How To Hang A Jersey On A Wall [5 Creative Ways To Inspire You]

Once you buy one jersey, it's hard to stop. There are many amazing athletes out there to support. At some point, it's time to show it off, and what better way to do it than hang it on a wall? If you need some creative ideas, let's go over some! 

There are several ways you can show off your jerseys. However, it depends on how many you want to hang on the wall. You can use some nails and hangers to hold a few jerseys.

Otherwise, here are other options to consider:

  1. Get the jerseys framed.
  2. Install wall hanger hooks.
  3. Use sports equipment as a hanger.
  4. Use a display hanger.
  5. Sort them with an organizer.

Hanging a few jerseys on the wall is relatively simple to do. The only problem is making it look good. If you own multiple jerseys, finding ways to show them off becomes tough.

For this reason, we'll discuss ways you can accomplish your goal. To learn more, keep reading. 

Jersey uniform on a hanger in locker room, How To Hang A Jersey On A Wall [5 Creative Ways To Inspire You]

Hanging Your Jerseys On A Wall

Before we start discussing the ideas, it helps to know how many jerseys you want to hang. If it's a few jerseys, you wouldn't need more than a few nails and hangers.

Some people like keeping it simple, but hangers can be an eye sore. So, one way to work around this is by using push pins or nails to hold the hanger. 

However, we're not going to use it with the hook-side facing upwards. Instead, flip it upside down. Then, place it inside your jerseys. 

Finally, use the ends of the hanger to hook onto the push pins or nails. It's that simple. The jersey doesn't look like it's being held in place by a hanger. However, you might have to mess around with the jersey to avoid making it look wrinkled.

If you don't mind the hook, hang the jersey on the nail. It's simple and gets the job done. Place it on a wall over your TV or behind the couch.

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Home jersey shirt hanging on wall

1. Get The Jerseys Framed

Now it's time to explore more creative options. Jerseys aren't small. So, if you own many jerseys, it's tough displaying them all. It won't take long for them to fill the whole wall. 

For this reason, you might want to consider getting them framed. It's one of the more expensive options, but it helps with organization. At worst, you might have to choose between a few favorite players to display. 

However, it's one of the better ways to make the jerseys and the wall look amazing. Additionally, you don't always have to display the full jersey. Sometimes, it's the name of an athlete we love we want to show.

Thus, you won't have to get it professionally framed, and it's an idea you can accomplish yourself. All you need is an appropriately-sized piece of cardboard and a frame. 

How To Frame A Jersey

Start by purchasing a 20-inch frame; this should give you enough room to display the number and name on the jersey. Then, cut a piece of cardboard. 

Click here to see this frame on Amazon.

It should be large enough to fit inside the frame but not enough to crowd it. Next, wrap the jersey around the cardboard. Make sure the name and number are centered. 

Finally, place the jersey in the frame and close it. This method saves space and looks much neater. Of course, there are other ways to frame a jersey. 

However, this way takes the least amount of effort without sacrificing looks. If you'd like to take a look at how it comes out, here's a video demonstrating it:

2. Install Wall Hanger Hooks

Blue basketball jersey hanging on a wooden wall on a hanger

What if you don't want to store your jerseys in a frame? Sometimes we want to show our support by wearing jerseys. So, it needs to be accessible in some cases. 

What better way to hang it on the wall than wall hanger hooks? It makes putting the jerseys back on the wall easy. In addition, if you want to wear the jersey, you don't have to take it out of a frame or push pins. 

You can get creative with the wall hooks too. For example, you can make a wall hanger with a hockey stick. If you're a baseball fan, you can create a wall hanger in the shape of a baseball bat. 

Of course, some experience with woodwork will be necessary here. Nevertheless, you can use your imagination to make it look as good as possible! 

3. Use Sports Equipment As A Hanger

Some people may have equipment with their favorite player's signature. So, it would hurt to repurpose it as a wall hanger by drilling hooks into it. Fortunately, there's a way you can work around this. 

However, this depends on the size of the jersey. Additionally, it relies on the equipment of the sport. For example, hockey uses hockey sticks, and baseball uses bats. 

You can use those sticks or bats to straighten the jersey; they're large enough to be a makeshift hanger. Plus, they don't look as bad as a regular wire hanger. 

Thread the stick through the arm of the jersey. The ends of the stick will peek out of the arms; use this part to hide adhesive hooks that will hold the bat. 

You'll get a jersey that looks suspended by a hockey stick or baseball bat. The appearance might be overkill to some, but if you like it, you like it!

Here's a video demonstrating the idea:

4. Use A Display Hanger

Clothes hang on a shelf in a designer clothes store

The problem with using a standard clothes hanger is their size. Some of them aren't large enough to display a jersey entirely. As a result, you get a wrinkled shirt that doesn't look good on the wall. 

For this reason, consider getting a display hanger. Some display hangers are adjustable. So, you can rearrange the arms to straighten out any jersey.

Click here to see this display hanger on Amazon.

Of course, you'll need a push pin or a nail to place the hanger on the wall. It's one of the more simple ways to show off your jersey collection.

5. Sort Them With An Organizer

Pink team jersey hanging on the rack in locker room

Some people are major sports fans. So, they'll collect any jersey they can get their hands on. From sports legends to cult heroes, it's more of a historical collection. How would someone display that many jerseys? 

You don't necessarily have to hang the jerseys on the wall. Instead, why not organize them on shelves? One soccer coach—Luciano Spalletti—went to Instagram to show off his jersey collection. 

Instead of hanging them on walls, he assorts them in a manner that displays the name. You don't have to be a sports fan to admire this collection. It's impressive!

From the looks of it, he uses shelves only wide enough to display the name on the jerseys. As far as organizing goes, the jerseys are rolled and tucked in. 

It saves you the hassle of hammering a nail into your wall. Nevertheless, you could also hang the organizer to display your collection. Though, it needs to be lightweight. 

A few pieces of cardboard might be handy if the organizer is flimsy. It will be helpful to hold the organizers and the jersey's shape. 

If you want to roll it up like the image above, use a thin PVC pipe and some tape. Of course, you can also use cheaper alternatives, like a cardboard tube from a finished roll of paper towels. 

Does Framing a Jersey Damage It?

There's one concern that comes to mind if you plan on getting the jersey framed—choose the right professional. Otherwise, they might modify the shirt in a way that could damage it. 

It might be minor damage from pins and needles, but it's damage nonetheless. Some fans would rather have the jersey untouched by anything sharp. So, ask the vendor how they'll mount the jersey inside the frame. 

This way, you can get it framed without worrying about damage to the material. 

In Closing

There are many ways to hang a jersey on the wall. All we need is a little inspiration. Hopefully, you'll consider one of the ideas we've presented above. Otherwise, we hope these ideas inspire you to do something more creative. In any case, good luck with hanging the jerseys!

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