11 Paint Colors That Go With Pine Wood Trim Or Floors

Are you planning to repaint the interior of your home but aren't sure what colors work best with your pine flooring or trim? Well, you've come to the right place. We've put together this guide to provide you with some of the best colors to use with pine wood tones. 

These 11 paint colors are great options to pair with pine wood trim or floors:

  1. White
  2. Dark blue
  3. Light blue
  4. Bright green
  5. Pastel green
  6. Sage green 
  7. Pastel yellow
  8. Dark red
  9. Bright red
  10. Gray
  11. Purple

So what tones should you avoid using with pine? And how can you choose the perfect shade for your room? Keep reading to learn all about how these shades work with pine wood tones. 

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Which Paint Colors Work Well With Pine Wood?

Pine naturally contains orange and yellow undertones which pair well with both cool paint colors and, on occasion, a warm color too. To find the right paint color for your home, you will need to determine your preference and test some colors until you find a good fit. 

1. White

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Turquouise Living Room Panoramic View.

White is always a safe option to pair with wood tones. The neutrality of white makes it a good option under most circumstances and provides a beautiful contrast against wood tones. Another benefit of white walls is that it's so easy to work other colors in as well, so finding accent pieces and decor becomes a breeze.

Montage Signature In Snow White

This white paint is available in two different sheens to meet your needs. It's the perfect color to contrast against wood tones and really make them pop. 

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2. Dark Blue

A hyperrealistic interior with dark blue walls with pine wood trims

Dark blue is a great match with pine wood tones. The orange undertones in the wood complement the cool blue tones. They also have a great contrast that isn't too intense but still makes a huge impact.

Prestige Paints In Honorable Blue

This dark blue shade is perfect to create contrast against pine, and it's absolutely stunning. This color will draw attention, and it will make for a bold backdrop in any room.

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3. Light Blue

Turquouise Living Room with yellow colored sofa

Light shades of blue also look great with natural pine tones. They offer a more gentle contrast than dark blue and create a peaceful atmosphere. Light blue is also a great way to achieve a calming feeling in a room, making it a popular choice for bedrooms.

Prestige Paints In Blue Refrain

This light blue shade is a perfect choice for a room with pine flooring or trim. It's charming and offers a gentle but saturated hue.

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4. Dark Green

a hyperrealistic room with dark green walls that evoke a natural and woodsy feeling. Pair the green with pine flooring and trim for a rustic look.

Dark green walls create a very natural and woodsy feeling against pine flooring and trim. This color is the perfect option if you are aiming for a rustic look in your home. Add some primitive decor to complete the look and create interest.

Prestige Paints In Green Light

This dark green shade has an enchanting, foresty feeling. Paired with pine wood, your home will become a rustic getaway.

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5. Pastel Green

a hyperrealistic room featuring pastel green walls that complement natural pine tones.

Pastel green shades will go great with natural pine tones. The gentle color makes it simple to work in accent colors and prevents the wall color from becoming the focus of the room. It's a great way to add color without going overboard.

Prestige Paints In Pastel Green

This super mellow pastel green will couple beautifully with natural pine wood. This shade introduces a small amount of color into the room without distracting from the beauty of the wood.

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6. Sage Green

Empty simple living room with gray sofa, Christmas tree and gifts

This earthy, herbal shade is a great option to pair with pine. It creates an appealing bohemian identity in the room, making the space feel welcoming and fun.

KILZ Tribute In Statue Green

This herbal green tone is dark enough to allow the pine to shine through. Paired with the yellow undertones in the wood, this paint will help create a very earthy atmosphere. 

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7. Pastel Yellow

a hyperrealistic room with pastel yellow walls that pair incredibly well with pine wood.

Pastel and other pale shades of yellow can couple incredibly well with pine wood. They match nicely due to the yellow undertones present in the wood, and the paler color of the wall paint creates a subtle contrast against the darker shades of the wood.

Use white to help balance out the pine and the yellow paint for a stunning result.

Prestige Paints In Lightning Storm

This pale yellow tone is perfect to pair with pine wood. It's a great choice for any room and will offer a cozy warmth that is also sophisticated.

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8. Dark Red

a hyperrealistic room featuring dark red walls that create a homey and welcoming space in harmony with pine wood.

Pine and dark red paint go together very nicely. The warm undertones in pine blend with the warm tones in dark red, yet the pine is light enough to create some contrast. Dark red and pine will create a homey and welcoming space.

KILZ Tribute In Haute Red

This dark red shade is perfect for any space. It has a beautiful tone with a rich and elegant appearance. 

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9. Bright Red

a hyperrealistic room with bright red walls to achieve a warm and cozy feeling in your home.

Using bright red paint with pine is a great way to get a warm, cozy feeling in your home without making it too dark. Red will add color to your home without overwhelming the natural pine tones, and they play off each other's warm tones pleasantly.

Prestige Paints In Red Geranium

This shade of red is eye catching and bold. It will pair nicely with pine and complement the warm undertones of the natural wood.

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10. Gray

A hyperrealistic interior featuring pine wood furniture with exquisite wood trims and a balanced combination of gray walls

Pine and gray work well together and balance each other out very nicely. Gray is a cool color that helps to tone down the warm tones in the natural pine shade. Light, medium, and dark shades of gray will all complement natural wood tones.

Montage Signature In Twilight

This medium gray hue is a splendid color to pair with natural pine. It's got great color saturation without being too dark.

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11. Purple

a hyperrealistic room with purple walls, either light or dark, that complements pine wood tones for a unique and fun twist.

Both light and dark shades of purple will go great with pine wood tones. Purple will add a fun and unique twist to any space. Its cool tones help level out the warmth in the pine and create a stable color scheme.

Prestige Paints In Purple Gladiola

This gentle lavender tone is a great choice to go with pine wood tones. It's not too dark and not too bright, offering a wonderful middle ground.

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Can You Paint Pine?

Yes, pine can be painted and will hold color well. To ensure good coverage, make sure to use a high-quality primer before you paint. Once you paint pine, it can be difficult to restore it to a natural wood look, so make sure this is what you want before you begin.

Can You Paint Knotty Pine?

Yes, knotty pine can also be painted. However, the knots tend to bleed through, keeping a rustic appearance. If you don't want to be able to see the knots bleeding through, you may need to apply additional coats of primer and paint. 

KILZ Original Primer

This primer is a great choice to prevent touch spots from bleeding through. Use multiple coats for the best coverage, and always follow the directions on the paint can.

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Is Pine Still In Style?

Yes, pine is a timeless wood choice that is still very popular and commonly used today. It is one of the most affordable lumber options, and it has a charming appearance. It's a popular choice in interior settings because of its beautiful tones and grain.

Is Knotty Pine Still In Style?

Knotty pine is still in style, but it demands more thoughtful placement. Knotty pine creates a very rustic atmosphere in any room it might be used in. The knots in the wood make it stand out and can overpower any other theme in the room quite easily.

In Closing

Now that you know all about matching paint with pine wood, you're ready to start your search for the perfect color. Don't forget to test your paint against the pine in your home before you make a final decision. Have fun remodeling, and enjoy your updated space!

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