6 Ways To Hang A Window Scarf (With Pictures)

Are you trying to spruce up your window treatments with scarves, but aren't sure how to hang them for the best visual effects? Well, you've come to the right place. We've done the research to provide you with this guide on how to use window scarves to your advantage. 

  1. Over the ends
  2. Center twist
  3. Center hook
  4. Unbalanced
  5. Double scarves
  6. Decorated

You're probably wondering if window scarves are still in style or how to determine the best color for your window treatments. Keep reading to learn all about the different ways to decorate with window scarves.

Golden and white see through curtain in luxury style, 6 Ways To Hang A Window Scarf (With Pictures)

How To Use Window Scarves?

Window scarves can be hung in a variety of ways, but they are typically used as a way to add interest and character to a window treatment. They can be applied solo or along with curtains and other window coverings to provide a layered look. 

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Gorgeous golden floral patterned swag curtains

1. Over The Ends

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Madison Park Irina Diamond Sheer Embroidered Window Scarf | belk

To get this classic window scarf look, drape the ends of the scarf over each end of the curtain rod evenly. Let the center portion of the scarf hang down to create a luxurious center drape that adds character and texture to the window treatment.

This look can be used solo, but layering it with curtains adds dimension and makes for a statement.

Sheer Window Scarf

This window scarf is available in 17 different colors and two different sizes to meet your needs. The sheer fabric is the perfect choice for layering and can add a mixture of textures to add dimension.

Click here to see this window scarf on Amazon.

2. Center Twist

This contains an image of: Olliix.com | Irina 216" Diamond Sheer Embroidered Window Scarf White

Adding an extra twist around the rod in the center of the scarf creates an extra level of interest and elegance.

To get this look, we've got the scarf around the rod in the center, and then continue to flip it over the end of the rod as well. This method works great if you want to hide the rod brackets to give the room a cleaner, more finished look.

WPM Curtain Scarf

These sheer window scarves are available in a range of bold and vibrant colors. They're also available in two different sizes to meet your needs. 

Click here to check this window scarf out on Amazon.

3. Center Hook

Use a hook in the center to create a double drape that introduces a regal charm into the room. The hooks can be large and decorative or small and easily hidden. This look can be layered with curtains or draped on its own; both looks can be stunning. 

Curtain Hooks

These curtain hooks will be perfect to hold window scarves. They're decorative and beautiful while also being sleek and elegant.

Click here to check out these hooks on Amazon.

4. Unbalanced

To get an unbalanced look, allow one side of your window scarf to hang down lower than the other side. This method adds a unique look to any window or door and creates an intriguing appeal. This look can be adapted for use with a single drape or a three-hook method.

Patterned Window Scarf

This window scarf is available in a variety of colors and has an interesting pattern that draws your eye. It's available in two different sizes to fit a variety of applications.

Click here to see this window scarf on Amazon.

5. Double Scarves

Using two different color scarves together can create a dramatic effect and add more interest to the room. You can also experiment with patterns and textures to add creativity and provide a unique touch.

Try twisting and knotting the scarves together in different ways to find a fun and original style that fits your personality. Use double rods to layer your scarves on top of each other for an even more dramatic look.

6. Decorated

Use decorative ties to add a unique touch to your window treatment. These ties are available in all kinds of different styles, colors, materials, and themes. They're a great way to add some personality and character to your window scarves with ease.

4-Piece Decorative Curtain Tiebacks

These tiebacks are simple and elegant, making them a great choice for any room. They're available in five different colors, so you can find an option that will look great in any room.

Click here to see these tiebacks on Amazon.

How To Keep Window Scarf In Place?

Properly hanged velvet brown and white swag curtains

Keep window scarves in place by creating a tight twist around the rod when you hang the scarf. You can also try using additional hooks to help hold them and keep them steady. Adjustable curtain ties that can be tightened will also help to hold window scarves in place.

How To Hang A Window Scarf Without A Curtain Rod?

A purple swag curtain inside a dark living room

If you have a window without a curtain rod and you want to add a window scarf to it, just use hooks instead. This is a quick, easy, and efficient solution that will work well. You can use large decorative hooks or small hooks that won't be noticeable at all. 

BinifiMux Dragonfly Hook

This decorative hook is meant to be noticed and will add a fun and enchanting feeling to any room. They come in several different finishes and are offered in a two-pack. 

Click here to check these hooks out on Amazon.

Can You Use A Curtain As A Window Scarf?

Abstract white fabric curtain texture and blue sk

If you have a very long sheer curtain, you may be able to use it as a substitute for an actual window scarf. Whether or not it will work ultimately depends on the size of the window and the size of the curtain.

It's usually best to use an actual window scarf intended to be hung this way since they are designed to create the desired aesthetic.

Can You Hang A Curtain And Window Scarf On The Same Rod?

If you want to achieve a layered look, it's best to use a double curtain rod so the curtain and scarf can have their own rods to hang on. Use the drapes in the back and the scarf on the front rod to create a stunning layered effect that will also be effective at creating a degree of privacy.

OLV Gold Double Curtain Rod 36-72"

This double curtain rod is available in two different size ranges and two different finishes. It's perfect for layering your window treatments, and it's also very chic.

Click here to take a look at this double rod on Amazon.

Are Window Scarves Still In Style?

Yes, window scarves are timeless, and updating the style and pattern on the fabric can keep them fresh and modern. Window scarves are always a great way to add style to a bland window or curtain and can make a room feel much more elegant with ease. 

Are Window Scarves Necessary?

No, window scarves aren't a required part of a window treatment. They add more dimension and interest to a window treatment, but not everyone likes this more formal look for their home either.

Some people prefer just having curtains or drapes for a more casual feeling at home and a relaxing atmosphere.

Should Window Scarves Be Used Alone?

Yes, window scarves can be used on their own and still create an enchanting atmosphere, but you'll want to be selective about which rooms you use this method in.

Window scarves don't provide privacy and will allow a pretty clear view of your home from the outside in. Make sure you keep this fact in mind when planning your window treatments in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Are Window Scarves And Valances The Same Thing?

No, but they can be used in a very similar fashion. A valance curtain is a very short style of curtain that only covers about a quarter of the height of the window.

Valance curtains typically hang from a rod pocket that the curtain rod is inserted through. A window scarf used as a valance will cover the same amount of the window, but it will drape over the rod with extra fabric hanging down on either side.

In Closing

Golden and white see through curtain in luxury style

Now that you know all about using window scarves in your home, you're ready to start planning your window treatments. Take your time to consider all the different options and combinations you can use on your windows. Have fun redecorating, and enjoy your updated space!

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