Can Sherwin Williams Change Paint Color Once Mixed?

Sherwin Williams has one of the highest quality paint brands on the market. With its high durability and adhesion, this would most probably be your paint of choice. But what do you do if you mix two colors of paint and you do not get the exact shade you wanted? We have researched to provide the answers below.

If you are not satisfied with the shade of color after mixing you can talk to a paint expert at Sherwin Williams who will help you achieve the color you desire in two ways:

  • Darken the color
  • Lighten the color

Continue reading and find out how to darken or lighten paint, the mistakes to avoid when mixing, and how much it costs to change your paint color.

Sherwin-Williams paint store in Toronto, Can Sherwin Williams Change Paint Color Once Mixed?

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Can You Change Your Paint After Mixing It?

Yes, it is possible to change your paint after mixing it. Sometimes, the paint looks different on a painted surface from how it looked during the initial trial after mixing two or more paint colors.

So if you bought from a Sherwin-Williams paint store, you can always contact a paint expert there. They will assess the paint you have against what you need and help achieve your desired results.

If your paint is light, it can be made darker, and if it is dark, it can be made lighter.

How To Darken Your Paint

There are two steps a Sherwin-Williams paint agent will take you through to darken your paint. They include:

Find The Right Color Mix Of Paint

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Building mixer for mixing paint in can

If the problem is that your paint is not dark enough, you will have to assess and determine what needs to be done to achieve your desired color. The base color may be acceptable but needs to be adjusted a shade or two higher. 

You might, for example, want to paint your walls the same color as the sofa. If the sofa is red wine, and the paint you have is red cherry, then you can add black paint to the red cherry to turn it into red wine.

Another example could be that your curtains are green turquoise, but the paint you bought for the walls is blue turquoise. The blue turquoise can be changed to green turquoise by adding the color yellow.

The Darkening Process

At Sherwin-Williams, the darkening is done meticulously to achieve the color shade you want. With their color-matching technology, they will ensure you get the perfect color mix.

After mixing several colors and producing a few samples, they will continue discussions with you until they achieve the correct color.

If you do not want to use the services of a professional expert, here is a DIY method that you can follow to darken a color:

Determine The Current Undertone

What is an undertone? When you mix two colors like blue and black, you get indigo. If you mix blue and green tint, the result is turquoise. The dominant color that you see is the overtone, while the color you do not see is the undertone

Another way of understanding an undertone is when you buy a perfect white color, but when you paint it, you discover it has a tone of yellow. If you get the undertone wrong, then the color will be wrong. It can make the space you want to paint look unappealing. 

There are three ways to identify the undertone of your paint.

  1. Apply a small strip of paint on white paper. When you look at it, the undertone will be more visible than when you look at the color on its own. 
  2. The color at the bottom of the paint strip is usually the darkest and boldest. This is the undertone. 
  3. Compare the color of the paint against the paint strip. The undertone is the color that stands out. 

Decide Between Gray Or Black To Darken Paint

Black or gray can be used to darken your paint. If the paint is a dark shade, black will make it darker. A gray colorant can be added if the paint is a light tan. 

Add The Colorant

Take your can of paint and pour out a small amount so that there is enough room in the can to mix the paint and colorant.  

Add the colorant a drop at a time, recording the number of drops added.  

You can also add yellow, red, or orange paint as a colorant depending on the undertone of the initial paint. Add drop by drop until you attain the color shade you desire. 

Don’t forget to keep a record of drops used. It will guide you if you need to repeat the process for any other paint you may want to mix. 

How To Lighten Your Paint

Industrial mixer mixes paint with water emulsion in a bucket

If you bought Sherwin-Williams paint, then it’s a good idea to consult with them to guide you on how to lighten your paint. 

You may have bought paint that is darker than you expected. Does this mean you wasted your money? No! Rather than tossing it out, you can make it lighter to the color shade required. 

Below is a DIY step-by-step guide on how to change the paint to a lighter shade:

  1. Buy white paint from the same manufacturer from whom you bought the colored paint. So if you bought Sherwin Williams paint, buy white paint from Sherwin Williams. Also, make sure the paints are the same type. Don’t mix oil-based paint with acrylic paints.
  2. For 1 gallon of paint, use 0.8 pints of white paint.
  3. Pour the white paint slowly into the colored paint, stirring slowly with a stick. A palette knife is the best tool for mixing if the paint is in tubes. 
  4. Check if you have achieved the correct shade, and use it if you’re satisfied. If you still want it lighter, keep adding white in 10% increments until you achieve the right shade. 

Points To Consider To Achieve The Right Color Mix

Check out this Sherwin-Williams colors collection deck on Amazon.

You can mix a color that looks very different after it’s painted on a surface such as a wall. If you have a knack for perfection, then the following points will guide you in the right direction to achieve the ultimate color mix.

Natural light

Stylish interior of living room at night

Paints always look different in different light settings. The fluorescent lighting in the paint stores doesn’t help much when picking out the right color.

You can take paint swatches home with you and stick them on the surface you will be painting. However, this may not be the most practical way to determine the best color for you.

The best solution is to buy sample cans of different colors. You will have enough paint to paint a much larger surface area and observe how they look in various lighting.

Alternatively, you can paint boards that you can move around the room. This will give you the opportunity to observe the colors under various types of lighting and choose the right one. 

Correct Sheen Or Finish

Mixing two sheens that are close to each other is acceptable. You can mix semi-gloss paint with gloss paint, or semi-gloss and satin.

But mixing a semi-gloss paint with a flat or eggshell finish can be difficult to mix and may form streaks after painting.

Correct Undertone

As discussed earlier in this post, the undertone of each color is important. Keep the color tone you want to achieve in mind when mixing two colors to produce the color shade desired.

For example, you may want white paint with an undertone of yellow but mistakenly purchase white with an undertone of blue. That is why you have to be absolutely sure of the undertone.

Consulting with an expert will help you avoid such mistakes.

Take Time To Decide

As you mix colors, take your time to decide the most suitable for your space.

Paint the surfaces with the color mixes of your choosing and let them stay there for a few days, and make your decision afterward. You will save yourself a lot of frustration and money.

Cost Of Mixing Sherwin-Williams Paint

Cube wooden blocks with alphabet combine word COSTS on wooden desk

The most expensive Sherwin-Williams paint is between $75 and $100 per gallon, while the least expensive is between $35 and $45.

In general, mixing paint costs between $10 and $30 per gallon of paint. Of course, the price of mixing paint is dependent on the type of paint and the amount of paint. 

In Closing

Sherwin-Williams paint is one of the most trusted and popular brands on the market. If you do not get the results you anticipated after mixing two or more colors, you can get help from a Sherwin-Williams paint expert.

They will guide you from the beginning to the end to achieve the desired color. And if you do not want to spend on professional services, you have the DIY option.

There are various points to consider to avoid making mistakes to achieve the right shade of color.  

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