Where To Buy Beaded Curtains [Top 25 Online Stores]

Beaded curtains are a fabulous way to have a subtle sense of separation. The beads add to the overall aesthetic of the room and are the perfect “non-curtain” option. Whether they’re for the doorway or a window, the beaded curtains will be a showstopper. There are plenty of options to choose from, too. The best way to find the perfect set of beaded curtains is through online shopping.

Online shopping makes everything easier: browse, add to cart, purchase, then have it shipped right to you! You can easily check out multiple beaded curtains and decide which one will work best for you. And the best part is that you never even have to leave the comfort of your home. 

We compiled a list of the top 25 online stores where you can buy beaded curtains. So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Woman holding her credit card buying beaded curtains online, Where To Buy Beaded Curtains [Top 25 Online Stores]

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1. Amazon

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Amazon page showing beaded curtains

Amazon is the world’s leading online retailer, which should come as no surprise to you. The website features products from nearly every category imaginable, including beaded curtains. There are countless options available in all kinds of styles. If you have Amazon Prime, take advantage of the free 2-day shipping. 

Click here to see more on the Amazon website.

2. Walmart

Walmart page showing beaded curtains

Walmart is a retailer that has both an online presence and in-store experience. When you shop with Walmart, you’ll encounter every day low prices that provide ultimate value to the customers. There are some online exclusive products and free shipping for select items. 

Click here to see more on the Walmart website.

3. Wayfair

Wayfair page showing beaded curtains

When you shop with Wayfair, you know that you’ll have nearly limitless product options. The online retailer specializes in all kinds of items related to the home. So, no matter what room you’re trying to furnish, Wayfair has what you need. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $35. 

Click here to see more on the Wayfair website.

4. Shop Wild Things

Shop Wild Things page showing beaded curtains

Shop Wild Things offers beautiful and innovative decor to its customers. The family-owned company was founded in 1989 with a focus on sourcing quality goods. They have a vast, stocked warehouse ready to ship out your orders. All the beads are top quality and carefully selected.

Click here to see more on the Shop Wild Things website.

5. Event Decor Direct

Event Decor Direct page showing beaded curtains

Event Decor Direct was founded in 1988 and has brought its expertise to the event and wedding planning industry. All of their decorative products are “field tested” and guaranteed to be top quality. Their beaded curtain selection is certainly vast. 

Click here to see more on the Event Decor Direct website.

6. Etsy

Etsy page showing beaded curtains

When you shop with Etsy, you’ll discover all kinds of unique products. Etsy is an online marketplace that allows individual artisans to sell their products. This means you can find beaded curtains from around the world!

Click here to see more on the Etsy website.

7. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters page showing beaded curtains

Urban Outfitters was founded in 1970 as a lifestyle retailer dedicated to inspiring its customers. The company is all about creativity and finding ways to help its customers explore theirs. Discover gorgeous beaded curtains here.

Click here to see more on the Urban Outfitters website.

8. Kohl’s

Kohl's page showing beaded curtains

Kohl’s is a general merchandise retailer that carries products from all kinds of categories. If you’re looking to outfit your home, you’re at the right place. While their beaded curtain selection is rather small, you can rest assured knowing you’ll receive value and quality. 

Click here to see more on the Kohl’s website.

9. Overstock

Overstock page showing beaded curtains

No matter what style of home you have, Overstock is sure to carry products that match its style. The online retailer offers a handful of beaded curtains at discount prices. Enjoy free shipping on everything. 

Click here to see more on the Overstock website.

10. Balma Home

Balma Home page showing beaded curtains

Balma Home offers innovative products at value prices. The company stands for quality products, customer satisfaction, and teamwork. Check out customer reviews to find out more about the product before you purchase it.

Click here to see more on the Balma Home website.

11. Anderson’s 

Anderson's page showing beaded curtains

While Anderson’s is primarily focused on supplying all kinds of prom and homecoming decor, it doesn’t mean you can’t discover excellent beaded curtains on their site. The curtain selection includes many different bead styles that are sure to look perfect in your home.

Click here to see more on the Anderson’s website.

