What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls? 18 Stunning Ideas

Gray, as a wall color, is more popular than ever. From soft dove grays to deeper charcoals to the in-between greige, many home interiors use this neutral background to set the stage for their furnishings. When it comes to choosing curtains for gray walls, the options are plentiful, it all depends on the type of vibe you are going for.

Which color curtains are best for gray walls? We’ve put together a list to get you started.

  • Grays
  • Whites
  • Shades of Blue
  • Tans

Keep scrolling to see some excellent examples of these lovely color combinations.

Office room with dark gray curtain on window, plants and succulents, What Curtains Go With Gray Walls?

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Sheer White Curtains With Medium Gray Walls

This bedroom uses the trick of hanging the curtains from a higher point than the top of the window frame to give the illusion of greater ceiling height. In this case, because the curtains are a lovely sheer draping white curtain, and the ceilings are also white, the eye lifts upward, even though the walls are a darker shade of gray and the floors are a medium-dark wood tone.

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Beautiful white luxury bedroom suite in hotel with green blanket, hardwood floor and widescreen tv

Charcoal Gray Curtains Against A Medium Gray Wall

In this example, because the floors are lighter in color, the darker charcoal gray curtains work as a great contrast. The touches of black in the wrought iron curtain rods, plant stand, and side tables create brushstrokes of darkness against the natural light. Add to this neutral room a pop of color in the purple couch, and you’ve created something both modern and fun.

Modern loft room interior with cozy purple sofa, coffee and dining table

If you’re looking to buy charcoal gray curtains like these, check out this Amazon link.

Teal Curtains And White Sheers With Medium Gray Wall Paint

Because gray and blue are both cool colors, they are a natural fit when picking out curtains for your gray wall. In this case, we see the utilization of both a shimmery white sheet, along with a heavier teal-colored curtain. The tiny potted bonsai plant in matching teal is a lovely mirror of the curtain color and is both subtle and beautiful.

Studio type apartment with modern bedroom interior

Medium Gray Curtains And Medium Gray Walls For Monochromatic Elegance

If you’re looking for elegance and simplicity, think of going for a more monochromatic look. Although there is a tonal change between curtains and wall color in this elegant living room, it’s not dramatic, and simplicity creates a calming effect.

Modern living room interior with black and white checked pattern pillows and carpet

The monochromatic furniture looks awesome in this living room, but if you’re looking for more ideas for a room with gray walls, check out our post:
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Keeping Your Gray Walls And Gray Curtains The Same Tone

This loft room takes advantage of texture. The painted brick wall in softest gray and the elegant draping sheers in the same color play hard surface against a soft surface. If textures are at work, you can keep your palette very minimal.

Modern interior design of bedroom with rack, plants, bed and brick walls

Tan Curtains Against Greige Colored Walls

More and more, we see a color that spans the divide between the warmer tans and the cooler grays. Greiges are super popular, and this room is one of the reasons why. It picks up the russet tones in the exposed brick wall, while also playing nicely with the white and gray furniture pieces. The soft tan curtains blend in perfectly with both painted and brick walls.

Modern house living room interior with brick walls and garden view large window

Mossy Green Curtains With Blueish Gray Walls

If your gray walls contain a hint of blue, you might consider bringing in a grayish-green for your curtains. It’s like a subdued combination of woods and sky. In this example, the mossy green curtains have enough gray in their tone to work well with the wall color.

Modern bedroom interior in studio apartment with king-size bed

Gray and Rose Gray Curtains With Rose Gray Walls

A hint of pink shines through in this sumptuous living room wall color. To best play off the wall color, curtains have been double-hung: a charcoal curtain in the background, and a brocade curtain in the foreground.

Luxury modern gray themed living room interior

Mustard Curtains Against a Gray Green Wall

Your curtain color can pick up different colors from your paint color. In this case, the sunny, dark yellow curtains and furniture in similar tones bring out the green hues in the gray painted walls. It’s always a great idea to bring in a swath of colored fabric to hang up and see how the play of light from large windows will affect the look.

Living room with yellow curtains, gray walls and antique sofas

Check out these gorgeous mustard-colored drapes from Amazon for creating a similar look –

Ocean Blue Sheer Curtains Against Gray Paneled Walls

This is another example of a room with a lot of texture happening. Between the walls, the floor, and the foliage outside the window, it’s a lot for the eye. That’s why keeping things simple with a solid sheer, but a pop of different color to break up the gray, works so well.

Wooden gray walls and blue curtains

Solid Teal Curtains With Gray Walls

Here’s another example of a modern room utilizing the medium to a dark gray wall with white furniture and curtains in teal. The blues and grays are a natural combination.

Interior of a modern studio type apartment with single bed and tv

Soft Gray Curtains Against Textured Wall

This textured concrete wall in shades of gray is perfectly accented by darker floors, soft draping gray curtains, and coordinating throw pillows in three different shades of gray to match.

Greige Curtains With Greige Walls

Here is another stunning example of a monochromatic design scheme, this time in greige. The curtains are slightly darker and slightly more gray than the walls, which allows the abstract painting and marble floors to stand out.

Dining room with marble floor and two windows with curtains

Gray Walls, White Textured Curtains, Brown Leather Sofa

Blueish gray walls look beautiful with these white textured curtains and sheers. They provide a perfect backdrop for the classic brown leather sofa.

Cozy room interior with a leather sofa, a coffee table with a teapot and honey

Creme Colored Curtains and Dove Gray Walls

A subtle difference in the same scheme as the interior above. This time, we see creme-colored curtains used ceiling to floor for height and drama, against soft-medium toned gray walls. A dark leather sofa brings the eye back into the seating area, and decorative mirrors add reflective light.

Cozy condo living room interior

Blues And Grays And Whites For Your Wall Color And Curtains

We’re mad about this mix of blues in the throw pillows with the greenish-blue of the curtains against these stone gray walls. The cool tones work fabulous together, as do the shadow-box framed art pieces in white.

Compact smart apartment bedroom interior

Beige Curtains and Dark Greige Walls

For a transitional interior that appeals to a wide variety of decorating tastes, consider this beige on a greige combination. Solid colored beige curtains hang on brass rods against dark greige walls. Accents in bronze and metallics bring the whole look together for a room that is both comfortable and elegant.

Classic style interior with elegant sofa between two windows and hardwood floors

Draping Charcoal Gray Curtains Against Lighter Gray Walls

Another example with touches of rose hues combined with grays. In this case, soft blush furniture and bedding pieces play off of the sueded gray walls, and large draping curtains in textured charcoal add the feel of voluptuousness. If you’re looking for a true boudoir, consider this combination.

Classic luxury gray themed bedroom interior

If you’re looking for curtains for your gray walls, think about the feel you want to achieve. It’s easy to keep things neutral with whites and grays and beiges. For colored curtains, remember the light will affect your paint color in contrast to your curtain color, so you may want to check colors out before settling on the final choice.

These gorgeous plush dark gray curtains on Amazon can help you recreate the look –

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What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls? 18 Stunning Ideas
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