13 Types of Bathroom Accessories – Do You Have Them All?

No bathroom can be deemed fully decorated before ensuring that there are certain bathroom accessories around. So, after settling on the perfect color palette and deciding on a theme, it’s time to get acquainted with the accessories that will make your bathroom complete.

13 Types of Bathroom Accessories - Do You Have Them All?

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Beyond having a standard toilet, bathtub, sink, and a vanity mirror, you will want to know what bathroom accessories are essential for your hygiene and happiness. The right bathroom accessories not only show off your sense of personal style and taste, but they help keep your space organized and feeling fresh.

Shower Curtains

Unless you have glass shower doors installed,  you will want to have a shower curtain installed for privacy and keeping your bathroom floor tidy. Shower curtains come in a variety of materials and styles, ranging from plastic to natural fabrics like canvas or linen.

Mildew Resistant Fabric Shower Curtain Waterproof by LiBa

If you like your bathroom shower to have a clean look and appreciate the pure beauty of a neutral color palette, this polyester shower curtain might be a good fit. Tackling dirty shower curtains and liners can be a pain when mildew, mold, or soap scum make an appearance. Not only does the creamy white color of this shower curtain give your shower an upscale look, but it is designed to repel water, resist mildew, and it’s machine washable.

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Check out this clean and stylish shower curtain on Amazon.

White and GrayChevron Fabric Shower Curtain Set by Uphome

Shower curtains are not only practical, but they allow you to expand your decor. The Boho style is trending in home decor and complements most color palettes and themes. A bathroom shower would look elegant with this polyester fabric shower curtain, which comes with rust-resistant grommets and features a chevron pattern and tassels.


Check out this light chevron shower curtain on Amazon.

Toothbrush Holder

George F. Whiting of Massachusetts registered the first patent for the toothbrush holder in 1894, and the rest is history. Toothbrush holders come in designs that are not only practical but act as an accent piece that ties together a bathroom’s decor.

UV Toothbrush Holder with Sterilization Function by SARMOCARE

Enjoy a toothbrush holder that provides a medical function by keeping multiple toothbrushes clean with a UV sterilization process. Keep germs away and toothbrushes and toothpaste within reach with this wall-mounted toothbrush holder that is modern and sophisticated.

Check out this UV sanitizing toothbrush holder on Amazon.

Towel Bar

A towel bar is more beneficial than a hook or rack with pegs because it provides ample room for a towel to hang fully extended and receive excellent airflow.

Preston Collection Single Towel Bar by Moen

Moen is a recognized name in home decor, and they don’t disappoint with this tasteful, modern towel bar for the bathroom. Easily coordinate with the rest of your bathroom decor when you install this stylish brushed nickel bar on the wall.

Check out this chic towel bar on Amazon.

Robe Hooks

A set of robe hooks is an ingenious accessory that allows you to keep your bathrobes clean, organized, and within an arm’s reach.

Double Robe Hook by Kohler

A robe hook should be durable and have a timeless style that readily complements the elements in a room. The finish on this robe hook is designed to resist corrosion and tarnish, and the chic design securely holds items.

Check out this chic and modern robe hook on Amazon.

Toilet Paper Holder

The toilet paper holder was invented as a practical solution and is available in various styles to suit aesthetic tastes. Toilet paper holders range from wall-mounted pieces to fancy stands.

Contemporary Toilet Paper Holder by Moen

Timeless and elegant, this chrome finish toilet paper mounts on the wall. The design is durable, supports up to 500 lbs. and looks great in all bathrooms.

Check out this toilet paper holder on Amazon.

Toilet Paper Storage Stand by Simple Housewares

Embrace elegant open storage and go beyond wall-mounted toilet paper holders with this chrome finish stand. Install this free-standing holder anywhere, and store up to three toilet paper rolls in addition to the one being dispensed.

Check out this free-standing toilet paper holder on Amazon.

Tissue Caddy

A tissue caddy is a bathroom accessory that keeps tissues organized and allows them to better blend in with the dominant bathroom decor. Protecting tissue boxes from getting wet or becoming unruly is easier with a tissue caddy.

