How To Decorate A Bathroom With Towels In A Basket

Finding new and clever ways to decorate your bathroom isn’t always as easy as it seems. For example, do you have new towels you want to show off and want to try also using a basket? What is the best way to decorate a bathroom with towels in a basket?

Well, we’ve done plenty of searching and have the answer below!

One of the most popular ways to display towels in a basket for the bathroom is by rolling them up and stacking them beside each other vertically. Because you will likely use a wicker basket or one with a cylinder shape, your towels can be arranged facing upwards.

Furthermore, you can also roll some of the towels, leaving a few draping over the side of your basket. Especially if you have many, it can be tricky to squeeze every towel into your basket.

As we start this article, we will cover all things bathroom design and show you how to decorate with towels in a basket. Whether you’re renovating, just bought all-new towels, or have other design questions, we’re here to help. With that said, let’s dive right in!

Shelving unit and baskets with clean towels and toiletries near brick wall. - How To Decorate A Bathroom With Towels In A Basket

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How Do You Arrange Bathroom Towels In A Basket?

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Stylish interior of bathroom with green houseplants.

Arranging your bathroom towels in a basket shouldn’t be too challenging. Generally, you want to find a basket that can hold a few types of towels. These may include facecloths, hand towels, and body towels.

Once your basket is ready, we recommend rolling your towels and placing them inside. Usually, people will have their rolled towels stand vertically beside each other in a basket, although if your basket is larger, you can certainly stack them.

Especially if you’re going for a decorative towel arrangement, draping one or two along the rim of the basket in your bathroom is fine.

As long as how you arrange them makes sense for how they’ll be used, most ideas will be fine. It’s common for people to have decorative towels they don’t use and other ones they do.

Cylinder-shaped baskets work best for rolled towels, although square or rectangular designs should also be compatible.

Is It Better To Fold Towels And Put Them Into A Basket Or Roll Them?

You often want to roll towels before placing them into a basket. Since towels can be bulky, rolling them before displaying them in a basket can save space.

Furthermore, rolling towels will make them easier to grab after a shower and allow more to be packed into your display. Folding, although traditionally done, doesn’t always make sense for basket storage.

You would need to rummage through the folded towels to find the one you wanted versus being able to see and quickly grab it. Of course, folding towels and neatly placing them into a basket is also fine.

If you don’t plan on needing towels from the basket often, folding and stacking them isn’t a bad idea. Of course, you might want to keep large body towels towards the bottom, hand towels in the middle, and facecloths at the top.

Think of this as arranging your folded towels by size.

Rolled towels are better for basket display and storage, following a more “spa-like” look. If that’s what you want for your bathroom, then rolled towels might be the better choice.

How Big Should A Towel Basket Be In The Bathroom?

Basket with clean towels on table.

Although this depends on the number of towels you wish to display in your bathroom, it can be helpful to go with a larger basket. Typically, cylinder-shaped baskets will work best for bulkier towels.

You could go with one 12×12 inches, 12×16 inches, or even 12×18 inches. Some baskets get much larger than this, even measuring 24×18 inches.

There are endless options, so if you want to go big, you certainly can. However, you want to remember your bathroom’s size and current layout.

If having a massive towel display will make moving around the space awkward, then we don’t recommend it. Instead, you could try to have a medium-sized basket filled with towels on a shelf, above the toilet, or even on the counter.

You might even want to tuck your towel basket away if you’re running low on space so it doesn’t always need to attract attention. As long as your towels have a dry place to be stored, they’ll work nicely in your bathroom.

Should I Have Multiple Towel Basket Displays In My Bathroom?

Although you don’t need more than one towel basket in your bathroom, doing this can be helpful. Using baskets can clear up space if you have more towels than storage.

As we said, using the roll and stack method works wonders for bathrooms of all sizes, so who’s to say that can’t be the same situation for you?

If you want body towels in a basket near the shower and another basket on the counter with hand and face towels, this is certainly fine.

You want to focus on making your towels easily accessible, especially if you plan on using them. However, if your towels are decorative, then you should only need a single basket.

Most bathrooms will also feature towel rods to hang a few towels. Therefore, you might want to keep the towels you use in a storage basket and the display ones on your rack.

You can also reverse that idea and keep usable towels on the rack/rod and display decorative ones in a spa-inspired basket. Again, there’s not one way to do this. As long as your towel arrangements make sense for your lifestyle, they will look nice.

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Where Should I Put My Towel Basket In The Bathroom?

One of the best places for a towel basket in the bathroom is near the shower. Since you will likely need to grab a body towel after showering, keeping your basket close by can be helpful.

That said, if you also plan on storing hand towels and face rags in the basket, they can go between the two spaces. If your toilet is in the middle area, your basket can go above it or on a shelf on the wall.

However, you don’t want to place a basket of towels under a toilet or near the floor beside it. Having your towel basket away from the toilet is a good idea for sanitary reasons.

Accidents can happen, and the last thing anyone wants is to have to throw away all their expensive towels. Therefore, if possible, try and install a wall shelf for your basket, place it beside the shower, or store it on or under your countertop.

Most bathrooms should have cabinet space, so don’t be afraid to tuck your towels away between uses. Not everyone wants their extra towels to be visible to guests, so keeping your basket hidden during the day is more than okay.

Regardless, you want to ensure that if your towels are damp, they are stored somewhere with good airflow. If you place a wet towel into a basket and then tuck it under the sink or a nearby cabinet, mildew and mold are more likely to start growing/forming.

So, wait until your towels are completely dry before tucking them away.

What Type Of Basket Should I Use For Bathroom Towels?

white cotton towels in basket with green plant on white counter table inside a bright bathroom background, copy space for product display montage.

When it comes to the type of basket you should use for bathroom towels, wicker materials are the most popular and common. One of the benefits of choosing a wicker basket is that it will keep towels dry, as it is virtually moisture-resistant.

Therefore, placing towels into a wicker basket can help prevent mildew and mold from forming. On top of that, wicker baskets have a lightweight design, making them easy to move around.

For example, if you want to pick up your wicker basket and move it under the sink when guests are over, this shouldn’t be straining.

Wicker baskets also have a boho-chic aesthetic, making them perfect for most bathroom designs. Although they are slightly more natural, your wicker basket can become a standout piece in your bathroom’s design.

If you want something less noticeable, wicker baskets come in various colors, weaves, and sizes, following a more muted tone.

What Is The Best Way To Display Bathroom Towels?

Clean towels on holder and wicker basket in bathroom

Although there are countless ways to display towels in a bathroom, hanging them is one of the best ways to do this. According to most design experts, draping or hanging towels is an excellent way to show them off and keep them properly stored.

Furthermore, professionals also recommend using a basket for towels, especially if you roll them. Therefore, mixing the two display methods might be perfect for your space.

The key to displaying bathroom towels is having them close enough to where you need them. Even if you don’t have towels you plan on using, it will look more natural if they’re displayed near the shower or sink.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you recently purchased new towels or have more than you can store, using a basket to display them is always a great idea. We found that the best way to decorate a bathroom with towels in a basket is to roll them and place them facing upward in a wicker basket.

You might want to keep your towels near the shower or the counters by your sink. The key is having them somewhere dry and away from the toilet.

You can also hang the towels you wish to display and roll the ones you plan on using. Good luck!

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