15 Great Rattan And Wicker Furniture Ideas [By Room]

Finding the perfect rattan and wicker furniture for your home can feel daunting without a bit of inspiration. Are you going for a Boho vibe or maybe just a tropical oasis? We are also very curious about this topic and have done our research and have many ideas to show you.

Choosing a piece of rattan and wicker furniture for your space is a trendy and stylish way to decorate and is surprisingly very versatile. We have found that adding a wicker or rattan chair or accent piece works well in any room and goes with just about any color scheme you can think of. A common misconception about rattan vs. wicker is that they are different materials. In reality, rattan is considered material, while wicker is a weaving method used in furniture designs.

As we get this post started, we will show you our top 15 rattan and wicker furniture ideas that you can add to your space. We even have found some super helpful products that will have your home-looking magazine ready that we will tag throughout. Wicker and rattan furniture have such a classic feel to them and never seem to fall out of style so having a piece for yourself is a good investment. With that said, let's get this list started!

A Rattan bed with gorgeous boho themed and a wicker end table with a plant on top, 15 Great Rattan And Wicker Furniture Ideas [By Room]

Bedroom Pieces 

1.  Bold Accent Chair

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Interior of a cream painted bedroom with white beddings, brown drapes, and a huge rattan accent chair, and

Our first idea is a wicker and rattan accent chair and hanging light that gives this room a ton of character and style. The chair's intricate woven design makes it a stand-out piece in the room and perfectly matches the other neutral decor. We suggest finding soft-colored bedding and choosing wood furniture to achieve a similar look at home.

2. Intricate Bed Frame

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A gorgeously made rattan bed, end table, dangling lamps inside a bedroom with a blue accent wall

The next bedroom furniture idea we have is an intricate rattan bed frame that we are loving. The frame's tropical design makes this room feel like a beachside getaway and perfectly matches the round side tables. We also want to note the woven hanging light fixtures that make this room look authentic and well planned.

3. Cozy Traditional Headboard

A huge rattan bed with white and brown pillows

Another excellent idea for your bedroom would be choosing a woven wicker headboard to accessorize your bed with. Wicker has a handmade look to it and makes for a unique addition to any space it is added to. We especially like the natural colors found in both the bedding and side table decor that make this room feel traditional and cozy.

Living Room Pieces

4. Bright Matching Chairs

Rattan chairs and an end table on the middle inside a white themed living room

Fourth, we have a bright living room rattan and wicker furniture idea that feels modern and clean. Going with similar or matching rattan chairs to put in your living room will add charm and create a theme for your space. We like how this room went with a rattan and wicker table that matches the chairs well and adds even more texture to the area.

Christopher Knight Home Rodney Woven Rattan Chair Set

Here we have a set of two matching rattan woven chairs from the Christopher Knight Home Collection that will help you achieve a similar look. These chairs are made from a high-quality faux rattan material and have a built-in cushion for comfort.

Follow this link to Amazon to check them out.

5. Hanging Light Fixtures

Interior of a rustic living room with a gray accent wall, gray sofa with drapes, and two rattan chairs on the dining table

Next, we have a great idea for a living room using rattan and wicker light fixtures and dining chairs. The hanging wicker lights give this room a modern yet Boho feel that we love and pair nicely with the warmer colored rattan and wicker dining chairs. Incorporating wicker in your lighting and furniture is a great way to tie your living room together and create a theme.

6. Artsy Living Room Seating

Modern interior of a brown and rustic themed living room with rattan chairs, sofas, and plant vases

Another great rattan living room idea would be introducing a set of dramatic accent chairs into your space. These chairs have an artsy look to them and pair nicely with the soft yellow couch and pastel-colored pillows. We suggest looking into a set of seat cushions for chairs like these because they tend to be uncomfortable without extra support.

Pillow Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Tufted Linen Seat Cushions

Here we have a set of two linen seat cushions from Pillow Perfect that will help make your rattan or wicker style chair more comfortable to sit in. These cushions are safe for indoor and outdoor use and measure 19 x 19 inches.

View them on Amazon here.

