What Color Bathroom Cabinets And Vanity Go With Beige Tile?

You are probably wondering what color bathroom wall cabinets and vanity go well with beige tile. Perhaps you are decorating your bathroom or thinking about putting up beige tile. We have done the research for you. Here you will learn all about what colors go well with beige tile.

There are a variety of colors that look great with beige tile. White is one visually aesthetic choice due to both beige and white being light and expansive colors. These colors are also considered to be calming. Some other colors that match well with beige tiles include light blue, light brown, deep expresso, emerald, red, and black.

Keep reading to gain more insight into whether your wall cabinets have to match your vanity, if beige is a good color for a bathroom, what color towels to use in a beige bathroom, and some beige bathroom decorating ideas including using plants for bathrooms.

modern bathroom with beige tiles, gray cabinets on vanity mirror. What Color Bathroom Cabinets And Vanity Go With Beige Tile

Bathroom Cabinet & Vanity Colors for Beige Tiles


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beautiful bathroom has double sink with mirrors and a sunken bathtub.

Here, we see how beige can really jive with green hues. The emerald vanity softens this beige and olive bathroom while drawing the eye to the star of the show, expansive his and hers sinks set in beige marble countertops. 

Light Blue

Here, we see an example of how light blue meshes with beige. This image gives you an idea of how light blue continues to lighten the room as beige does.

Light Brown

Here, we see a combination of beige with light brown. Using light-colored wood is a great way to combine with beige tile successfully.

Deep Expresso

Here, we see how beige matches well with deep expresso. This image also shows a floating vanity which helps with the expansive look that beige provides.


Here, we get an idea of how red combines with beige. The tile is around the bathtub rather than on the wall but works well in the same way as a color combination.


Here, we see how black and beige look when placed together. This gives off a sleek look.

Do bathroom wall cabinets have to match the vanity?

Bathroom wall cabinets do not necessarily have to match the vanity, but it is best to choose complementary colors. You want to choose colors that complement one another to provide fluidity. Choosing complementary colors is an important rule to remember for decorating any room in your home.

If you are someone who likes for things to flow, perhaps you may prefer for your vanity and wall cabinets to match. You do not want your vanity and wall cabinets to blend in with the beige tile, though. Regardless of whether or not your wall cabinets and vanity match, choose cool colors to stay consistent with the light look and feel that beige provides. 

Is beige a good color for a bathroom?

Beige is a good color choice for a bathroom. Because bathrooms tend to have inadequate natural lighting, a neutral color like beige will not further darken the room. This is important because lighter colors assist in making your bathroom appear to be bigger and more open than it may actually be.

Beige is a perfect alternative to white if you still want some color on your walls without making your room appear closed in. White, light gray, and light blue are great alternatives to beige walls. 

Beige is a color that is thought to be neutral, light, and airy; therefore, it is suitable for a bathroom. When choosing a wall color for your bathroom, it is preferable to select a relaxing and soothing color rather than bold. Beige is a tranquil color choice.

A rustic look is a fantastic option for rooms tiled in beige. Brass fixtures can help your rustic look come together with beige tiled walls. Rustic decorations highlight natural beauty. This can include simple, earthy decorations or additions such as utilizing cedarwood or mahogany to help tie together the warmth of the room.

What color towels for a beige bathroom?

The best color towels to use for a beige bathroom are dark brown, variant shades of blue, emerald or teal, black, red, or white. Those colors are suggested because they essentially deliver an attractive contrast to beige.

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If you go with white for your cabinets and vanity, you will most likely want to choose a different color for your towels. Beige is ideal for providing a soft, relaxing feel. When you match darker color towels with beige tile, your room will feel like it is coming together nicely.

Coordinating towel rods

As you are going through the process of choosing bathroom towels, keep in mind the style of your hanging rods. If your towel bar is made of darker wood like cherry, mahogany, or walnut, consider using light blue or light brown towels. Doing so will help create a contrast between the dark wood and your bathroom towels.

Beige Bathroom Decorating Ideas

With beige tile, you can decorate with almost anything as long as it complements the shade of beige you choose. For instance, you may enjoy the look and feel of glass shower doors. Having those in place will allow for your beige tiling to remain displayed.

Decorative Shelving

A lot of people like to have a floating shelf above their toilet or on the wall across from their toilet. This allows for the room to still feel open, yet it gives you the opportunity to decorate without anything being in your way. You can decorate a bathroom shelf with candles, colorful glass bottles for fake or real flowers, small plants, and wooden decor.

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Bath Mats & Shower Curtains

Dark brown bath mats or rugs are another way to add color to complement your beige tile. When choosing your shower curtain, keep complementary colors in mind. If you have a shower curtain rather than glass doors, metal hooks to hold your shower curtain in place are visually appealing.

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Coordinated Organizers

Small organizers are also helpful in bathrooms as a place for storing your washcloths or amenities. White wicker baskets on a small table or your vanity will look nice with beige walls or tile as well. They are also helpful for holding items you may not have the space for otherwise.

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Placing Plants in Your Bathroom

You can add plants to your bathroom for an earthy look, and they add color to the room. One option is to place vines that hang from your ceiling. If this is the right look for you, you can place yours in a brown basket pot holder. These can hang from the ceiling or sit on a small table inside of your bathroom.

Glass tabletops are always an optimal choice. They are easy to maintain and can give you a way to display an intricate base. Picking out an intricate base can give you one more way to decorate your bathroom the way you prefer.

If you like to have leafy plants in plain sight, a Heartleaf Philodendron or a Polka Dot Plant may be right for you. Polka Dot Plants require bright sunlight so you would only want to choose this if you have a well-lit bathroom. Well-lit bathrooms usually have a larger window than typical bathrooms. These provide more natural lighting to come in.

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Ferns are another great choice when selecting plants to add color to your bathroom. They are perfect for bathrooms because they grow well in indirect light. Other plants that do not need much sunlight or grow well in indirect sunlight are African violets, variations of Ficus, Spider Plants, and the Peace Lily.

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In Closing

Overall, beige is an appropriate selection for bathroom tile. Light colors like beige help open up the room. White, dark brown, emerald, red, and black are complementary colors for beige walls.

If your toilet and bathtub are white, you will probably want to choose a darker color for your vanity and wall cabinets. The same goes for bathroom towels. Beige gives off a peaceful feeling which is exactly what you want for a bathroom. Decorate using plants, baskets, candles, rustic decorations, or whatever you like best. 

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