12. G&G Distributors

G&G Distributors page showing beaded curtains

G&G Distributors was established in 1941 and has evolved into one of the largest floral suppliers on the East coast. The wholesale distributor has an extensive product line with plenty of beaded curtains to choose from. 

Click here to see more on the G&G Distributors website.

13. Life Changing Products

Life Changing Products page showing beaded curtains

If you’re looking for some unique products, check out Life Changing Products. The retailer offers plenty of interesting and intriguing products. The crystal beaded curtains are alluring and whimsical and come in a few different colors. 

Click here to see more on the Life Changing Products website.

14. eBay

eBay page showing beaded curtains

eBay is a well-known, reliable, and super popular online auction website. If you can think of the product you want, chances are you can find it on eBay. eBay is made up of individual sellers, so there’s always a diverse selection of products. Make sure the seller ships to your area before purchasing.

Click here to see more on the eBay website.

15. Shein

Shein page showing beaded curtains

Shein is an international fashion e-commerce platform that focuses on offering products in men, women, children, and accessory categories. Enjoy high-value items without paying high prices. 

Click here to see more on the Shein website.

16. Sears

Sears page showing beaded curtains

While Sears is primarily an appliance and tool retailer, it does indeed carry many home goods and decor pieces. Refine your search by selecting various characteristics to find the perfect beaded curtains. Sears has frequent sales, so you’ll rarely have to pay full price.

Click here to see more on the Sears website.

17. Generation Store

Generation Store page showing beaded curtains

Discover all kinds of decorative products when you shop with the e-commerce Generation Store. The retailer supplies the best quality decorative products. There are hundreds of styles, sizes, and colors of beaded curtains that you can choose form.

Click here to see more on the Generation Store website.

18. That Bohemian Girl

That Bohemian Girl page showing beaded curtains

That Bohemian Girl offers all kinds of beaded and bohemian products. From home decor to clothing, you’ll encounter unique items. Check back frequently for new sale items. 

Click here to see more on the That Bohemian Girl website.

19. The Home Depot

The Home Depot page showing beaded curtains

The Home Depot is here for all of your home improvement needs which even includes decorations like beaded curtains. This retailer carries all kinds of products to help you get your home projects done right and with ease. Free delivery comes with many products. 

Click here to see more on The Home Depot website.

20. Beads Of Paradise

Beads Of Paradise page showing beaded curtains

Like the name of the company suggests, Beads Of Paradise is the store to go for all of your bead needs. It’s more than a store—it’s an experience. Their selection of beads is vast, including all kinds of unique and globally imported finds. The beaded curtains are even hand-painted.  

Click here to see more on the Beads Of Paradise website.

21. Ali Express

Ali Express page showing beaded curtains

Ali Express offers its customers thousands of products from nearly every product category imaginable. Their selections are so diverse, as the company seeks to meet all of its customers’ needs. There are new daily deals and discounts.

Click here to see more on the Ali Express website.

22. Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens page showing beaded curtains

The Better Homes & Garden magazine is one that focuses on all kinds of interests and projects related to the home and garden. The company also has many product selections so that its customers can recreate looks and ideas from its content.

Click here to see more on the Better Homes & Gardens website.

23. Shindigz

Shindigz page showing beaded curtains

Shindigz is the place to go if you’re looking to spruce up your events and celebrations. The family-owned business has thousands of occasion products, beaded curtains being one of them. While it may be a party-themed company, their selection of beaded curtains may do just the trick. 

Click here to see more on the Shindigz website.

24. Modernica Props

Modernica Props page showing beaded curtains

Modernica Props maintains an inventory of over 10,000 items ready to go in their warehouse. There are new items added to the collection every day, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Click here to see more on the Modernica Props website.

25. Memories Of A Butterfly

Memories Of A Butterfly page showing beaded curtains

Create the beaded curtains of your dreams with the help of Memories Of A Butterfly. This company creates custom-designed beaded curtains as well as ready-made ones. If you want a truly unique product, you can’t go wrong with Memories Of A Butterfly. 

Click here to see more on the Memories Of A Butterfly website.

Beaded curtains are sure to make an impact on your room design. We can’t wait to hear from you in the comment section below telling us how you use them in your home! Don’t miss out on these amazing home decor articles before you go:

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