. Whether you choose vinyl-frame, fiberglass-frame, or wood-frame casement window, you are getting a window that will last 15-30+ years. All the while giving you a great view with fresh air.

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