Distressed  Tissue Box Cover with Slide-Out Bottom Panel by MyGift

Treat your bathroom to a rustic and vintage-looking wooden tissue caddy. The bottom easily slides out to replace tissues, and the wood finish fits seamlessly into all types of decor.

Check out this rustic and darling tissue caddy on Amazon.

Soap Dispenser

Liquid soap was initially famous for commercial uses and patented in 1865 before it became a household staple nearly 100 years later. Soap dispensers are an attractive way to store liquid soap for washing hands, and they reduce bulky soap bottles from taking up too much counter space.

Touchless Battery Operated Soap Dispenser by Secura

The future is here with this touchless soap dispenser that allows you to control the dispensed amount of soap, and it uses an infrared sensor. Since this soap dispenser is touchless, it maintains a more hygienic design, and it has a chic, modern chrome and black finish.

Check out this futuristic and hygienic soap dispenser on Amazon.

Soap Holder

The soap dish or a soap holder is a must-have bathroom accessory for anyone who adores using soap bars. There is plenty of versatility and room to display distinct and unique aesthetic tastes with soap holders made from wood, ceramic, steel, or glass.

Wood Soap Dish by Aspen Kay Naturals

There’s nothing quite like the durability and flexibility that a wooden soap dish offers. Any bathroom would look lovely with one of these handmade soap dishes, which are designed to drain excess water, and the cedar dishes are made without the use of harsh chemicals, varnish, or lacquer.

Check out these beautiful handmade wooden soap dishes on Amazon.

Sponge Basket

Baskets have been used since ancient times for all sorts of purposes. In the bathroom, a basket for containing sponges is an excellent form of visual display and open storage of a handy item.

Corner Basket for Sponges by iDesign

Brighten up your bathroom with this attractive basket complete with suction cups and ample space for a sponge, soap, and more. The design of this basket features a bronze twig and leaf design, and it nestles perfectly in the corner of a shower or can be placed on a countertop.

Check out this handy sponge basket on Amazon.

Cotton Swab Holder

After the cotton swab was introduced to the world in 1920, it made sense that holders for the practical beauty and cleaning tools needed to be invented. Instead of struggling to grab a few cotton swabs from a box without an accident, swab holders keep them organized and within reach.

Cotton Swab Organizer by Bloss

Enlighten your bathroom counter or cabinet space with this attractive, high-quality plastic q-tip organizer. Grab a q-tip with a smile and feel the Zen complements of the lotus flower that holds the q-tips in place.

Check out this beautiful q-tip holder on Amazon.

Cotton Ball Holder

Cotton balls are a helpful tool for applying and removing makeup, cleaning wounds, and are perfectly soft to the touch. Keeping cotton balls clean, organized, and ready to use when you need them requires a cotton ball holder.

Clear Plastic Cotton Ball and Swab Holder by STORi

Stay on top of the little things with this compact and clear plastic storage for cotton balls. The recessed lid adds additional space for precious possessions like rings, hairpins, and other tiny items in your bathroom.

Check out this attractive storage solution for cotton balls on Amazon.

Bath Rugs

Bath rugs are a great alternative to throwing a towel or mat onto a bathroom floor. They are ideal for keeping feet from getting chilly and soaking up water after taking a bath or shower.

Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat by Gorilla Grip

Treat your feet and eyes to a more opulent life in the bathroom. Gorilla Grip offers a bathroom rug that is plush to the touch, ultra-absorbent, and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Check out this soft bathroom rug and give yourself the royal treatment on Amazon.

Bathroom Mirrors

We spend a lot of time in bathrooms primping, styling our hair, washing our bodies, and brushing our teeth. Bathroom mirrors not only serve a practical purpose to check our appearance but can add to the decor of a bathroom.

Frameless Pivoting Bathroom Mirror by Moen

Get ready for your closeup when you install this frameless bathroom mirror that tilts to catch your best light. Complement any bathroom decor thanks to the brushed nickel finish on this elegant oval-shaped mirror.

Put these bathroom accessories on these gorgeous boho bathroom ideas!

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