21 Wall Decor Ideas for Your Dining Room

The dining room is a place of conviviality, conversation, and cuisine. The space you create reflects the atmosphere you want to convey when people dine in your home. From the comfort of your dining room chairs to the lushness of your table settings to the intimacy of your lighting, each decision enhances the dining experience. So why would you not put the same consideration into your choice of wall decor?

Luxury dining room with flowers on the table, nordic light chandelier and wall decors

We've found a beautiful selection of dining rooms with particular attention to the wall decor. We'll discuss each choice and how it works for the space in the photograph. We'll even help you find some resources to recreate the experience for yourself. Design is a way to both beautify your living space and show off your personal style. Here's a video showing some inspirational ideas you might wanna watch before proceeding with the list.


Showcase The Side Buffet Table

Many dining rooms have a sideboard that serves multiple duties. It can be a source of light in the form of lamps, it can show off a collection of small objects, and at dinner parties, it can be a place to place serving dishes. So why not bring the focus in with a lovely framed piece that picks up the colors in the rest of the space?

Classic dining room interior in a modern apartment with wooden table and grey chairs

This lovely print of wildflowers in a jar would be so attractive with the natural colors of the room above. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Creative Use Of Lighting As Decor

Often the best design involves thinking beyond the usual. In this stunning room, natural stone and a rustic dining table are contrasted with industrial-style lighting. A florescent style utility light has been hung vertically along the natural stone wall to both illuminate and decorate.

Rustic dining room interior in a modern house with decorative lights

Crisp Black And White Photographs

Clean white, grey, and black sets a neutral backdrop for a colorful meal. The framed black and white photos look smashing against the grey and white walls and pick up the black from the formidable light fixture with black structuring. It's a super look for today's modern dining spaces.

Modern nordic dining room interior

This is an excellent set of nine square photo frames with mats. The frames are 12 x 12 overall with mats cut to hold 8" x 8" photos. They are black, painted wooden frames. Click here to see these on Amazon.

When Less Is More

This room, with its sizeable built-in kitchen wall, serves double duty. In addition, the ornate chandelier commands the space making it imperative that the wall decor is simple. You don't want too much going on as a busy room can make for a less than soothing dining environment. Here a simple open clock on the wall above the buffet picks up the colors of the chandelier, wall cabinets, and dining chairs.

Modern house with classic dining room interior

This elegant black and gold design from Ashley Furnishings would look great in a host of decor styles. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Staying Informed With A Wall Television In The Dining Room

You're not always entertaining. Sometimes it's a simple meal with a spouse, and the only time you have to catch up on the day's news. A wall-mounted television in the dining room gives you the option of watching or not. Turn it off when you're serving company, turn it on when you need the news.

Modern dining room with polished wooden interior

A Wall Of Mirrors

If you have a small space or a space with low light, you might want to consider the strategic use of mirrors. In this case, they are built into the wall, but you could just as easily hang a collection of lovely framed mirrors in either eclectic or cohesive styles.

Modern dining room with mirror decoration and wine on the table

Click here to see this on Amazon.

Gorgeous Curtains As A Form Of Wall Decor

This dining room with its vibrant red wall and hanging mirror is played off of delicately with the patterned curtains. The spray of delicate flowers in gold brings its decorative element to the overall look of the room. It's simple and elegant.

Modern dining room with glass top table, red wall with mirror, place settings, window shades and overhead lighting

These sheer curtains with a sweet floral design could envoke the calm of nature in your dining room. Click here to see these on Amazon.

Keep Wall Decor To A Minimum And Allow Other Elements To Shine

Sometimes you choose to eschew the wall decor and focus on your room's clean lines and amazing lighting fixtures. That's what we see in this masculine dining space with its sleek, rich wood, billowing curtains, and fantastic lighting. The only wall decor is a mounted television against sleek finished wood.

Modern dining room interior with TV in a loft style apartment

Add A Large Wall Mirror

Sometimes you only want one large piece to showcase your space. Large windows bring the outdoors inside and how better to amplify it than with a massive mirror made to resemble an old window or door.

Modern dining room interior with rustic elements

Tapestry Hangings For A Natural Look

Macrame is having its moment in the sun again, and whether you create it yourself or purchase a piece elsewhere, the beautiful texture is a winner. Typically made of jute and natural fibers, it looks great in a Scandinavian inspired dining space.

