What Color Deck Goes With A Grey House?

A grey house will always be stylish but trying to get that perfect way of matching a deck with your home remains a bit of a journey. Grey homes have a certain veneer that makes them look elegant, but that doesn’t mean this neutral hue is always easy to match. Ever wonder what you need to know about pairing a deck with your grey home? We’ve researched how to coordinate a deck with your home’s grey exterior.

There are several choices for deck colors that coordinate with a grey home. Some of the more popular options include:

  • Cherry Maple 
  • Grey
  • Honey Oak
  • White
  • Blue

Getting the right color for your deck can greatly impact the look of your home. To get the right look for your home, it’s a good idea to get a better look at potential deck colors.


ash grey composite decking built on, What-Color-Deck-Goes-With-A-Grey-House

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How Can You Match Deck And House Color?

Grey on grey is always a doable look that can give your home an elegant, modern feel. However, that’s not the only way that you can spin your potential deck color. We’re going to look at some of the cool ways you can turn your deck into a complement for your home’s exterior using the previously mentioned colors.

Cherry Maple

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Wooden yard with big rocks around a modern mansion, What Color Deck Goes With A Grey House?

The warm redness of cherry maple is a perfect contrast for the cooler undertones of grey. Though cherry maple is a red color, the blue undertones of this stain make it a good pick for grey homes without the worry of it clashing. If you are looking for a more traditional way to enjoy your deck, this makes a great stain that would highlight your wood without it looking fake. 


Home exterior of large grey classic house with pine trees

Grey on grey is about as foolproof as you can get in terms of home decor. It always adds a cool monochromatic look, as you can see, yet has a special vibe that makes your home look noticeably bigger. Using grey for a deck also works in terms of versatility since it can be done up in various materials, including concrete, stone, tile, and painted wood. 

Grey is the easiest way to make sure that your home looks complete, especially if you do a fully matched look. With that said, it’s understandable if you want a break from it. 

Honey Oak

Grey small house with simple deck and outdoor chairs

While it might not be the most popular wood stain for kitchen cabinets, honey oak works amazingly well as a deck stain for homes with a light to medium grey hue. This is actually becoming one of the more common color combinations for modern homes, even going so far as to make a quick entrance in bathroom layouts.

Honey oak is a bold color, which is why it works best with bold deck concepts. If you want to give your exterior a brighter look, it’s a good pick. If you’re worried about HOA complaints, keep searching. 


Exterior view of stylish house terrace with wooden pillars on ceiling and cobblestone floor

White is a great deck color for almost any type of home, and that includes grey houses that need a pop of brightness. This is a shade that is universally appealing and can work with almost any home design scheme. It can be modern or traditional, like a Cape Cod style. White’s uniquely fresh ambiance works with almost everyone’s tastes.


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Blue is slowly becoming accepted as an alternative neutral by designers, for a similar reason that many fashionistas pair everything with jeans. Due to the ubiquity of blue’s popularity, it’s seen as capable of working with almost any color. This is no exception. Grey and blue, paired together, make your home look perfectly nautical without it looking dated or hackneyed. 

Since blue is naturally cool in undertones, this is a great way to bring out the undertones in the grey of your home’s exterior. If you are looking for a slightly oceanic theme, this is a good pick. 

Questions To Consider When Choosing A Deck Color

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Choosing your deck color isn’t as easy as trying to find a cool bathroom idea and rolling with it. There are a lot of different schools of thought when it comes to matching your deck’s color to your house’s exterior. We’re going to go over some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic. 

Should The House And Deck Be The Same Color?

golden wood spa hammock outdoor house

Honestly, it’s not a bad choice. Matching the house and the deck will give your home a beautiful, continuous look that makes your whole home look bigger. However, you never have to match it if you don’t want to. Adding a bold contrast, like grey and cherry maple, works just as well as a monochrome look. 

Basically, matching your house and deck is a good way to stay on the safe side. Otherwise, you can get creative and have your own funky way of doing things.

Is It Better To Paint Or Stain The Deck?

man applying brown wood protection oil

Aesthetically, this is a matter of personal preference. Most people enjoy the look of a freshly-painted deck, especially if the deck is primarily composed of stone or poured concrete. On the other hand, stains (which exist for both wood and brick, by the way!) offer a good way to keep the deck materials’ natural patterns and textures intact. 

If you are looking for a longer-lasting option, then paint is the clear winner. Paint can last up to 10 years or more with good maintenance. If you were hoping to get a better time with stain, this, unfortunately, won’t be the case. You will need more maintenance and regular touch-ups to get the same stamina. 

How Often Should You Repaint/Restain Your Deck?

close on handyman painting old deck

If you want to keep up your deck’s appearance, you better be ready to grab a lot of stains and paints in the upcoming years. According to the experts, you should expect to restain your deck every three years if you do not add a UV-protective coating to it. If you do bi-annual sealant coatings, you might be able to lengthen the stain’s lifespan to approximately six years. 

Paint, as we’ve mentioned before, is more durable. If you splurge on good paint designed for outdoor use, a decade is a fair amount of time to expect it to stay intact. Regularly sealing your deck, keeping it clean, and adding protective covers during extreme weather can also improve your paint’s lifespan. 

In Closing

ash grey composite decking built on

Your deck’s color will be a huge part of your home’s exterior ambiance, which is why it makes a lot of sense to take time when choosing your deck’s paint or stain. A good rule of thumb to follow is to work with colors that are not considered warm undertones, but even then, rules are made to be broken. 

Decks are remarkably versatile when it comes to the sheer number of styles that you can accomplish with them. So if it makes more sense to you, think about the longevity of paint versus stain first. Once you decide on the type of coloration you want to use, then work your way through the color family you want to have. You can always match grey with grey for an absolutely stunning look. 

Wooden yard with big rocks around a modern mansion, What Color Deck Goes With A Grey House?

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