15 Gothic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Gothic style oozes visual appeal, but it is not for the faint of heart. Most Gothic home decor uses opulent Victorian-era elements, predominantly black furniture and accessories, and possibly even white or pastel colors for a striking look.

There are many types of Goths, not a one-size-fits-all subculture and aesthetic. Consider the allure and drama of a Gothic bedroom complete with dark-colored furnishings, embellished wallpaper, nods to the dead, and ornate details. 

Be aware that some Gothic-style pieces can be pretty expensive and hard to find. However, it is perfectly acceptable to find more affordable furniture and accessories or make decor pieces to create the perfect Goth bedroom. Embrace DIY decor.

We have a curated list of beautifully furnished Gothic bedrooms that will inspire your inner darkness and sense of mystery. Check out sinister decor solutions for bedrooms with white walls, small layouts, and other challenges. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

A luxury gothic bedroom interior, 15 Gothic Bedroom Decor Ideas

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1. Eternal Slumber

If you have a room with white walls and a giant window letting in too much light, keep things focused on the dark with a well-placed platform bed. Note the excellent use of accessories with the nightstand, table lamp, and wall art. 

[PIN id=”384213411964325969″ size=”large”]

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The bed is the star of the show, complete with a lovely striped headboard and appropriately themed throw pillows.

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2. Vampire’s Lair

[PIN id=”114912227969819065″ size=”large”]


Anne Rice fans are likely to rejoice with this regal bedroom fit for a vampire. Note the exquisite wallpaper in a wine red, the accompanying black and red side tables, and the heavy drapery to cover those big bright windows.

The bed is fit for royalty, with a heavy black curtain behind the masterfully detailed headboard and lush bed linens.

3. Baby Bat Love

[PIN id=”703194929308893080″ size=”large”]


If you’re short on space, painting one wall purple and surrounding it with Goth-themed art, bat decals, and details is a must. Feel as secure as a vampire in their coffin surrounded with open shelving displaying a spooky shoe collection.

The vanity has a wonderful collection of skulls and roses to complement the wall art above the bed and the candelabra.

4. Summon & Stir

[PIN id=”289989663512835360″ size=”large”]


A dose of tasteful accessories summons the dark and balances out bright white walls and windows. The tapestry behind the bed features a large palmistry hand, and fringe covered room lights feel borrowed from classic fortune tellers.

Dream catchers, animal skulls, tree branches, and dried roses add a touch of romance from beyond the veil.

Check out this psychic-themed tapestry on Amazon.

5. Antique Whispers

[PIN id=”95560823332962092″ size=”large”]


Use a few creepy antique dolls nestled on an antique bookshelf bed surrounded with framed old photos, dead butterflies, curiosities, and a skull for good measure. A mix of textures for the blankets and pillows is a ghastly dream.

Openly displaying a collection of odd boxes, candles, and keeping the bed in the corner adds a sense of mystery.

6. Infernal Purple

[PIN id=”172192385731790202″ size=”large”]


What do you do if you live with a drop ceiling and clapboard walls? Stick to a jewel-tone purple for the walls, bed, and accent rug. This bedroom is short on space, but the use of color carves out a dramatic, Gothic niche.

Note how the cluster of wall art cradles the bed, and the various items on the shelving add a touch of witchy vibes.

7. Modern Dark

[PIN id=”145170787958041726″ size=”large”]


Love the Goth look but want something more upscale and understated? Look at this example with the grayscale wall treatment and stylish fringe lamp over the bed. Use an industrial and minimalist aesthetic to achieve a dark mood.

The bed’s black, textured bedspread and pillows look stunning against the lighter accessories for a chic Gothic style.

8. Dollhouse Rules

[PIN id=”327355466664037410″ size=”large”]


There is something so incredibly insidious and haunting about dolls, which makes it the perfect Gothic accessory to use for a creepy, cute bedroom. This small white bedroom is anything but calm and safe, with a host of sinister dolls about.

The spirit board themed bedding and Ouija board, black apparel, handbags, and mini guillotine scream horror show.

Check out this Living Dead Doll on Amazon.