Modern dining room interior with plants, wooden furniture and boho style decors

This is a ready-to-go, two-piece macrame wall hanging set. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Using Small Items In A Wall Shadow Box

This elegantly lit built-in shadow box begs for simple objets d'art rather than framed pieces. The beauty of this in your space is that it can change as your whims do. Put antique pieces, contemporary pieces, a collection of framed images. Anything that makes you feel peace and makes the space look amazing.

Modern dining room interior with hardwood floor and coffee cups on the table

These decorative lacework spheres in aluminum are a perfect shadow box display item for the dining room. Click here to see these on Amazon.

A Large Abstract Painting On Canvas

If you're a collector of original artwork, what better place to showcase one of your favorites than in your dining room. It can serve as both visual beauty and a conversation starter.

Luxury home dining room interior with dark brown wooden flooring and white leather dining furniture

Not Much Wall Space In Your Dining Room? Look To The Hall Beyond

Maybe your dining room space opens into other spaces beyond. That's the case in this lovely room. No wall decor in the dining room, but a lovely mirror collage wall hanging at the front door, and simple floating shelves to the left.

Luxury dining room with entryway, elegant light fixture, wooden table, hardwood floor and faux antler chandelier

Floating shelves are an elegant way to showcase your memorabilia and special items. Click here to see these on Amazon.

A Rectangular Gilt Mirror Reflects Light

Elegant simplicity is what this dining room has to say for itself. From the draping curtains with fabric valance boxes to the crystal chandelier, to the bronze cast sculpture, it's a beautiful space. So why not reflect it back with a large gilt rectangular mirror above the sideboard?

Luxurious dining room interior with rustic dining table and wooden deer decor

At 30" x 40" this large mirror will work in most spaces.

 Click here to see this on Amazon.

A Few Of Your Favorite Things

Maybe you have your grandmother's clock and a few pieces of collected artwork that you love? Use them! But you can frame with your color scheme in mind and make the look cohesive with the rest of the decor.

Light tones dining room with wood dining table set, rustic wall clock, wicker basket and storage cabinet

Use Wall Sconces as Wall Decor

Match a pair of wall sconces to your chandelier, and you get double duty. Visual interest in the walls and extra lighting for an ambient space.

Formal dining room interior with carpet on parquet floor and elegant dining set

Another take on the use of wall sconces that match the style of the overhead fixture.

Contemporary dining room with parquet floor, grey walls, wooden table and chairs

Personal Creative Artwork For Dining Room Wall Decor

In this simple small dining area, a macrame hanging, a child's framed print, and two pendant lamps work to embellish the space. What better way to showcase a family member's creativity than to display it on your dining room wall.

Dining room interior with poster of yellow flowers, round wooden table with matching chairs

A lovely handcrafted frame of old barn wood is the perfect way to showcase family artwork. Click here to see this on Amazon.

A Gallery Hanging Of Your Favorite Photos

We've mentioned black and white photography already as a great choice, and here we see it again. But maybe you want to showcase several pieces. Think of a tight gallery style wall hanging with frame sizes interspersed in a pattern that makes sense for the images and the space.

Dining room interior of a modern apartment with framed images design on grey brick walls

Framing A Television Or Fish Tank To Look Like A Painting

A unique technique is to take something like a television or a built-in fish tank and build out around in a frame fashion. This use of molding and wall space elevates the idea of something fantastic for the dining room wall.

Cozy luxury dining room with fabric upholstered dining chairs and polished concrete flooring

Using A Mural Element For Your Wall

This dining room utilizes molding and color to create a grid pattern that matches the other design elements in the room. But, there are plenty of ready-made murals available if you love the idea but don't want such a permanent commitment.

Classic dining room interior in a modern house with an intricate accent wall, brown carpet and hardwood floor

This amazing stick-on mural gives you the feel of weathered wood with no construction involved. It's 100 x 144 inches and completely removable. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Hopefully, you feel well-equipped to tackle the walls of your dining room now with fresh ideas and an abundance of creativity. Please do check out these other Home Decor Bliss posts for more design ideas:

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