7. Hints Of Wicker

Interior of a rustic farmhouse themed living room with a black painted rattan end table and wooden pattern tile flooring

Next up, we have a modern living room idea for those wanting to use a little wicker in their space. This living room has a contemporary feel mixed with wicker hints in both the table, TV stand, and wall art. We like the table's dark glossy wicker design that gives this room a high-end and modern-day feeling.

8. Warmer Accents

Contemporary living room with a huge black sofa with yellow throw pillows, small rattan chairs, and brown carpeted flooring

Here we have another rattan and wicker idea to try out in your living room using warmer accent pieces throughout the space. This room is not rattan and wicker dominant but included a few items made from the two and turned out great. We like the double rattan and wicker chairs placed next to each other and the side table next to the brown leather sofa.

9. Classic Matching Set

Two gorgeously made rattan accent chairs and a rattan end table on the middle

Ninth, we have a classic-looking wicker matching set that is perfect for the living room. This three-piece furniture set has a dark wood accent and woven wicker design that feels like something that we would see in the south near the beach. This is another example of adding cushions to a wicker chair that is both stylish and necessary for comfort.

Outdoor Areas

10. Hammock And Sectional Set

A gorgeous outdoor patio with a long rattan sectional chair with throw pillows

Moving out to the yard, we have this tropical and Boho outdoor wicker and rattan idea that feels like a vacation. The matching wicker sectional set feels both modern and tropical out in this patio space, while the rattan hammock gives the area a Boho feel. Adding fun pillows to a space like this is a great way to add comfort and color to your patio and make it feel like a five-star resort.

U-MAX Seven Piece Outdoor Wicker Rattan Patio Set

Here is a seven-piece outdoor wicker and rattan seating set from U-MAX that will make every day feel like a vacation. This set comes with cushions, a tea table and can be customized to a few different fun colors.

View this patio set on Amazon by clicking here.

11. Matching Lounge Chairs

A luxurious swimming pool area with rattan chairs with white pillows

Next, we have a patio idea using deep seat rattan and wicker chairs that look perfect for roasting marshmallows. This furniture idea is excellent for anyone working with a fire pit that needs seating inspiration to get your patio ready for guests. Finding a deeper-seated chair will pay off when it comes to comfort, so we suggest finding something similar to this example for your own patio needs.

12. Dark Rattan And Wicker Rocking Chair

A cream colored front porch with rattan rocking chairs and wooden flooring

Making our way to the front porch, we have a dark rattan and wicker rocking chair that feels nostalgic. Choosing to go with a darker-colored rattan and wicker chair is a great way to add drama to your space and feels sleek compared to a more natural shade. This porch has a great black accented theme and feels like a trip back in time with modern influences.

Kitchen/Dining Area

13. Mid-Rise Barstools

Modern Mediterranean themed dining room with rattan chairs on the breakfast bar

Next, we have a great rattan and wicker idea for the kitchen using mid-rise dark barstools. This is a perfect way to add extra seating to your kitchen while keeping a tropical vibe going in your space. Many of us use our kitchen islands as a dinner table, so it is essential to find enough seating for everyone.

14. Modern Dining Chairs

A rustic inspired living room with rattan dining chairs, wooden dining table, and brown painted walls

Next, we have a dining room seating idea using modern wicker chairs with silver legs. This is one of our favorite concepts on the list because it perfectly combines island design with contemporary finishes and styles. The wicker screen and cabinet are also great details to be inspired by and make this room feel one of a kind.

15. Rounded Rattan Barstools

Three rattan chairs with metal standing frame on the breakfast bar

Last but certainly not least, we have a rounded modern rattan and wicker barstool idea that is perfect for a kitchen island. These barstools have a unique design that mixes classic rattan and modern farmhouse to create a super chic chair. Trying these out in a newer and more farmhouse-themed home may be the perfect way to incorporate some rattan and wicker into your space without changing its current theme.

Final Thoughts

Finding a way to incorporate wicker and rattan furniture into your home is a great way to keep your design unique. Using either or both furniture styles will give your space the perfect tropical or Boho feeling without coming across tacky. Whether you are into a more traditional rattan and wicker look or want to try something new, you won't be let down with this furniture style. From bedroom ideas we can't get out of our heads to contemporary yet classic rattan and wicker chairs we need in our living rooms immediately, this furniture style is a sure hit in your space. Now go take a seat (or a nap) and embrace your rattan and wicker furniture!

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