11 Wall Decor Ideas For High Ceilings

Choosing new wall decor is a tough decision. There are endless ideas, ranging from 2-dimensional paintings to pop-out shelves. Creating that environment is difficult for any home, but there is even more space to tackle with high ceilings.

Do you tackle this project yourself or invite a professional into your home? Is the decoration something that should be handmade or purchased? 

There are all kinds of art forms that can be featured in your home. Keep reading to discover awesome inspiration for wall decor in houses with high ceilings. We hope you find inspiration from these lovely pieces!

Interior of a luxurious modern house with wooden flooring, luxurious chandelier with rustic sofas and couches, 11 Wall Decor Ideas For High Ceilings

1. Tree Top To Tree Top

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a customizable tree-themed wall decor for nature lovers that adapts to various wall heights and tree species

Calling all nature lovers! This one is for you. The tree top to tree top design can be customized to fit any wall height. In fact, it would be really cool to change the tree species depending on the desired height.

Just picture a tall redwood painting in a mansion! If you're going for something a bit smaller scale, it might be fun to paint it as a family or as a personal home decor project. 

Another idea for this wall decor design is to create a family tree using this as the base. 

Lastly, the tree could be 3-dimensional or 2-dimensional depending on your desires. For a 2-D design, you'll need paint and a ladder. For a 3-D design, you'll have to decide what kind of shelves to get and what to put on display. Some ideas are family portraits, framed childhood artwork, and favorite books. 

The shelves in the image appear to be custom made, but any bark-colored shelf would do fine.

2. Modern Makeover 

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a chic and minimalistic wall art piece with this stylish design, perfect for a dance studio or makeup artist's space

This piece looks like it is in a dance studio or a makeup artist's building. It is very minimalistic and has a chic style to it. This could be a wall decal, or it could be painted onto the brick.

Depending on your needs, you may need to hire a professional to paint this on the wall. Also, the style doesn't have to stop here. There could be several of these faces on the wall, or the size and scale of it could be altered. There is a lot that can be done to customize this look!

Here is a planter that we think would go great with this design. 

Click here to see this planter on Amazon.

3. Wall Of Plates

An eclectic wall of plates flowing together like a wave, showcasing fine china or homemade ceramic pieces.

If you have a cabinet of china that is taking up too much space, consider this option! 

A unique wall of plates. They flow together very well, almost as if they were creating a wave. This could be a fun idea to decorate your walls with. This designer used fine china, but even homemade ceramic pieces could be showcased. The different sizes also add complexity. 

Here's a suggestion to make the wall even more personal—ask family and friends to gift you a plate for your birthday or wedding anniversary. They might bring you something wacky or something with a deep meaning to it. The contrast between the pieces on the wall would be a great conversation starter as well. 

4. Stacks Of Artwork 

High ceilings in the bathroom? Cover the walls with artwork, but opt for themes like nature or animals to avoid an eerie feeling.

High ceilings in the bathroom? No problem! Cover the walls in artwork; although it might be weird if there are a bunch of portraits staring at you while you go to the bathroom. Maybe try a different kind of gallery, such as nature or animals. 

Note that the frames for all of these works of art are similar in shade. This keeps the room from feeling too crowded and makes the walls flow smoothly. Experiment with what kind of art might fit your bathroom walls. 

Click here to see this fun art for the bathroom on Amazon.

5. Super Shelf 

Create an extravagant wall shelf that spans the entire wall, perfect for displaying family portraits, metals, anime figurines, or abstract art.

One great way to utilize a wall is to create a shelf over it! Making the entire wall a shelf sounds extravagant, but it is a fun way to use the wall from top to bottom.

There could be family portraits displayed or metals from a championship. Modern interior design can include figurines from your favorite anime or abstract art. There are so many different styles the wall shelf can exhibit. 

There is a funky little bicycle ornament on the shelf. This is an example of the fun little designs you could add in!

Click here to find fun decor for your shelves on Amazon.

6. Back To The Basics

Embrace the basics with white panels on the wall, creating a clean and minimalist look.

You can't go wrong with the basics. In this image, there are white panels on the wall. That's it! For some people, this is the desired look. That is totally okay; not every house can be built with picture frames and mirrors everywhere. 

Another suggestion is to use white panels (like the ones pictured below) and paint them with your family. This is a good opportunity to showcase your artistic skills. Alternatively, they could be left blank to add texture to a wall.

Find these decorative panels on Amazon here.

7. Eclectic Twist 

a beautiful room with a wall featuring a built-in ledge that displays an array of items, including a clock, a plant, and a funky mustache

There is so much about this room that makes it beautiful, but let's just focus on the wall decor. There is a ledge that is built into the wall that displays an array of items. We see a clock, a plant, and a funky mustache. 

There is also a round mirror on the wall below the ledge. Mirrors are always an option for wall decor. In fact, there are even decorative mirrors! Below is an example of a decorative mirror that could be placed on any wall. 

View this hexagonal mirror on Amazon.

Another feature of the decor that we love is connected to the fireplace. This area can look a bit bare with such high ceilings. Note that there are two small doors that close the fireplace. There is also a built-in shelf on the right which is an efficient storage piece. 

Lastly, it is important to show that the wall farthest to the left is full of natural light. Having that many windows is not a privilege every home has, so we encourage you to keep that in mind. 

8. Prints And Posters

Enhance your walls with prints and posters, expressing your interests and adding character to your home.

Never underestimate the power of prints and posters! Even in houses with high ceilings and tall walls, adding movie posters and precious prints can elevate a home. Decor doesn't have to be picture-perfect and minimalistic. You're allowed to express your interests throughout your home decor. 

Experiment with different sizes of posters as well as mixed media. This can break up any monotony if you feel that it looks too plain. As always, we also encourage some of these prints to be designed by family/friends or purchased from a local artist. 

9. Plants Between Two Stories 

a distinctive two-story planter that adds a unique touch to your space

This is a unique planter that works well between two stories. While this wall decor is only visible from the stairs, something similar would look beautiful on the living room walls.

The grid acts as a trellis for the ivy plants while still supporting potted plants. This is another design where window placement really matters. Although, this design could be replicated with newspaper or tissue paper flowers as well. Let your imagination run wild with the decor between stories. 

Find hanging grids on Amazon here.

10. Fabulous Fabric

Display fabric on your walls using embroidery hoops, preserving cultural traditions or family heritage.

One piece of wall decor we haven't covered yet is different textiles. Weaving and sewing are two of the oldest traditions that get passed on from generation to generation. As a result, some cultures value textiles more than others. The significance of the fabric in the home might also be something to look into. 

There are various ways of displaying fabric on a wall, but this designer chose to use embroidery hoops. In the middle of the wall could be the family coat of arms if you're into that too. 

11. Cat Lovers 

Cat lovers' dream with cat furniture mounted on the wall, offering climbing opportunities for your feline friends.

There are different kinds of cat furniture, such as cat trees and tubes for them to crawl through. There are even giant ones that connect to windows or patios so the cat can go outside. 

Typically there aren't too many concerns with building cat furniture on the wall; just make sure that it is steadily secured in place. Cats have a great sense of balance, but the last thing you'd need is a loose screw! 

Many cat trees and toys are made of recycled cardboard, but you can also purchase them online. 

View cat furniture on Amazon.

In Closing 

Together, we discovered 11 different wall decor styles. It might remain a hard decision to choose what vibe to go with, but we hope these images sparked some inspiration! 

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