9. Nightmare Dreams

[PIN id=”263882859395184997″ size=”large”]


Ever since the debut of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, this cult animated classic has captured the heart of younger Goths. Consequently, decorating a bedroom with the movie characters creates a haunting vibe.

For babies and big kids at heart, accessorizing with stripes and Jack Skellington manages to pull off a subtle Goth look.

10. Bat Crazy In Love

[PIN id=”710372541217517590″ size=”large”]


There is something so alluring and mystical about bats. So, why not transform a corner bedroom into a serene Gothic oasis, and decorate with all bat everything. Stick on wall decals, bat plushies, and custom bat ornaments are so vogue.

Instead of relying on a black wall treatment, the gray walls perfectly complement the curtains and striped bedspread.

Check out this striped bedspread on Amazon.

11. Boldly Baroque

[PIN id=”330240585175463794″ size=”large”]


As an elder Goth looking for decor that is understated and sophisticated, opt for a bedroom with rich, Baroque details. Install ornate wallpaper, use an oversized mirror as a headboard, and accessorize with flowers and a book collection.

Throw on layers of plush bed linens, and revel in a modern Goth look with custom spiderweb-like overhead lighting.

12. Velvet & Veils

[PIN id=”347903139957285130″ size=”large”]


The use of textured textiles that are velveteen, shaggy, tufted leather, and veiled lace gives off haunting, romantic energy for a Gothic bedroom. Show off dead flowers in vases, framed artwork, and a wreath of skulls.

The ornate mirrors on both sides of the bed are a nod to Victorian aesthetic and complement the headboard details.

13. Coffin Delight

[PIN id=”138978338485046157″ size=”large”]


If you can splurge on a coffin as an accessory, instantly set the mood amidst blood-red walls and bedding. This room was made for the undead, with the richly detailed wooden bed frame, decorative throw pillows, and bed cover.

The brass and bronze-colored antique mirror and accessories are a wonderful touch along with the beaded chandelier.

14. Pastel Creep

[PIN id=”364932376036191327″ size=”large”]


It’s not always about tons of black if you love a pastel Goth aesthetic. A newer generation of Goths enjoys a mix of subdued and brighter colors mixed together with a bit of heavy black. Note the black decorative frames and bookshelf.

The use of pastel purple is unsettling when used with spiderweb rugs, a black lacy curtain, and strange artwork.

Check out this spiderweb area rug on Amazon.

15. Everyday Gothic

[PIN id=”290060032255512505″ size=”large”]


When you want to give your bedroom a Gothic look but can’t decide on one significant design point, embrace them all. Note the black and white striped bedding, bat accessories, death art, and tiny coffin shelf on the black dresser.

Yes, there are plenty of black accents and furniture to go around that scream Goth, but it feels tame and approachable.

Check out this bat-themed throw pillow cover on Amazon.

Gothic Aesthetic Considerations

It can be challenging decorating a bedroom if you have a small budget or can’t make drastic changes to the walls and windows. Learn to embrace the unique points of your space and work with them. Build slowly and enjoy the process.

If the bed is in an odd corner, make the corner the focal piece of the room. Highlight it with wall art, lighting, or a pinned-up veil or curtain over the head of the bed. Add an area rug with creepy details or pin up an eerie wall tapestry.

Don’t stress if you can’t paint your walls a lovely shade of black, blood red, or velvety purple. If you are stuck with white walls, add a cluster of Gothic art, mirrors, area rugs, and shelving to distract the eye. Put up wallpaper if you can do so.

When a large window that lets in the light threatens to ruin a dark aesthetic for the bedroom, cover it with large black curtains, or place a platform bed in front of it. Don’t forget about using a large mirror for a headboard to block light too.

In Closing

We hope that you learn to live more deliciously and indulge yourself in beautiful, intriguing Gothic bedroom decor. Gothic style is versatile enough to decorate small bedrooms or spaces with restrictions on painting the walls black. 

Step into the dark side and embrace Victorian-style patterns for art frames, mirrors, and textiles. Mix and match different types of black furniture and accessories, and turn up the spooky factor for a bedroom worth envying.

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