11 Gorgeous Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

Figuring out how to decorate a sloped ceiling bedroom can be tricky without some inspiration. Are you more of a minimalist, or is an opulent chandelier or accent chair more your speed? 

When it comes to decorating a bedroom with a sloped ceiling, lighting is everything. Adding a hanging light fixture is an easy way to frame and brighten up your bedroom. Another idea for sloped ceilings is a large headboard or accent chair to fill out some of the space below. It is super important to utilize your bedroom’s floor and wall space when working with a sloped ceiling.

As we get into this topic, we will show you our top 11 sloped ceiling bedroom ideas and tag some helpful, related products. Regardless of how big or small your bedroom is, it is essential to use your ceilings to your best advantage. With that said, let’s dive right in!

Bedroom with wood plank paneled walls and ceiling. View of black queen size bed and dry branches in the corner, 11 Gorgeous Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

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1. Ambient Spotlights

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Warm bedroom with high vaulted ceiling Bed with japanese style bedding

First up, we have this ambient sloped ceiling bedroom that feels super cozy. Typically, warmer light is best for a bedroom because of its intimate feel versus a bright white bulb. We especially like the dual bedside lamps that help brighten up this room and the separate seating area across from the bed.

Here is a pack of eight dimmable LED lightbulbs to give your room an ambient feeling. These lightbulbs are 60-watt equivalent, flicker-free, and promise to last over 15,000 hours.

Check out these LED lightbulbs on Amazon here.

2. Modern Farmhouse Design

Bedroom with wood plank paneled walls and ceiling. View of black queen size bed and dry branches in the corner, 11 Gorgeous Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

Coming in second, we have this farmhouse-style sloped ceiling bedroom that feels super clean and bright. Although this bedroom’s ceilings are not extremely tall, we like how the light fixture still plays an essential role in the room. Another design idea we suggest for this type of room would be a bright floor lamp to add extra light and decor to your space.

3. Subtle Gold Theming

A photorealistic bedroom with subtle gold accents in a sloped ceiling setting.

Third, we have this beautiful gold accented sloped ceiling bedroom that turned out amazing. As we said earlier, chandeliers make great additions to sloped ceilings and frame bedroom spaces very well. The gold theme throughout this room works nicely without feeling too overdone and gives the design a classy final look.

Here is a gold five-light chandelier to try out in your bedroom. This fixture is a pendent design, has five curved candle arms, and measures 18.5×23.5 inches long with a total hanging length of 59 inches.

View this chandelier on Amazon here.

4. Adding Statement Curtains

Vertical view of a gorgeous french country master bedroom suite in an upscale showcase home

Next, we have this classic French countryside sloped ceiling bedroom idea that feels timeless. Although the design of this bedroom has a more traditional look, we love how it still feels modern enough to live in. If you want to fill in the window space of your sloped ceiling bedroom, we suggest a set of curtains similar to these.

5. Vibrant Wall Art

Bright modern bedroom with hight vaulted ceiling and walkout deck. View of big bed in soft brown tones and stand with weights

Another sloped ceiling idea we found is this modern and artistic design. Typically, colorful art pieces work well in bedrooms with higher ceilings and fill wall space nicely. We especially love how this room went with lighting on either side of the hanging art to give it a gallery-like feel.

6. Indoor Garden Decor

a photorealistic representation of a modern sloped ceiling bedroom with an indoor garden theme.

Following a greener theme, we have this modern and simple sloped ceiling concept. Indoor gardening is very popular in urban areas and is a great way to show off your plants while adding color to your bedroom. We like how this room went with a hanging planter below the skylight to give the ceiling some color and utilize the natural light.

Here is a wonderful hanging macrame planter option to use in your bedroom. This boho planter comes with a 9×9 inch pot and has a total hanging length of 35 inches.

See it on Amazon here.

7. Tropical Meets Nautical

a photorealistic image of a bedroom with a tropical and nautical theme, featuring a tropical ceiling fan.

For those reading wanting to add a fan to their bedroom ceiling, this option is for you. Although installing a fan on a sloped ceiling seems unusual, this is very common and is a great way to cool things down during warmer seasons. Another detail we like in this bedroom is the mix of tropical and nautical theming that go together very nicely.

Here we have a tropical ceiling fan from Honeywell to hang in your bedroom. This fan is 52 inches, has five blades, and is indoor and outdoor safe.

Follow this link to see this fan on Amazon.

8. Bohemian Accents

a photorealistic depiction of a Boho chic sloped ceiling bedroom with a tall headboard and colorful lighting and decor.

Coming in at seven, we have this Boho chic sloped ceiling bedroom that is our favorite on the list. Whether you consider yourself Boho or not, we suggest you choose a tall headboard for your bedroom to fill in some of the extra wall space. This room did a great job of keeping a clean look while also adding some color and pattern to the lighting and decor, which we love.

9. Keeping It Simple

A photorealistic bright sloped ceiling bedroom with a minimalistic design.

Sticking with a minimalistic design, we have this bright sloped ceiling bedroom idea. Regardless of your aesthetic, keeping it simple is an easy way to give your room a clean look without having to do too much. We like how this design went with a rustic glass hanging light to brighten up the ceiling area and add some charm to the room.

10. Fun Floral Patterns

a photorealistic image of a cheerful sloped ceiling bedroom with fun floral patterns.

Next, we have this super cheerful sloped ceiling bedroom that we can’t get enough of. Flowers have a happy feel to them, making this a perfect idea for anyone after some vibrance and fun in their space. Although this room feels super comfortable and festive, it still has an upscale look which we appreciate.

11. Soft Neutral Tones

Elegant bedroom interior with Soft Neutral Tones

Last but not least, we have this neutral sloped ceiling bedroom idea that looks modern and sleek. Although this design has a more simple color scheme, we think it looks comfortable and uses the space well. The hanging geometric light is a stand-out in the room, and the yellowish-orange accent chair adds just the right amount of color to this bedroom design.

The Wrap Up

Whether your sloped ceilings are high, low, or somewhere in between, you’ve got to know how to accessorize them. From what we found, hanging a light fixture or fan from your ceiling is a great way to add some brightness and design to your sloped space. Another idea for a sloped ceiling bedroom is a larger-sized headboard and even a seating area for extra guests. Regardless of your style, make sure to invest in some artwork and keep your room authentically you.

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